'Walsh' responses to 1NT
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This article was written by Quodomine and explains a system of responses to a 1NT opening . It is written with a 15-17 NoTrump in mind but can be used for any opening range :


This system of responding to a 15-17 HCP 1NT was taught to me by a partner many years ago. He described it as “Walsh” though I have never seen it ascribed elsewhere to Rhoda Walsh. Please feel free to e-mail this website if you have any information of the origins of this treatment.


The unique feature of the system is the use of two-way bids to play in 3 of a minor OR show different game forcing hands which are sometimes difficult to describe in standard methods. The full gamut of responses is as follows:

2 = non-forcing Stayman, may be invitational to 3NT without a 4-card major.
2 = Jacoby transfer to 's
2 = Jacoby transfer to 's
2 =
Minor suit Stayman (game forcing) OR to play in 3
2NT =
Relay to 3, to play OR a 3-suited game force.
3/ = Invitation to 3NT with a 6 card suit and two top honours
3 = 5-5 in the majors, non-forcing
3 = 5-5 in the majors, game forcing
4/ = Texas transfers

The loss incurred with this scheme is a small one, in order to play in 3 responder will usually be declarer. The gains are in discovering good minor suit games and slams when a NoTrump contract is poor, and there is also the ability to describe good 3-suited hands to the 1NT opener.


Minor Suit Stayman needs no further elaboration but the 3-suited hands preceded by a relay to 3 do. These hands may be 5440, 4441 or 5431 in shape with no 5-card major, a minimum of 10 HCP and in the case of 5431 the 3-card holding must contain a minimum of QJx. Basically the 3-suited hand shows it by bidding the singleton over the forced 3 puppet bid or bidding 3NT with a singleton .

Paul Quodomine 9-Oct-2008 Pattaya Bridge Club - www.pattayabridge.com

A few examples of how to respond with 3-suited hands, together with how they can be bid using the ‘Swedish' system and the ‘Quested' System are given in the document “Responding to 1NT with 3-suited hands”.

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