3 over 2NT
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3 Spades over partner's 2NT opening

  3 is often used (often in conjunction with Puppet Stayman) to show 5 's and 4 's as that shape cannot be shown via transfer/bid below the level of 3NT. Playing Niemeijer then a direct 3NT shows this 5-4 hand and 3 is free.  
  A fairly popular and very sensible use of 3 is: -  
  3 is a puppet to 3NT and responder then shows a minor(s) orientated hand as follows: -  
4 = single suited in 's
4 = single suited in 's
4 = both minors with shortage and slam interest.
4 = both minors with shortage and slam interest.
4NT = 2245 or 2254 and slam interest.
5 = both minors with no slam interest.
  I think it's best to play the 4/ bids as slam invitational or better. You may prefer to invert the meanings of 4/ so that opener is more likely to become declarer. And over these single suited minor suit hands it's best to play Kickback as the RKCB ask, by either opener or responder.  
  With the 4//NT bids opener cannot use Kickback and it's best to use 5/ as RKCB for / 's resp. Since opener generally guarantees at least two cards in both minors for a 2NT opening you may prefer to play 5/ as Double Roman Keycard Blackwood (DRKCB) for the relevant minor.  
  4NT by opener over 4/// is non-forcing and obviously shows good major suit stops.  
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