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Niemeijer - responding to partner's 2NT opening.

  There are in fact many variations on the Neimeijer scheme of responding to 2NT and I give a fairly basic but very good one here.  
3 Puppet Stayman , asks for 4 and 5 card majors, reply is as follows: -

3 :

no 5 card major, but 4 's and/or 4 ♠ 's.

The 3 bidder then shows his major suit holding as follows: -

3 shows 4 ♠'s * note 1
3 shows 4's * note 1
3NT shows no 4 card major, and is to play * note 2
4 shows both majors and interest in slam  
4 shows both majors and no slam interest  
Note 1: These responses allow opener to be declarer.
Note 2: The 3 bidder may have gone this route because the direct 3NT bid is needed conventionally. Alternatively, he may have a 3 card major and a weak doubleton elsewhere and was hoping to find the 5-3 major suit fit.

3/♠ :

5 card suit.


no 4 or 5 card major.

Transfer to 3

3 Transfer to 3
3 Minor suit Stayman or a transfer to 4♣. But the best treatment is probably a puppet to 3NT to describe a minor-suited hand as described in the 3 over 2NT page. Up to you.
3NT shows 5 's and 4 's (there is not enough room to show this with a transfer sequence).

Note that if 3 were ‘normal' Stayman then you could bid 3 followed by 3/♠ to show 5-4 or 4-5 in the majors after a 3 response, but when playing Puppet Stayman that is no longer possible. With 5 's and 4 ♠'s you simply bid 3 to transfer into 's and then bid 3♠ of course.

4 Gerber
etc... where it's up to you what the higher bids mean and some players
  prefer 4 as a transfer to 4.
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