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DODS - A discard signalling system.

  When you are defending and cannot follow suit, then you have to discard something. It is often best to convey some sort of information to your partner with this discard and there are various schemes. One which is sometimes used in the UK (and seldom anywhere else) is named DODS.  
  Playing DODS, your first discard gives information about the suit that you would like led. An even card indicates that you like that suit and an odd card says that you like the suit of the same colour.  
I don't particularly like DODS. To start with you have cards which are meaningless for signaling (odd cards in the suit of the same colour that declarer is playing) and also you may well have no way to signal for your desired suit.  
Obviously the most difficult suit to ask for is the one of the same colour as the suit being led. Say you are discarding on 's and kold AK75, then the only way to ask for a is to play and even numbered which you don't have. Also, I don't like a signalling convention that requires you to throw a card from the suit that you like - especially against a NoTrump contract when that may well me throwing a trick away.  
  There are also similar problems in the other suits when you may not have a suitable card to discard. In my opinion this system sucks and I recommend Odds and Evens or Lavinthal (McKenny).  
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