Defense to the Multi 2
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A Defense to the Multi two Diamonds


The defence to the Multi Two Diamonds is fundamentally different from the defence to a weak two for a number of reasons: -


The direct defender always gets two opportunities to bid.

(2) The 4th seat defender usually gets two opportunities to bid.

The defence do not know opener's hand type immediately.


So does that make defending against the multi 2 easier or more difficult than against a weak two? In my opinion there's no problem as long as you are sensible about it. Basically, assume that the 2 opener has a weak 2/ hand.


There are numerous variations of the multi 2, so let's assume a fairly basic one (weak major; strong minor or strong balanced). The suggested defence does not really change if there are other possibilities such as 4441 distributions assume a weak opener.


The Direct Seat RHO has opened 2.


There is no need to rush into bidding here (you always get another chance), and pass is usually the best option unless you have something definite to say. My suggestions are: -

pass = The most common and prudent option. It could well be any hand type up to 15 points.
dbl = 16+ but not suitable for 2NT.
2 = Natural, a very good 5, preferably 6 card suit. There really is no point in bidding a suit that RHO has six cards in! If unsure you can pass and bid your suit next go. However, with a decent suit it may be best to bid it this time as the bidding will presumably be up at the 2 level next time you get a chance to bid.
2 = Natural, a very good 5, preferably 6 card suit. With the suit it's different as you will hopefully be able to bid 2 next go over 2. But the bidding may be up at the three level (if LHO bids 2 to show 's) and so it may again be best to bid 2 directly if it's a decent suit.
2NT = Natural, 15-18, with both majors stopped (systems on for partner).
3/ = A good hand with a good suit.
3NT = Natural, usually based on a long minor with both major suits stopped.
  Examples - RHO opens 2  
Hand A Hand B Hand C Hand D Hand E Hand F
KJ76 A95 AJ5 AJ5 A4 KJ962
KQ82 KJ7 J7 A9 KJ9863 A4
J54 KQJ AQJ10 Q QJ10 QJ10
A10 K762 A854 AKQJ976 J8 K85
Hand A: Pass. It's not good enough for double or 2NT. So pass and see what happens.
Hand B:

2NT. You don't really mind which major RHO has, so show your hand now.

Hand C: Double. With no stop I don't like 2NT. This hand comes from news-sheet 238 when the defence got in a mess after a 2NT overcall.
Hand D: 3NT. You are pretty sure of 9 tricks.
Hand E: 2. It's best to mention this nice suit now because if you wait the bidding will doubtless be up at the 2 level when it comes round to you next go.
Hand F: Pass. You have the 's and if RHO has 's you will usually be able to bid 's cheaply next go and you never know RHO may have 's!

4th seat Assuming RHO bids a weak 2 (or 2)


In this seat you may only get one chance to bid; but again, there really is no need to rush into thing as LHO may have a big hand and partner presumably understands balancing if it's passed round to him. My suggestions are the same as above except that there is no 2 option of course. If RHO bids 2 (showing 's) and you have a good hand with 5+ 's then double.


2nd go in the Direct Seat.

So it's gone (a) 2 pass 2 (or 2) pass pass ?  
or (b) 2 pass 2 pass 2 ?  

Now things are different, LHO and RHO are both weak. With sequence (a) you are in the balancing seat and should make a noise with the slightest excuse. With sequence (b) you can freely bid (both opponents are limited) but only do so with something definite to say partner is still there and he too knows that both opponents are limited.


If you elect to bid now, it's effectively the same as over a weak 2 /♠ opening and you can use the same scheme as recommended in the Defence to weak twos.




This is by no means a standard defence to the Multi Two Diamonds and there are various options around. But this one is basically sound, natural, logical and easy to remember.

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