The Roman 2
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The Roman Two Diamonds

  I personally think that a weak 2 opening is rather a waste of a useful bid. Other possible uses, such as Flannery, are also a bit of a waste (most Flannery type hands can be bid naturally). One quite popular treatment for an opening 2 is to show a 3-suited hand.  
  The 4441 type (any order) hand is notoriously difficult to cope with in any natural type bidding system. The Roman 2 helps towards solving the problem, but it is only able to do so for the point range that you choose. Anyway, typically, any 4441 type or 0445 or 0454 within your allocated point range are permissible (so not a 5-card major).  
  And the point range? You can play what you like and I discuss the best range for your system later. Playing Mini Roman it is about 12-15.  

Three are various schemes for the responses to 2 . One typical scheme is: -

2 = Pass (or correct to 2 ).
2 = Pass (or correct to 3 ).
2NT = Shortage ask. Opener then bids the suit below the shortage (3 with shortage).
    Responder can then sign off in any of opener's suits or bid on. With a strong hand responder now bids the shortage suit and things take off.
3 = Pass (or correct to 3 ).
3 = An invitational (limit) raise for either major. Opener should respond 3/ with a minimum or 4/ with a maximum. Of course responder may use this bid when he has slam interest, simply to find out how good partner's hand is (and what his shape is). This is a similar ruse to using a help-suit game try as a slam try.
3 = Natural (6 card suit). Obviously opener raises to game if 's is one of his suits.
3 = Natural (6 card suit). Obviously opener raises to game if 's is one of his suits.
3NT = To play .
4 = Ace asking.
4 = To play in 4 or 4..
    Which Range?
Hand 1 Hand 2 So what point range is best for your Roman 2 system?
        Consider these two hands. Suppose that you play a strong NT system, then you open Hand 1 with 1 (or 1 or even 1 if you are that way inclined) and partner responds 1, what is your rebid? Whatever you opened, the only realistic rebid is 1NT, fine. But Hand 2 is a problem; you cannot rebid 1NT as that would show 12-14 points. If you play a weak NT then you have the same problem but the other way round. You open whatever your system dictates and with Hand 2 you rebid 1NT (15-16) over a 1 response. But here it's hand 1 that is the problem.
4 4
KQ87 AK87
AJ54 AJ54
K743 KJ43
  Basically, these 4441 type hands (especially with short's) are difficult to bid if you open one of a suit and partner responds in your singleton if you cannot rebid 1NT.  
  So it's best to have your Roman 2 bid to be the same range as your opening 1NT.  
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