South African Texas
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South African Texas transfers

  This is a variation of Texas transfers that utilises the 4 and 4 bids instead of 4 and 4. There are a couple of advantages here: -  
- Both the 4 and 4 bids are available (presumably as natural).
- Partner is less likely to forget.
  So if you play South African Texas you have, directly after partner's 1NT opening: -  
4 transfer to 4
4 transfer to 4
4 to play
4 to play
  Thus we have three distinct ways to reach our 4 of a major contract: -  
1) Use a Jacoby transfer and then jump to the 4 level
2) Use South African Texas
3) Jump to 4 of the major to play.
West East Example 1
AQ6 J109754

Here East is concerned with the possibility that if he transfers with 2 (or a 4 Texas transfer) then South may double for a lead and 's may be wide open. A South African 4 prevents a double of 's by South.

Q95 76
AK65 Q
J52 AQ94
West East Example 2
952 K6

This time East is worried about the 's in a 4 contract but all's well if he is declarer. Playing South African Texas means that responder can choose who declarer is. A direct 4 bid prevents a through from North.

KJ6 A109754
AKQ5 7
QJ10 A942
  Having three different options to get to the same 4/ contract may sometimes be beneficial. One disadvantage is that you lose the 4 Gerber bid (it's not really that useful). So is it a good idea?  
  Probably, but standard Texas is more popular and fairly well established. Quite a dilemma.  
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