Strong Twos
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Strong Twos

  As used in classic Acol. There is no strict point range, but generally 15+. The important thing is that it must be a good suit (at least 5 card normally 6+) and the hand must contain 8+ playing tricks. Playing tricks are defined on a separate page, and make sure to read the chapter on 'the problem with playing tricks'.  
A6 This hand would qualify for a strong 2 opener. It is 8 ½ - 9 playing tricks.
AK6 Nothing wrong with this system, but weak twos are more popular these days
AKJ763 and this hand would then simply open 1 (2NT would be a little too off-beat).
  In traditional Acol, 2// are all strong and forcing for one round. A 2NT response is generally played as a negative.  
  I don't want to go into it in any more detail as I think that Benjamin Acol is a better system and most people prefer to play weak twos or perhaps Muiderberg or whatever.  
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