Truscott (or Jordan) 2NT
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Truscott Two No Trump, aka Jordan Two No Trump.


The Truscott (or Jordan) convention is a bid of 2NT after partner has opened 1/♠ and RHO has doubled. A natural 2NT bid (if you play it as natural) is not needed (redouble with a balanced 9+ points) and so the 2NT bid is ‘spare'.


Consider the three hands A, B and C below, partner has opened 1.


If there is no intervening double then we bid: -

Hand A: 3, invitational
Hand B: 2NT* (or 2 if your 2NT bid is conventional)
Hand C: 2, 6-9 points.

But if RHO doubles, then things are different. With a weakisht hand containing 4 's we want to pre-empt, with a natural 2NT bid we redouble and hope to get a huge penalty. So we use 3 of partner's major as pre-emptive. Then what do we do with ‘limit raise' (about 11 points) support for partner but a hand unsuitable for a redouble (say very weak in the other major)? The answer is to play Truscott 2NT. Playing Truscott 2NT, after partner's 1 opening and a double from RHO we bid these hands differently: -

Hand A: 2NT, Truscott, showing a limit raise in 's.
Hand B: redouble, showing 9+ points and usually a mis-fit for partner.
Hand C: 3. Pre-emptive. make it difficult for them to find their fit.
  Hand A Hand B Hand C
  AQ64 102 QJ103
  964 AQ6 76
  Q76 Q762 762
  KJ4 KJ94 QJ42
Bid with no interference   3   2NT*   2
Bid after a double   2NT   redouble   3

It is possible to play Truscott 2NT after an overcall, but that is by no means standard and would have to be agreed.

  The complete scheme for bidding when RHO has doubled is given in that link.  
   Inverted Jordan 2NT  

Inverted Jordan (Trucsott) over a Minor Suit Opening

  Now the Jordan 2NT is pretty well established over a major suit opening, but over a minor suit opening things are slightly different. The opening side presumably have the majority of the points, and if game is on then it's most likelt to be in NoTrumps, and the opening hand is most likely to be the best as declarer.  
  So here's Inverted Jordan over a minor - an idea that was mentioned to me by Paul Quodomine. Since we want opener to be declarer in a possible 3NT contract the meanings of the 3/ raise and 2NT are inverted. Thus 2NT is a pre-emptive raise to three of the minor and a direct three of the minor is constructive.  
  This is obviously very reasonable but has one drawback - the traditional Jordan bid is forcing and shows a limit raise or better and so you cannot use this treatment with the 'or better' hand as it's non-forcing. The response I got from Paul upon quering this was as follows:-  
  "The limit raise occurs with far greater frequency than a forcing raise when both partner and RHO have shown strength. You are right that we perverted the redouble somewhat on the rare occasion that we had a forcing raise and followed up with any forcing call afterward that fits the hand type. Usually after a redouble there would be a suit bid by the opponents allowing for a cue bid followed by support."  
  So there you are, as with most conventions/treatments you gain something and give something up. It's up to you which you prefer - standard or Inverted over a minor suit opening..  
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