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Club news-sheets have been written weekly since late 2003. They contain a bidding quiz, ofter a bidding sequence test (what does the last bid in a given sequence mean) and loads of general bridge information. A number of hands from the club sessions are analysed, with the focus mainly on the bidding.  
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This is a list of over 20 questions (and answers of course) that I am often asked. They are mainly about the bidding.  
  The Pattaya bridge club has a very comprehensive conventions section.  
Many commom conventions are clearly explained and there are also a number of completely new conventions. There is also an interesting section that compares one convention with a similar one (defences to 1NT for example) or compares a number of meanings for the same bid (such as a 2 opening).  
  General Bridge Topics This covers areas that are not applicable to the conventions section. For example, there is an interesting article that briefly explaind "Restricted choice" and shows how it can affect you decision whether to play "eight ever nine never" or finesse.  
NoTrump Questions No Trump questions
A load of questions about No Trump sequences. For example, what is 3 in the sequence 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3 ? There are loads of these sequences that need to be defined and this page lists them all.  
  NoTrump Bidding Book "The Definitive Guide to No Trump Bidding, Stayman and Transfers". This is the most comprehensive book on NoTrump bidding ever written. And, of course, all of the questions in the section above are answered.  
  NoTrump Bidding problem hands This is an addition to the No Trump bidding book. It contains a number of hands that proved difficult to bid after a 1NT opening. The actual bidding from the club is given and then the recommended bidding using the more advanced techniques of the NoTrump bidding book.  
An area of bidding that is grossly overlooked by many players (the points pundits). This booklet explains why 4333 type shape is very bad, why high cards belong in long suits, why touching hounours are good and why 'lonely' honours are bad etc. Well worth a read.  
  Suit Split Calculator This program calculates the odds for missing cards distributed between the opponents. There are also options to fill in the known numbers of card from other suits.  
  Suit Play This program takes it one step further. It only considers the one suit, but indicates the best line of play assuming no entry problems and lets you play the suit yourself.  
  Bridge Shop Duplicate bridge equipment, card, books etc. available at  
bridge bridge books and CDs
Details and reviews of numerous bridge books about bidding, play, conventions and everything.  
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