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No. Date pdf doc   Main topics
x 2012 index   x   News-sheets 476 - 482 index
484 24-Feb-12   x   Don't bid RKCB if you are not the captain
483 17-Feb-12   x   is 9 playing tricks in 's good enough for a 2 opener?
482 12-Feb-12   x   14 points opposite an overcall - use the Unassuming Cuebid.
481 5-Feb-12   x   An ajusted score after a failure to alert.
480 29-Jan-12   x   Don't pre-empt (4) with a ten playing trick hand.
479 22-Jan-12   x   The reopening double playing negative doubles
478 14-Jan-12   x   1NT pass pass 2 dbl, is it penalties?
477 7-Jan-12   x   Bidding after partner opens and RHO overcalls 1NT
476 1-Jan-12   x   2011 Championship results. The power of the weak jump shift
x 2011 index   x   News-sheets 425 - 475 index
475 25-Dec-11   x   What do you open with ♠9 - KQ643 ♣KQJ8632 ?
474 18-Dec-11   x   Which 4-card suit to bid after partner makes a take-out double?
473 11-Dec-11   x   A direct take-out double with just four points??
472 4-Dec-11   x   1NT - 2 - 2/ - 3 , Advanced Stayman in Doubt (ASID)
471 27-Nov-11   x   The Weak Jump Shift
470 20-Nov-11   x   Doubling 3NT when not on lead and no suit has been bid.
469 13-Nov-11   x   Look for 3NT rather than 5/
468 6-Nov-11   x   Pre-emptive raise of partner's 1/ after RHO overcalls or doubles.
467 30-Oct-11   x   Bid 5-5's from the top down
466 23-Oct-11   x   Rebidding 2NT when you open and RHO overcalls at the two level.
465 16-Oct-11   x   Downgrade for 4333, but not for 4432 which is fine.
464 9-Oct-11   x   Gambling 3NT and the Worst Defense Ever !
463 2-Oct-11   x   Raising partner's pre-empt. The Jordan 2NT.
462 25-Sept-11   x   responding to partner's take-out double with both majors.
461 18-Sept-11   x   Raise partner's pre-empt to the limit IMMEDIATELY
460 11-Sept-11   x   Inverted Minors, how to bid impossible hands.
459 4-Sept-11   x   A good maxim - do not lead a suit that declarer has led.
458 28-Aug-11   x   8 ever 9 never - when the odds change.
457 21-Aug-11   x   8 ever 9 never or restricted choice mising QJxx
456 14-Aug-11   x   play in the 4-4 or 5-3 fit?
455 7-Aug-11   x   Help suit game try
454 31-July-11   x   The Sandwich NoTrump - pre-emptive with the two unbid suits.
453 24-July-11   x   The Trump Echo
452 17-July-11   x   Marty Bergen's negative Double
451 10-July-11   x   1NT opposite an overcall
450 3-July-11   x   Responding to a take-out double when holding both majors
449 26-June-11   x   1 - 1 - 1NT - 3 - It's not forcing.
448 19-June-11   x   DOPI and DEPO; balancing
447 12-June-11   x   Too weak to pre-empt.
446 5-June-11   x   Web page now working- click 446 to view or the x for a doc for printout.
445 29-May-11   x   Asking questions during the auction; a nice Janne column about a squeeze.
444 22-May-11   x   A super-accept reaches a good thin game.
443 15-May-11   x   ♠- KAQ865 AJ1096425, LHO opens 1 and RHO bids 1.
442 8-May-11   x   Bidding after 4th suit forcing.
441 1-May-11   x   What is that bidding - 1 - 2 - 1 - 4 ?
440 24-Apr-11   x   Bidding in the sandwich seat; Your rebid after transfering again!
439 10-Apr-11   x   Your rebid after transfering
438 3-Apr-11   x   1 - 1 - 1 - 1 natural, 4th suit or what?
437 27-Mar-11   x   Bidding NoTrumps when RHO pre-empts
436 20-Mar-11   x   raising partner's overcall - the Unassuming Cue Bid
435 13-Mar-11   x   what rebid after opening 2 ?
434 6-Mar-11   x   the re-opening double nets 800
433 27-Feb-11   x   Both sides can make slam.
432 19-Feb-11   x   Raising not to invite, but to keep the opponents out.
431 12-Feb-11   x   Bidding a minor suit slam - which splinter?
430 5-Feb-11   x   What does a negative double show?
429 28-Jan-11   x   How to stop in 3/ after a jump 2NT rebid by partner - play PARROT
428 23-Jan-11   x   Hand evaluation - re-evaluating as the bidding progresses.
427 16-Jan-11   x   RKCB with a void and responding to RKCB with a void.
426 9-Jan-11   x   RKCB with a minor suit as trumps - try Kickback
425 2-Jan-11   x   Bidding again having overcalled.
x 2010 index   x   News-sheets 373-424 index
424 25-Dec-10   x   With shortage opposite a 1NT opener.
423 19-Dec-10   x   Finding a 4-4 fit after 1 - 1 - 2NT ; and open 1 or 1 playing Acol.
422 12-Dec-10   x   Finding a 4-4 or 5-3 fit after a jump 2NT rebid - The PARROT convention.
421 5-Dec-10   x   Double 1NT with 18 points? The 'automatic' re-opening double.
420 28-Nov-10   x   Is it a splinter?
419 21-Nov-10   x   Sorry, computer problems so only Word doc format for a while.
418 14-Nov-10   x   Two Dave defensive problems.
417 7-Nov-10   x   Responding to a take-out double; bidding again having doubled.
416 31-Oct-10   x   You hold ♠AK AJ8532 AQ1075 and RHO opens 1
415 24-Oct-10   x   Two Dave columns featuring Lavinthal suit preference when giving a ruff.
414 17-Oct-10   x   Responding to a weak two - RONF
413 10-Oct-10   x   Play in a game-try suit?
412 3-Oct-10   x   The re-opening double when playing negative doubles
411 26-Sept-10   x   An example of a penalty double against nv opponents but pass if they are vul
410 19-Sept-10   x   The jump 2NT rebid - it may well have an unbid 4-card major
409 12-Sept-10   x   RKCB responses with a void
408 5-Sept-10   x   Mandatory Falsecards part 2 - A Paul Quodomine column.
407 29-Aug-10   x   Paul Q's column - perfect shape doubles and and "least of evils" overcall.
406 22-Aug-10   x   Playing the 2/1 bidding system really makes slam bidding easy.
405 15-Aug-10   x   take-out double to show points? - that's not standard and needs alerting.
404 8-Aug-10   x   Paul Q's column - when to re-open with a double playing negative doubles
403 1-Aug-10   x   Unauthorized information - two articles.
402 25-July-10   x   The 'automatic' re-opening double playing negative doubles - three articles
401 18-July-10   x   Janne's column - an interesting under-ruff and end play
400 11-July-10   x   Partner's transfer bid gets doubled - your bid? Also Mandatory Falsecards.
Pattaya Bridge Club July
  x   In the sequense 1 - 1 - 2, does 2 promise 4 's?
398 26-June-10   x   The silly sequence 2 - 2 - 3NT misses a 4-4 fit.
397 20-June-10   x   An interesting article about a take-out double and response.
396 13-June-10   x   Yet another example of how bad the totally flat 4333 type shape is.
395 6-June-10   x   When partner pre-empts and RHO over-calls, a double by you is penalties
394 30-May-10   x   Paul's column - the 5 level belongs to the opponents
393 22-May-10   x   Another example of Roman Keycard Blackwood going wrong with 's as trumps.
392 15-May-10   x   There can even be a problem with Roman Keycard Blackwood with 's as trumps.
391 8-May-10   x   What to lead - when a slam is doubled and when it is not.
390 1-May-10   x   Using Blackwood (or RKCB) with 's as trumps.
389 24-April-10   x   Double and bid again shows a good hand, generally 17+
388 20-April-10   x   A rare example of when Gerber should be used.
387 10-April-10   x   Hans Vikman has an article about avoiding an end-play.
386 3-April-10   x   Open 1 or a strong 1NT with ♠109 1083AKQ104 AJ4 ?
385 27-Mar-10   x   Partner signs off in 5M when you show 1/4 keycards and you have four.
384 19-Mar-10   x   An excellent example of the Unassuming Cue Bid being a self-sufficient suit.
383 12-Mar-10   x   There's no such thing as a pre-empt over a pre-empt.
382 5-Mar-10   x   Paul's Column - A great bid and an and an atrocious bid.
381 28-Feb-10   x   Apparently AQJ94 with nothing else is not enough to double Stayman!
380 21-Feb-10   x   passed out - The 12 point hand should pass and the 11 point hand open!
379 14-Feb-10   x   Just the results and two Dave columns this week
378 7-Feb-10   x   With two 5-card suits, bid the higher ranking first.
377 31-Jan-10   x   Double or a forcing pass; the 'automatic re-opening' double.
376 24-Jan-10   x   Just two Dave columns this week - both on defense.
375 17-Jan-10   x   An example of how useful 'cheapest king' is when asking for kings.
374 10-Jan-10   x   ♠AQ10 A4AKQ954 KQ - play the Kokish Relay
373 3-Jan-10   x   Gold cup results: 1st = Janne Roos, 2nd = Hans Vikman; 3rd = Paul Quodomine
x 2009 index   x   News-sheets 321-372 index
372 27-Dec-09   x   Borrow a king when partner opens and RHO pre-empts (two examples)
371 20-Dec-09   x   1 - 1 - 2NT - 4NT - Is 4NT Blackwood, RKCB, Gerber or Quantitative?
370 13-Dec-09   x   If you pre-empt , LHO overcalls and partner doubles - it's penalties.
369 6-Dec-09   x   The responsive double - a textbook example
368 29-Nov-09   x   Swiss Teams events coming on 13 Dec and 26 Dec, book your place.
367 22-Nov-09   x   Guard against what you can see, not what you imagine
366 15-Nov-09   x   Card Placement by Assumption, a Morton's Fork and an endplay
365 8-Nov-09   x   An 'automatic' re-opening double nets 800 on a part-score deal.
364 1-Nov-09   x   A decent example of the TWERB defense to a strong 1 opening.
363 25-Oct-09   x   Partner opens 3 and you have ♠Q7 AK7AJ6 AK1065 - slam?
362 18-Oct-09   x   Paul Q has a small article about take-out doubling with a shapely 10 count.
361 11-Oct-09   x   Paul's column covers responding to 1NT with a singleton in some detail.
360 4-Oct-09   x   An excellent example of the Gambling Three NoTrumps working very well.
359 27-Sept-09   x   Don't overcall on rubbish - a penalty double of a 1 overcall scores a complete top.
358 20-Sept-09   x   Even a simple 2 pre-empt can make experienced opponents bid to 3NT instead of 7
357 13-Sept-09   x   The sequence 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3 , is it weak, forcing or a shape ask?
356 6-Sept-09   x   An example of why systems that use transfers with multiple meanings really suck.
355 30-Aug-09   x   Is 35 points, a singleton, and a 4-4 fit with all keycards +Q enough for a grand slam?
354 23-Aug-09   x   You open 1, partner responds 2, does a reverse into 2 now show extra values?
353 16-Aug-09   x   Too good for an overcall? - then double first and then bid your suit.
352 9-Aug-09   x   A Stayman super-accept enables you to reach a solid 22 point 4 game.
351 2-Aug-09   x   A reverse should normally promise at least 5 cards in the first bid suit.
350 26-July-09   x   1 - 2, how good is the 2 response (6-10 with 3 or 4 card support) - be more precise!
349 19-July-09   x   Don't be bullied into a two-level response if a negative double describes your hand.
348 12-July-09   x   Stay low on a mis-fit, and do not bail out into NoTrumps.
347 5-July-09   x   How to stop in 3M after 1m - 1M - 2NT; use the PARROT convention.
346 28-June-09   x   A silly 7 and equally silly 3NT when 6 is cold for making or maybe +1
345 21-June-09   x   Applying the brakes - how to stop low when partner doubles a weak two opening bid.
344 14-June-09   x   After a redouble, all subsequent doubles are for penalties.
343 7-June-09   x   The sequence 2 - 2 -3NT to show 25+ sucks; play Benjamin, Multi or Kokish.
342 31-May-09   x   Paul's column this week has lots of hands from Friday's individual
341 24-May-09   x   Directional Asking Bid (DAB) or the Western cue bid? - ½ stop or full stop?
340 17-May-09   x   The advance balance; different styles (take-out doubles, forcing bids etc,)
339 10-May-09   x   Void responses to Roman Keycard Blackwood, as recommended by Eddie Kantar.
338 3-May-09   x   Be wary of using RKCB if you hold just one keycard without the trump queen.
337 26-Apr-09   x   Be sure to set trumps before using RKCB (else it's the last bid suit)
336 19-Apr-09   x   How high to pre-empt (RHO opens 1) ? love all with ♠- J7464 KQJ109643
335 12-Apr-09   x   Don't underestimate the two - it a very important card for signalling.
334 5-Apr-09   x   Don't believe everything you read in bridge books!
333 29-Mar-09   x   Responding to Roman Key Card Blackwood with 5 keycards!
332 22-Mar-09   x   When partner passes your take-out double - lead a trump!
331 15-Mar-09   x   After 1 - 1 - 2NT - how does responder stop in 3 - see the PARROT convention.
330 8-Mar-09   x   Raising partner's 1NT response to 2NT - a balanced 15-16 is not enough.
329 1-Mar-09   x   What to do when your 1NT opening gets doubled or overcalled.
328 22-Feb-09   x   A one-level penalty earns more than a slam!
327 15-Feb-09   x   Upgrade a good 5-card suit - ♠A109 A2KQJ52 KQ7 is a 2NT opener.
326 8-Feb-09   x   A jump 2NT rebid (1 - 1 - 2NT) may well have a 4-card suit.
325 1-Feb-09   x   Coping with an opponent's 4 opening - what are double and 4NT?
324 25-Jan-09   x   What do you open with ♠A1072 Q8AKJ106 87? 1 or upgrade to a strong 1NT
323 18-Jan-09   x   How to continue when partner splinters
322 11-Jan-09   x   What do you open with ♠KQ AKQ109862532 -? - A Namyats 4
321 4-Jan-09   x   The 2008 Gold Cup is now over, congrats to Hans Vikman and the other prize winners.
No. Date pdf doc   2008 News-sheets
x 2008 index   x   News-sheets 269-320 index
320 28-Dec-08   x   What do you open with ♠QJ10 AK3Q83 K832? - 1NT will cost you the match!
319 21-Dec-08   x   RHO opens 1 and you hold ♠A5 -AKQJ654 KJ52, what do you bid?
318 14-Dec-08   x   What do you open with ♠AQ AK87543282 6? - A Namyats 4
317 7-Dec-08   x   The opening 4NT bid - it asks partner for the suit of his ace if he has one.
316 30-Nov-08   x   A nice example of the Muiderberg convention working well.
315 23-Nov-08   x   Playing basic methods, a 2NT response to partner denies a 4-card major.
314 16-Nov-08   x   Responding to partner's 1-level overcall is not the same as to an opening bid.
313 9-Nov-08   x   If you choose to open 2 with ♠Q86 AJ9432J92 85, do not bid again!
312 2-Nov-08   x   You hold ♠A AQ86543- KQ943 and RHO opens 1 in front of you
311 26-Oct-08   x   You hold ♠532 AQ2AKQ AKQ2 and RHO opens 1 in front of you!
310 19-Oct-08   x   "BRIDGE" magazine says deduct a point for 4333 without compensating intermediates.
309 12-Oct-08   x   3 pairs bid slam off two aces, ever heard of Blackwood and Gerber?
308 5-Oct-08   x   That 4333 type shape - is ♠1062 KQ3AQ87 A63 worth a strong 1NT opener?
307 28-Sept-08   x   p p 1 dbl; 1 p 2 p; 2 p p dbl - is the 2nd dbl take-out or penalties?
306 21-Sept-08   x   Do not open your strongest bid (2/) with a very distributional two-suited hand.
305 14-Sept-08   x   Jordan 2NT and Reverse Jordan over a Minor Suit Opening.
304 7-Sept-08   x   Is it reasonable to occcasionally pass partner's (forcing) reverse? - two articles
303 31-Aug-08   x   Try the Truscott Defence to Benjamin two openings.
302 24-Aug-08   x   A cold 4 missed by everyone because they don't know Stayman super-accepts.
301 17-Aug-08   x   This week we have four articles about low-level penalties and the negative double.
300 10-Aug-08   x   Responding to partner's 1-level overcall - the Unassuming Cue Bid with a good hand
299 3-Aug-08   x   Bidding after a redouble: after 1 dbl, both 2 and 3 by responder are weak bids
298 27-July-08   x   It seems that bridge players worldwide consider 109x a biddable suit, not a psyche
297 20-July-08   x   There are no pre-empts in the pass-out seat. 1 p p 2 is intermediate strength.
296 13-July-08   x   Is it a psyche? Overcall 1 with 1NT holding K106 KQ954 - AKQJ8
295 6-July-08   x   A change of suit over partner's overcall is not forcing (unless otherwise agreed).
294 29-June-08   x   Hand Evaluation - is ♠A542 A439873 AK worth a strong 1NT opener?
293 22-June-08   x   ♠A AK7432 4 AK964 is 10 playing tricks and far too good for a 1 opener.
292 15-June-08   x   If partner opens and RHO overcalls 1NT, then a new suit by you is weak & non-forcing
291 8-June-08   x   With AK86 AK10964 QJ4 - bid 2, 2 (Michaels) or dbl over a 1 opening?
290 1-June-08   x   Understanding The Law of Total Tricks - don't automatically jump to 4 with ten 's.
289 25-May-08   x   The weak jump shift, with 972 85 Q K1097642 bid 3 over partner's 1
288 18-May-08   x   Playing Benjamin twos, do you open 2 or 2 with AQJ AKQJ1042 K6 Q
287 11-May-08   x   Double followed by a new suit - is it a two-suiter or a strong single suited hand?
286 4-May-08   x   When partner doubles a Stayman 2 bid, he is asking for a lead.
285 27-Apr-08   x   When you open, LHO doubles and partner redoubles, he's usually after a penalty.
284 20-Apr-08   x   Don't bid when a pre-empt has done its job.
283 13-Apr-08   x   Playing the Multi 2, 3 in the sequence 2 p 2 p 3 shows a strong hand.
282 6-Apr-08   x   You still need the standard 15-17 points to double a weak No Trump.
281 30-Mar-08   x   1 p 1 p 1NT - who is denying a 4-card major?
280 23-Mar-08   x   Go for the penalty - do not remove partner's penalty double with a flat hand.
279 16-Mar-08   x   1 p 1 p 1 p 3 is not forcing; with a forcing hand use the 4th suit first.
278 9-Mar-08   x   With Q3 KJ3 Q875 KQ107 open 1; a silly 1 opening cost 1400
277 2-Mar-08   x   If you play negative doubles, then remember the re-opening double
276 24-Feb-08   x   Safety plays are all very well - but very often not at pairs scoring.
275 17-Feb-08   x   1 - 1 - 1NT - 2 ; assuming it's not NMF, is 2 weak, invitational or forcing?
274 10-Feb-08   x   An exception to the re-opening double when playing Negative Doubles.
273 3-Feb-08   x   Understanding Negative Doubles and the re-opening double - two articles.
272 27-Jan-08   x   Dave's column: Two articles about loser-on-loser plays to establish a winner.
271 19-Jan-08   x   Dave's column: Two articles about doubling the response to Blackwood for a lead.
270 13-Jan-08   x   Cheating? If you pause with the intention of misleading the opps, that's cheating.
269 6-Jan-08   x   Dave eventually wins the Gold Cup by a clear margin from Lewis.
No. Date pdf doc   2007 News-sheets
x 2007 index   x   News-sheets 218-268 index
268 23-Dec-07   x   Just one week to go, Dave has overtaken Lewis and is pulling away from Jan.
267 16-Dec-07   x   The 2007 club championship is very close now between Lewis, Dave and Jan.
266 9-Dec-07   x   If partner pauses and passes, then you must pass unless you have a very clear bid.
265 2-Dec-07   x   When Stayman gets doubled you have two extra bids - use them!
264 25-Nov-07   x   Yet another Multi Mess - if you play the Multi 2 diamonds then learn the sequences.
263 18-Nov-07   x   Dave's column involves leading through an opponent's ace, a squeeze and an end-play.
262 11-Nov-07   x   When partner bids 4th suit forcing, a NoTrump bid guarantees a stop in the 4th suit.
261 4-Nov-07   x   Understanding low to encourage - play low from a doubleton if you want a ruff
260 28-Oct-07   x   J867652AK4A106 opposite a minimal opener is not worth game.
259 21-Oct-07   x   An excellent example of the Gambling 3NT opening - 9746AKQ876432
258 14-Oct-07   x   We are moving! The new venue is the Bowling Green, see the map.
257 7-Oct-07   x   New club rules on the short - it needs alerting and you cannot ask during the auction.
256 30-Sept-07   x   This news-sheet includes a rather off-beat example of the jump cue bid overcall.
255 23-Sept-07   x   A bust opposite 2 - you need a 2nd -ve if you do not play 2 -ve and 2 waiting
254 16-Sept-07   x   Two of our top players do not understand responding 1NT/2NT to partner's overcall
253 9-Sept-07   x   Tartan twos - a poor choice for 2/ opening bids; Cappelletti or Multi Landy?
252 2-Sept-07   x   An easy grand slam missed - responding to RKCB with a void.
251 26-Aug-07   x   Which is 4th suit forcing? 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 or 1 - 1 - 1 - 2
250 19-Aug-07   x   Even vul against not in 3rd seat, KQJ632A10AK1054, 4 is a silly opening.
249 12-Aug-07   x   Michaels cuebid is weak, AKQ3Q10753A4J10 is too good for 2 over 1
248 5-Aug-07   x   With AQJ63 96 10842 Q9 transfer and then bid 3 over partner's 1NT.
247 29-July-07   x   The jump cuebid overcall - RHO opens 1 and you bid 3.
246 22-July-07   x   An easy game missed - KJ6 KQ AKQJ74 K9 is too strong for a 2NT opening
245 15-July-07   x   After a redouble - partner doubles and RHO redoubles; what should you/partner do?
244 8-July-07   x   Worth an opening? - 4 articles involving the Rule of 20 and Rule of 15.
243 1-July-07   x  

A new suit response to partner's pre-empt is forcing. i.e 3 - 3 is strong and forcing.

242 24-June-07   x  

The automatic re-opening double when playing negative doubles 3 example deals.

241 17-June-07   x   A 2NT rebid after partner has raised your 1/ to 2/ shows a big hand (18-19).
240 10-June-07   x   A Multi mix-up don't overcall 2 over a multi 2 with J3 A9854 A982 K10
239 3-June-07   x   After a few mix-ups, I've written up responding in No Trumps to partner's overcall.
238 27-May-07 x x   Another Multi mix-up, so I've written up a defense to the Multi 2 diamonds.
237 20-May-07 x x   4th suit forcing: 1 - 1 - 1 - 3 is n.f.; 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 2NT - 3 is forcing
236 13-May-07 x x   If you insist upon playing the Multi 2, then understand the basic sequences.
235 6-May-07 x x   The 2NT response to a 1-level opening - 4 articles, correct and incorrect.
234 29-Apr-07 x x   Restricted choice. How to play KJ97 opposite Q865 when the K is taken by the A.
233 22-Apr-07 x x   Play South African Texas Transfers you can avoid being doubled for a lead.
232 15-Apr-07 x x   Play 4th suit forcing as game forcing - so 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 3 is forcing.
231 8-Apr-07 x x   Bidding in the Sandwich Seat - 1 pass 2 3 dbl is penalties.
230 1-Apr-07 x x   You are in 4 holding K10876543 opposite a void. Which do you lead?
229 25-Mar-07 x x   Stopping in 5NT when Blackwood reveals that there are two keycards missing
228 18-Mar-07 x x   Raising partner's 1NT response to 2NT shows a good 16-17 points.
227 11-Mar-07 x x   Partner opens a weak 2 - is AAK10932K4Q742 worth a try for game?
226 4-Mar-07 x x   If partner doubles Stayman at the three level (2NT p 3 dbl) then lead a .
225 27-Feb-07 x x   When your 1NT opening is avercalled with an unusual 2NT.
224 18-Feb-07 x x   The sequence 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3? 4 's and 5+ 's or (Advanced) SID?
223 11-Feb-07 x x   Beware of mis-fits three more deals where bidders were oblivious of the mis-fit.
222 4-Feb-07 x x   Beware of mis-fits and do not bid NoTrumps without a lot to spare.
221 28-Jan-07 x x   Nobody finds the 7 slam Leaping Michaels would have done so.
220 21-Jan-07 x x   When 1NT is overcalled A defence to Multi Landy and a defense to Cappelletti.
219 14-Jan-07 x x   1 - 4 is pre-emptive but 1 - 1 - 4 is very strong (+- 19 with no shortage)
218 7-Jan-07 x x   Responding to RKCB with a void; The Truscott defence to a strong 1 or 2.
No. Date pdf doc   2006 News-sheets
2006 yearbook   x   News-sheets 166-217 collated in one file. It's 510 pages.
x 2006 index x x   A more comprehensive index (than below) to the 2006 news-sheets.
217 31-Dec-06 x x   We have moved! We are now playing at the Tropicana hotel, North Pattaya.
216 23-Dec-06 x x   When they open with a 3-level pre-empt double with a 4 card major or bid 3NT?
215 16-Dec-06 x x  

The Gambling 3NT scores a top 8 Q108 AKQ10832 J9

214 9-Dec-06 x x   The problem with Jacoby 2NT playing it as 12+ and unlimited is problematic.
213 2-Dec-06 x x   Bidding No Trumps in the balancing seat.
212 25-Nov-06 x x   A 25+ balanced hand. Don't open (or rebid) 3NT: use Benjamin or Multi 2
211 18-Nov-06 x x   4 after a transfer (say 1NT - 2 - 2 - 4) asks for keycards.
210 11-Nov-06 x x   Transfer and bid another suit it warns parter about your shortages.
209 4-Nov-06 x x   A recurring topic; Negative doubles and the 'automatic' re-opening double.
208 28-Oct-06 x x   Minor suit slams. You hold AJ109K84KQJ2Q2 and partner opens 1NT.
207 21-Oct-06 x x   Partner's 1NT is overcalled with 2 - you hold A7643A92A653K3
206 14-Oct-06 x x   You overcall and LHO passes - be wary if they play negative doubles.
205 7-Oct-06 x x   I have finally decided to get a mobile phone - 086 6089887 .
204 30-Sept-06 x x   It's rarely correct to transfer to a minor over partner's 1NT opening.
203 23-Sept-06 x x   Arriving early is simply good manners; habitually turn up late and you won't get a game.
202 16-Sept-06 x x   A bid when RHO overcalls 1NT is weak and to play.
201 9-Sept-06 x x   Don't double with length in the suit opened.
200 2-Sept-06 x x   The book "(strong) No Trump Bidding, Stayman and Transfers" is now published.
199 26-Aug-06 x x   A take out double of 2 shouhld be 4 's and/or a big hand.
198 19-Aug-06 x x   A take out double is for take-out; do not double "to show an opening hand".
197 12-Aug-06 x x   Bad manners and agressive behavior will not be tolerated - Chuck is chucked out for good.
196 5-Aug-06 x x   Unassuming Cue Bid - a sound limit raise of partner's overcall. 4 examples in one week!
195 29-July-06 x x   Restricted Choice has precedence over "8 ever 9 never".
194 22-July-06 x x   When RHO doubles a summary of the options for declarer.
193 15-July06 x x   Muiderberg A weak 2 / opening showing 5 of the major bid and a 4+ card minor.
192 8-July-06 x x   KJxxxx (with a singleton and a void) is a monster holding when partner bids the suit!
191 1-July-06 x x  

A 5-3 fit / is not always better than 3NT especially with 28-30 combined points.

190 24-June-06 x x  

You hold AQ2 Q94 92 AKQ94 and partner opens 1 - play Inverted Minors.

189 17-June-06 x x   Psyching is not allowed at this club, that includes psychic cue bids.
188 10-June-06 x x   Playing Walsh find the 4-4 fit with a weak responding hand.
187 3-June-06 x x   The Kokish Relay: - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2NT = 25+ balanced. Gambling 3 NoTrump.
186 27-May-06 x x   2NT by responder is 11-12 and non-forcing unless agreed otherwise.
185 20-May-06 x x   1 - pass - 1 - 2♣(overcall) 2NT is a big hand (not 12-14).
184 13-May-06 x x   Redouble is for blood and responder's subsequent double is for penalties.
183 6-May-06 x x   How many points? 1 - 2 - 2NT shows a big hand, 18-19 in Standard American.
182 29-Apr-06 x x   Don't bid your hand twice - a Cappelletti 2 already promises 5 's and a 5 card minor.
181 22-Apr-06 x x   Negative doubles do not apply after partner has opened 1NT or pre-empted.
180 15-Apr-06 x x   Unauthorised information. When partner pauses and passes, don't bid/lead the unexpected.
179 8-Apr-06 x x   Hanging partner - It is rarely correct to bid or raise partner when he has balanced
178 1-Apr-06 x x   A high reverse after interference? - 1 1 1NT 2 3 - is 3 strong or competing?
Partner wants a lead against 3NT. What do you lead from Kxx or K10x?
Negative doubles - When opener should not re-open with the 'automatic' double.
175 11-Mar-06 x x   Rudeness and bad manners will not be tolerated; John Gavens has been banned for life.
174 4-Mar-06 x x   A reverse promises 5 cards in the suit opened, even if you play a 4-card major system.
173 25-Feb-06 x x  

Worth a reverse? With K4 A7 QJ42 AJ1043 I would open 1NT and not reverse.

172 18-Feb-06 x x   1NT - 2 - 2 - 4, what is 4? how do you splinter in 's if 4 is ace ask?
171 11-Feb-06 x x   You open 1, LHO bids 2 passed to you, what now? Q109853 42 J10 ♣AKQ
170 4-Feb-06 x x   1 - 1 - 4 is a huge hand. It is not shut-out or fast arrival.
169 28-Jan-06 x x   1/♠ - 1NT - 2NT is a problem sequence, so try to avoid it!
168 21-Jan-06 x x   Moving to the Mercure; With a stop in the opponent's suit - bid NT.
167 14-Jan-06 x x   A short or psyche? How would you describe1 with K1062 AJ5 AJ984 10?
166 7-Jan-06 x x   Dummy Reversal; Sandwich NT; What's alertable at this club.
No. Date pdf doc   2005 News-sheets
2005 yearbook x x   All of the 2005 new-sheets collated in one file.
        As it's 548 pages it may take a while to download.
x 2005 index x x   A more comprehensive index (than below) to the 2005 news-sheets.
165 31-Dec-05 x x   The Club Library; A splinter agreeing a minor; Is 1 - 1 - 2NT - 3 forcing?
164 24-Dec-05 x x  

After 1- 1, rebid 2 rather than 1NT holding A98 53 KQ64 A642 ?

163 17-Dec-05 x x   4th Suit Forcing 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 is 1 natural or 4th suit forcing? See the link.
162 10-Dec-05 x x   The strong jump shift is standard. If you play a weak jump shift then that is alertable.
161 3-Dec-05 x x   The ASEAN teams sham. Open 1NT with Q5 A92 AKJ763 K10 ??
160 26-Nov-05 x x   Unblocking. Balancing. Responding 1NT to partner's balancing double (9-12).
159 19-Nov-05 x x   Gambling 3NT. With a balanced hand, open 1NT: J10 KJ92 AKQ10 J42
158 12-Nov 05 x x   Bidding 1NT in the sandwich position 1 pass 1 1NT is dangerous.
157 5-Nov-05 x x   1 - 1 - ? , you have 54 A85 AK5 QJ753 so 1NT or 2?
156 29-Oct-05 x x   Benjamin is the way. A 'Limit Raise or Better' after partner's 1/ overcall.
155 22-Oct-05 x x   Responding to partner's 2 (2 waiting and 2 negative).
154 15-Oct 05 x x   Bidding in the pass-out seat. Overtake partner if you need the lead.
153 8-Oct 05 x x   A balanced 26+ hand? - then only Benji works. The UNT. Baby Blackwood.
152 1-Oct-05 x x   The 2 opener; seems to be getting weaker and weaker? time to move on to Benji?
151 24-Sept-05 x x   Take-out doubles: - they should be short in the suit bid.
150 17-Sept-05 x x   False preference. Roman 2. No need to jump in a game-forcing sequence.
149 10-Sept-05 x x   Don't abuse the reverse. Be wary of that 4333 shape.
148 3-Sept-05 x x   What to do with a long minor and a 4 card major opposite a 1NT opener.
147 27-Aug-05 x x   Garbage Stayman. 4-4 fit. 1NT or a negative double?
146 20-Aug-05 x x   Crowhurst, NMF or CBS? Namyats (4 or 4) means you say your hand.
145 13-Aug-05 x x   When partner's 2 opening is overcalled. Don't double with 2-suiters.
144 5-Aug-05 x x   4th suit forcing. Balancing. 3NT is usually better than 5/.
143 29-July-05 x x   How to get a penalty when playing negative doubles. The infamous UNT.
142 22-July-05 x x   Game tries in competition. The direct raise 4/ is pre-emptive.
141 15-July-05 x x   No natural 4 opener (because of Namyats). Open a 4 card major?
140 8-July-05 x x   4th suit by opener natural or 4th suit forcing? Sportsmanlike behaviour.
139 1-July-05 x x   Multi 2; Namyats (4 or 4 to show sound 4/ openers); Simple preference.
138 24-June-05 x x   Game try or just competing? 4th seat openers. You don't need to rebid if RHO bids.
137 17-June-05 x x   Don't double (take-out) with a flat hand. Responding to a take-out double
136 10-June-05 x x   Don't use Blackwood to gauge strength. A one-level penalty double?
135 3-June-05 x x   Return partner's suit. Raise partner's pre-empt.
134 27-May-05 x x   Support doubles and negative doubles. Raise to 4/ with a singleton?
133 20-May-05 x x   Penalty pass when playing negative doubles. A Jump rebid shows a good long suit.
132 13-May-05 x x   Raise partner's pre-empt to the limit - at once. Transfers really make life easy.
131 4-May-05 x x   The Michaels cuebid and the UNT. Raise partner if RHO doubles.
130 29-Apr-05 x x   Passing partner's 1 opening. Standard Responses to Gerber and Blackwood.
129 22-Apr-05 x x   Who's running the club? What should be in the news-sheets?
128 15-Apr-05 x x   Reaction to the unsportsmanlike behaviour article. Don't be bullied into 2NT.
x x   Unsportsmanlike behaviour. When they interfere with Blackwood - DOPI.
x x   Pass opponent's 1NT with a flat hand. Don't go bananas just because you're non-vul.
x x   The negative double. Beware of mis-fits. (A)Bid(e) by the Law (of Total Tricks).
124 18-Mar-05 x x   A 2nd double is also take-out. Roman 2. Everyone sacrificing in a slam!
x x   Pre-empt in the pass-out seat? When your NT sequence is interfered with.
x x   Understanding Stayman. 5-5 majors opposite 1NT. The dog should not bark!
x x   The dog that did not bark. Cover an honour with an honour?
x x   Doubling a 1NT overcall. That Multi 2 again. 4333 type shape is bad.
x x   SOS redouble. A pairs double
x x   An outright psyche. Defending against the Multi 2.
x x   3NT is usually better than 5 of a minor. What's a 2 overcall over a 1 opening?
x x   Don't double with length in the suit opened.
x x   Intervening over a strong 2 opener. The direct raise to 4/ is weak.
x x   Compressed transfers (what a silly convention). Transfers to a specific minor.
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No. Date pdf doc   2004 News-sheets
2004 yearbook x x   The complete collection of news-sheets from 2004.
        As it's 473 pages it may take a while to download.
x 2004 index x x   A more comprehensive index (than below) to the 2004 news-sheets
x x   Double is still take-out by a passed hand. The Support Double.
x x   Jacoby 2NT. Is a reverse forcing? Never deny a 4 card major.
111 17-Dec-04 x x   Jordon 2NT. Don't penalty double with no surprise.
110 10-Dec-04 x x   Cheating? Our partner's 1NT opening is overcalled - double for stolen bid?
109 3-Dec-04 x x   Gerber. Hand evaluation - Lonely and touching honours.
108 26-Nov-04 x x   Understanding Blackwood and Gerber. If 3NT is a sensible option then bid it.
107 19-Nov-04 x x   Simple preference. The redouble. Worth a Jump Shift rebid?
106 12-Nov-04 x x   Namyats. Help-suit game-try. Double or overcall - which is stronger?
105 5-Nov-04 x x   Bidding the opponent's suit. Pre-empt to the limit (and then keep quiet).
104 29-Oct-04 x x   3-level pre-empt with a 6 card suit? - What the experts say.
103 22-Oct-04 x x   Jump Shift. Responding to partner's take-out double. Pre-empt only once
102 15-Oct-04 x x   Unauthorised information. Stayman or transfer? Rebidding a suit is not forcing.
101 8-Oct-04 x x   If partner doesn't like 1NT, he won't like 2NT. Third Hand plays High.
100 1-Oct-04 x x   How many points to respond? Responding to 1NT with a shortage.
99 24-Sept-04 x x   Stayman or Transfer with weak 5-4's? Pairs tactics. Discards etc in defence.
98 17-Sept-04 x x   Cuebid the enemy's suit to show a sound raise. Don't bid again after pre-empting.
97 10-Sept-04 x x   Multi misunderstandings. Responding up the line?
96 3-Sept-04 x x   How to make a non-forcing bid forcing (go via the 4th suit). Obey the LAW.
95 27-Aug-04 x x   Benjamin twos. Stayman after 2NT. Too good for a pre-empt?
94 20-Aug-04 x x   The Devil's Advocate (a Chuck contribution), good enough for the World's best?
93 13-Aug-04 x x   The Devil's Advocate (a Chuck contribution), 3NT rebid after a 2-level response.
92 6-Aug-04 x x   The Devil's Advocate (a Chuck contribution), 3♣/3 over partner's 1NT.
91 30-July-04 x x   The Devil's Advocate (a Chuck contribution), Pre-empt with a 6 card suit?
90 23-July-04 x x   Open 3 with QJ10987 ? - That's what Marty Bergen says and what I did.
89 16-July-04 x x   A jump to 3NT is to play. Asking for a stop. Shortage in partner's suit is bad.
88 9-July-04 x x   What's your rebid? A 2 opener is 22+ points or one trick short of game.
87 2-July-04 x x   What's best, 5-2 or 4-3? Raise partner's major to 4 with 5 card support.
86 25-June-04 x x   Locating a specific king with RKCB. When 1NT is doubled.
85 18-June-04 x x   A Moysian fit. A con-trick? RONF (Raise Only Non-Forcing). Play in a 4-3 fit?
84 11-June-04 x x   Support doubles. Raise a 2NT opener? Double and bid again shows a big hand.
83 4-June-04 x x   Be polite to partner - or bite the dust. 5-5 in the majors opposite 1NT.
82 28-May-04 x x   Raising partner's weak two. Stop a.s.a.p. with a mis-fit.
81 21-May-04 x x   Hans' (4 page) complaint about my decision about Jeff's bidding.
80 14-May-04 x x   5-3 fit or NT? Deny a 4 card major? The Gambling 3NT.
79 7-May-04 x x   Don't bid a 3-card suit when partner doubles for take-out. That 3NT rebid again.
78 30-April-04 x x   Hans & Chuck disagree about Jeff's bidding. No idea about pre-empts.
77 23-April-04 x x   Humble pie - is 3 in the sequence 1 - 1- 3 - 3forcing?
76 9-April-04 x x   4th suit forcing. Return to Disneyland (where Chuck says I came from).
75 2-April-04 x x   When they interfere with our big (2 playing Standard American) bid.
74 26-Mar-04 x x   4 card majors, Acol and 'Dutch' Acol. Responding to 1 / with 5 's and 4 's.
73 19-Mar-04 x x   A 4 opening? The Two-level response. Quacks.
72 12-Mar-04 x x   Benjamin Twos and the associated 'problem with playing tricks'. Raise 1NT to 2NT?
71 5-Mar-04 x x   Responding to partner's 1/. A 3NT opener (or via 2) with 25+ points sucks.
70 27-Feb-04 x x   Tea and cucumber sandwiches - raise a weak 1NT with a flat 11 points?
69 20-Feb-04 x x   Splinters. Bad bidding from books? A Double of 1NT is penalties
68 13-Feb-04 x x   A forcing pass. Super-accept of a transfer. Don't open two-suiters with 2♣.
67 6-Feb-04 x x   Responding to partner's take-out double. Rebid a 5 card suit?
66 30-Jan-04 x x   Support with just 3 cards? (1 - 1- 2with just 3 's?). A tangled web.
65 23-Jan-04 x x   Support with just 3 cards? (1 - 1♠ - 2♠ with just 3 ♠'s?). Balancing, or protection.
64 16-Jan-04 x x   Calling me a liar! - Silly when there are witnesses. Stayman, transfers etc after 2NT?
63 9-Jan-04 x x   What was that 4♣ bid? A re-opening double is 'mandatory' playing negative doubles.
62 2-Jan-04 x x   Responding to partner's negative double. Responding 2 to partner's 2♠ opening.
no. Date pdf doc   2002/3 News-sheets
        The complete collection of news-sheets from late 2002 and 2003.
2002/3 yearbook x x   As it's 296 pages it may take a while to download.
  When initially published, this yearbook had three appendices;
  these now appear separately on this site: -
Appendix A x x   Scoring at bridge
Appendix B x x   Hand Evaluation
Appendix C x x   Lebensohl
x 2003 index x x   A more comprehensive index (than below) to the 2002/3 news-sheets
61 26-Dec-03 x x   The 2 opening. The jump in partner's major when he negative doubles.
60 19-Dec-03 x x   The strip and throw-in. 1 - 1NT - 3 is forcing.
59 12-Dec-03 x x   Defending against RHO 's take-out double. One does not have to rebid if RHO bids.
58 5-Dec-03 x x  

A two-level response after an intervening double (it's weak).

57 29-Nov-03 x x   About Super-Accepts. Splinters really are worth mastering.
56 22-Nov-03 x x   When RHO bids Your Suit. Raising partner's pre-empt.
55 15-Nov-03 x x   Don't pass partner's 1 with shortage. Your next bid after transferring.
54 8-Nov-03 x x   Occasionally a 5-3 fit is better than 4-4 (if you can ruff with the short trump hand).
53 1-Nov-03 x x   Balancing. Raising partner's 3 pre-empt to 4 is not ace-asking!
52 24-Oct-03 x x   Devalue a hand with a void in partner's suit. Jump rebids show good six card suits.
51 17-Oct-03 x x   Bid over partner's 1 opening if you possibly can. 1 - 1 - 3 - 3 is forcing!
50 10-Oct-03 x x   Partner opens1. Holding 965 Q93 K964 A53 do you bid 1NT or 2 ?
49 3-Oct-03 x x   Partner opens1♠. Holding 10753 KQ4 J94 A75 do you bid 2 or 3 ?
48 26-Sept-03 x x   Reverses, Jump responses and rebids etc. Negative free bids are not standard.
47 19-Sept-03 x x   Playing Acol, I only open a 4 card major with a good 16+ points - read why.
46 12-Sept-03 x x   Stayman with a weak hand? Don't get too high (or bid NT) on a mis-fit.
45 5-Sept-03 x x   A 1NT rebid does not promise all suits stopped. The 2NT and 3NT rebids.
44 29-Aug-03 x x   Low Level Penalty Doubles? a comprehensive look.
43 22-Aug-03 x x   Super acceptance of a transfer (breaking the transfer after opening 1NT).
42 15-Aug-03 x x   A psyche followed by another (controlled) psyche! gets you 'Chucked' out!
41 8-Aug-03 x x   The rule of 11 - it's only against NT. Always cover an honour with an honour?
40 1-Aug-03 x x   Responder skips a 4 Card Major and bids it later?
39 25-July-03 x x   Don't pass partner's help-suit game try! Play the big one you dummy!
38 18-July-03 x x   What is Acol? It's not Dutch. Overcalls and jump overcalls.
37 11-July-03 x x   A new suit at the 3 level by responder who has not limited his hand is 100% forcing
36 4-July-03 x x   Bidding the opponent's suit. What do you open when 5-5 in the black suits?
35 26-June-03 x x   Responding to partner's Negative Double. A new suit at the two level.
34 19-June-03 x x   Always respond to partner's opening with 6+ points.
33 13-June-03 x x   Top or bottom from sequences? When not to use Stayman.
32 5-June-03 x x   Raising partner's opening major to game. A one-level penalty double?
31 30-April-03 x x   Lead a trump when partner passes your take-out double. The Law of Total Tricks.
30 23-April-03 x x   The Jump Rebid, Jump Shift and Reverse. Eight ever, nine never - the odds.
29 16-April-03 x x  

How Do You Expect Suits to Split?

28 9-April-03 x x   Never deny a 4 card major.
27 2-May-03 x x   Strong NT vs Weak NT - a summary of the advantages/disadvantages.
26 25-April-03 x x   How many pts for a 1-level overcall? Open 1NT with Axx AxxAxxx ♣Axx ?
25 18-April-03 x x   A double of RHO 's 1NT response is take-out of the suit opened.
24 11-April-03 x x   AKQ10865 is too good for a 3 opener.
23 4-April-03 x x   Deny a Four Card Major and bid it later? Stayman after intervention.
22 28-Mar-03 x x   The 2 opening - various options. Support Doubles
21 21-Mar-03 x x   The 1NT overcall. Is ♠AJ A86 AK94 ♣AK84 a 2 opener?
20 14-Mar-03 x x   The 1NT response. Raising partner's 1NT response.
19 7-Mar-03 x x   Your 2nd bid having transferred. Specific types of doubles
18 28-Feb-03 x x   Take-out doubles and responses. The 1NT rebid.
17 21-Feb-03 x x   Doubles. RKCB - A matter of logic.
16 14-Feb-03 x x   The reverse. Lebensohl after partner's reverse.
15 7-Feb-03 x x   Responding to partner's pre-empt.The prepared .
14 31-Jan-03 x x   Responding to partner's 1 opening.
13 25-Jan-03 x x   Roman Key Card Blackwood (RKCB). Raising partner's minor.
12 16-Jan-03 x x   Opening 1NT with a 5-card major? Opening 1NT with a 6 card minor?
11 9-Jan-03 x x   Weak twos. The opening 1NT bid. A new suit at the 2 level after RHO doubles..
10 4-Jan-03 x x   Transfers and super-accepts.
9 28-Dec-02 x x   Strong or Weak No Trump? Two over one (2/1).
8 17-Dec-02 x x   The Negative (Sputnik) double.
7 8-Dec-02 x x   Transfers over 1NT.
6 3-Dec-02 x x   No Trump bids and rebids. The double of 1NT.
5 28-Nov-02 x x   Game try, splinter, cue bid etc. Help-suit game try as a slam try.
4 23-Nov-02 x x   Stayman. Requirements for slam. Hand evaluation.
3 19-Nov-02 x x   Psyching. Controlled psyches. The psyche at the Bermuda Bowl, 1966.
2 9-Nov-02 x x   Manners and Etiquette at our Bridge Club.
1 16-Sept-02 x x   Map. Playing conditions and standards.
    pdf doc   The complete news-sheet index
x index x x   A comprehensive index to all of the news-sheets.

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