News-Sheet No. 215

Club News Sheet – No. 215        16th Dec 2006


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Mon11th       1st N-S     Jerome & Michel L           65%       2nd    Albert & Dennis             59%

                    1st E-W    Richard M & Ken            59%       2nd    Gunnar & Lars               57%

Wed 13th     1st N-S     Michel L & Michel P        61%       2nd    Bob P & Jo                    55%

                    1st E-W    Gunnar & Lars                 60%       2nd    Ursula & Mats                53%      

Fri 15th         1st N-S     Bob & Mike                     58%       2nd    Margit & Norman           58%

                    1st E-W    Anna-Lisa & Britta           65%       2nd    Ursula & Mats                61%


Bidding Quiz                           Standard American is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A LHO opens 1, partner overcalls 1 and RHO

bids 2. What do you bid?      

J543             AQJ

K92              K106            With Hand B LHO opens 1, partner passes and RHO bids 1.

AK5             Q62              What do you bid?

982              K943


Hand C           Hand D           With do you open with Hand C?


8                   9                          

Q108            A43              With Hand D you open 1 and partner responds 1, what

AKQ10832  AKQ864      do you bid?

J9                 AJ10


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E you open 1 and partner responds 2. What

do you bid?

AKQ104      J86              

A2                764               With Hand F everybody is vulnerable. LHO opens 3 which

KJ754           AQJ3            partner doubles. Do you pass or bid 3NT?

K                 Q53            


Hand G           Hand H           With Hand G partner opens 1, what do you bid?


AJ96             KQJ

AQJ9           KJ1062        With Hand H LHO opens 1, partner overcalls 1 and RHO

J108              432               doubles (negative showing 4 ’s). What do you bid?

A4                86                                             


Bidding Sequences Quiz


J      1     1      2      3          What is 3?

K     1     1      pass   2         What is 2?

L      1      pass   2                    How many ’s does the 2 response promise?

M    1      pass   1      pass       How good is 3? Is it forcing?


N     1      pass   1      pass       What is 3NT?

The Bridge Club Championship Races


The current standings for all competitions are in the results folder and on the web-site. There was virtually no change this week.

We currently have 8 people qualified for contention (30 results above 53%) in the Gold Cup:


1    Dave Cutler                  1865.6

2    Bob Pelletier                 1797.2

3    Bob Short                    1784.3

4    Phil Lovell                    1779.2

5    Michael Guin                1763.2

6    Kenneth Johansson       1754.3

7    Alan Purdy                   1751.2

8    Bill Noe                        1747.5


The top standings for the Silver Plate (best 10) and Bronze medal (best 5) are as follows. For clarity I have removed Dave, Bob P and Bob S who are now pretty secure in the top 3 positions of the Gold Cup since Phil has gone home.


Silver Plate                                                       Bronze Medal


2    Lewis Berg                   644.5                     2    Lewis Berg             337.8

5    Clive Bell                      637.8                     3    Clive Bell                334.3

6    Phil Lovell                    633.8                     6    Phil Lovell              328.5

7    Alan Purdy                   628.6                     7    Ruth Ibler               327.2

8    Hans Bijvoet                 624.2                     8    Jim Wallington        327.1

9    Derek & Gerard           623.7                     9    Alan Purdy             325.8

10  Jan v Koss                   618.4                     10  Hans Bijvoet           325.1


Moving yet again?


The Mercure has had a change of management since I originally negotiated our deal. It now appears that under the new management the staff are incapable of setting up the tables in the dining room in the full hour between 5.00 and 6.00. So we will not be moving back into the larger dining area (which is always totally empty while we are playing) and are restricted to the 9 tables that they can cram in the Northern part of the room.

The new management came up with the idea of letting us use the small (5 table) annex. But they then require 100 bht per head for everybody in the high season. I call this extortion; and either I would have to run the club for nothing or put up the playing fee to 150 bht per head. If you look at the prices charged in Bangkok they are generally 100 bht total, so clearly the hotels only get about 50 bht a head. Apart from the fact that I consider this move of theirs very underhand, we are still limited to a maximum of 15 tables and I expect to exceed that in Jan/Feb.

Anyway, their timing is ‘perfect’ – hitting us right at the start of the peak season. I guess we will have to go along with it in the short term but I am actively looking for a new location. In discussion with a few members it was decided that we will have to charge everybody 150 bht when the new rules take effect (presumably Monday 18th Dec until the end of Feb or until we find a new location).

The Unassuming Cue bid – part 1                       Board 9 from Monday 11th  


There were two hands in a row on Monday when the Uassuming Cue bid should have got the overcaller’s side into comfortable games.


Dealer:             J543                                           Table A

West                K92                                            West          North(A)    East          South

Love all            AK5                                           pass           pass           1           1

                        982                                            2    (1)      3    (2)      pass         pass (3)


10                      N             Q8                       

AQ864           W    E          J105                     Table B

J10742                S              986                      West          North(A)    East          South

75                                      KQJ106               pass           pass           1           1

                        AK9762                                     2    (1)      3   (2)      pass         4    (4)

73                                               all pass





Table A:     (1)  This West hand does not have the values for a two level response. A negative double looks perfect to me.

(2)   What did you bid with this North hand A in this week’s quiz? Any bid in this situation is weak.

(3)   South has a nice hand but thought that partner was very weak.

Table B:     (1)  The correct bid with this North hand A. With an invitational hand, +- 11 points, North should cue bid the opener’s suit; so 3. This is the unassuming cue bid, showing a sound raise to 3 rather than a pre-emptive one.

(4)  And South knows that partner has a good hand.


And what happened? All but one pair bid the comfortable 4 game.

The bottom lines: -

-         With about 11 points in support of partner’s overcalled major suit, cue bid the suit opened to show a sound raise to the three level.

-         In this actual scenario, established partnerships may like to dream up a distinction between a 3 cue bid and a 3 cue bid. You could use one as game invitational and the other as full opening values.



The Unassuming Cue bid – part 2                       Board 9 from Monday 11th 


The very next hand. This time North got it right of course.


Dealer:             KQJ                                           Table A

North               KJ1062                                      West          North(H)    East          South

E-W vul           432                                             -                 pass           1           1

                        86                                              dbl   (1)      2   (2)      pass         4    (3)

all pass

A864                 N             93                        

53                   W    E          9                          

Q876                  S              KJ95               (1)  A negative double, showing exactly 4 ’s.

1042                                  AQ9753         (2)  What did you bid with this North hand H in

10752                                         this week’s quiz? This is again the

AQ874                                       Unassuming Cue Bid, showing a sound raise

A10                                           to 3 or better.

KJ                                        (3)  And South has an easy game bid.


And what happened? All but one pair bid the comfortable 4 game.

The bottom lines: -

-     With about 11 points in support of partner’s overcalled major suit, cue bid the suit opened to show a sound raise to the three level or better.


1NT in the ‘Sandwich Seat’                                 Board 19 from Wednesday 13th 


When LHO opens, partner passes and RHO bids it is very dangerous to overcall a natural 1NT; especially when vulnerable!


Dealer:             K107432                                   

South               A932                                          West          North         East(B)     South

E-W vul           3                                                 -                 -                 -               1

                        J7                                               pass           1              1NT (1)    dbl   (2)

all pass

965                    N             AQJ                     

J54                 W    E          K106                   

1087                   S              Q62                (1)  What did you bid with this East hand B in

10862                                K943                   this week’s quiz? Playing 1NT as natural

                        8                                                 really has no sense as both opponents have

Q87                                            shown values. It’s best to pass.

AKJ954                                (2)  Penalties    



And what happened? 1NT doubled went three down and 800 away. Most N-S pairs bid and made game but that’s only 400.

The bottom lines: -

-         Do not play 1NT as natural in the sandwich seat. It’s best to play it as unusual (weak and length in the two unbid suits or the two lowest – the Sandwich NT.

-         Note that the double at (2) is penalties. I note that one South passed in the expectation of North doubling – he did not but chose a very reasonable 2.


The Gambling 3NT                                              Board 15 from Wednesday 13th 


The Gambling 3NT earned an easy top on this deal: -


Dealer:             8                                                 Table A

South               Q108                                          West          North(C)    East          South

N-S vul            AKQ10832                                -                 -                 -               pass

                        J9                                               pass           1    (1)      1            dbl   (2)

3    (3)      4              4    (4)    all pass

A932                 N             K107654             

765                 W    E          KJ                        Table B

9                         S              75                        West          North(C)    East          South

K10762                             AQ3                     -                 -                 -               pass

                        QJ                                              pass           3NT (1)      pass (5)    4   (6)

A9432                                        pass           4              all pass





Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this North hand C in this week’s quiz? 1 is OK I suppose if you don’t play the gambling 3NT.

(2)   Negative, showing ’s. It’s not strong enough for a 2 bid.

(3)   This West hand is close between 3 and a 2 Unassuming cue bid.

(4)   With a nice hand and six ’s East bid the game.

Table B:     (1)  The best opening with this North hand C. The Gambling 3 NoTrump is best played as a long solid minor (7 or 8 cards headed by the AKQ) with absolutely no outside ace or king. It really is a great, very descriptive bid.

(5)  And it makes life difficult for East; he does not really have enough to come in with 4.

(6)  Pass or correct.


And what happened? Three E-W’s bid to 4; making 10, 11 or 12 tricks. 4 made +1 for the only + score in the N-S column. It should have gone one down but that is still a top for N-S.

The bottom lines: -

-         The Gambling 3NT is a really great convention. Using the 3NT opening as a strong No Trump hand really is silly.

-         Actually the convention is mis-named; there is no gambling whatsoever if you play the variation which promises absolutely nothing outside the suit.

3NT missed – part 1                                            Board 13 from Monday 11th 


Only three out of nine pairs reached the excellent 3NT on this deal: -


Dealer:             9                                                 Table A

North               A43                                            West          North(D)    East          South

Both vul            AKQ864                                    -                 1              pass         1

                        AJ10                                          pass           3    (1)      pass         pass (2)


AJ865                N             K107                   

Q98                W    E          KJ62                    Table B

109                     S              75                        West          North(D)    East          South

862                                    Q974                   -                 1              pass         1

                        Q432                                          pass           2NT (1)      pass         pass (3)

1075                                           pass          


K53                                           Table C

West          North(D)    East          South

-                 1              pass         1

pass           3NT (1)      all pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this North hand D in this week’s quiz? The hand really is too good for 3 which is non-forcing.

(2)  and with a totally flat minimum South passed, as would I.

Table B:     (1)  This North tried 2NT (18-19 balanced). This hand is 18 high but the great 6 card suit makes it worth much more.

(2)  The 2NT rebid is non-forcing and South again correctly passed.

Table C:     (1)  This North got it right. The 3NT rebid is best used to show a good hand with a long solid or near solid minor.


And what happened? Three N-S’s bid to 3NT. It is an easy make as it is very unlikely that an East defender will find the 10 lead! Four pairs played in ’s and two pairs stopped in 2NT

The bottom lines: -

-         It is best to play the 3NT rebid as a good hand with a good long minor

-         Jump rebids of 3 of the minor or 2NT are non-forcing

-         Upgrade a hand with a suit like AKQxxx – it is far more than 9 points.

Respond 2 with a three card suit?                     Board 10 from Monday 11th 


A strange looking response here; but perfectly correct if you do not play Jacoby 2NT.


Dealer:             KQ874                                       Table A

North               K87                                            West          North         East          South(G)

Love all            K9                                              -                 1              pass         2    (1)

                        Q65                                           pass           2    (2)      pass         4NT (3)

pass           5    (4)      pass         6

102                    N             53                         all pass

10653             W    E          42                        

73                       S              AQ6542              ‘Expert’ Table

KJ1097                              832                      West          North         East          South(G)

                        AJ96                                           -                 1              pass         2NT (1)

AQJ9                                         pass           3    (5)      pass         4   (6) 

J108                                           pass           4    (7)      pass         pass (8)

A4                                              pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you respond with this South hand G in this week’s quiz? It’s far to good for any bid and Blackwood is not recommended with a wide open suit. You cannot bid 2 as that promises a 5 card suit. If you do not play Jacoby 2NT then 2 is the only sensible bid left. Note this answer to bidding sequence quiz L. The 2 response to a 1 opening may very occasionally be three cards.

(2)  2NT (12-14) is a sound alternative.

(3)  Again, I don’t like Blackwood with a wide open suit but it’s difficult to bid if not playing Jacoby 2NT.

(4)  One keycard.

Table B:     (1)  This is the best answer to question G, the Jacoby 2NT. I prefer to play it as four card support with a minimum of 16 points. So definitely slam seeking.

(5)   This shows a moderate opener with no shortage in response to Jacoby 2NT. 4 (minimum with no shortage) is the sound alternative and that would end the auction.

(6)   A cue bid.

(7)   Denying a red suited ace.

(8)   South knows that the suit may be wide open and wisely signs off.


And what happened? 6 was bid 3 times and made twice. Against the slam at table A East may chose to lead the A and the contract made; it goes down on a passive lead. Five pairs stopped in 5 and usually made exactly as then you do not get the A lead.

The bottom lines: -

-         Play Jacoby 2NT

-         Some say to lead an ace against a slam, but I would be reluctant to lead from AQ.

-         The theory behind leading an ace is that partner may have the king, but that is unlikely in view of South’s 2 response at Table A; but then, of course, partner may have a singleton or void .

3NT missed – part 2                                            Board 10 from Monday 11th 


A different problem here, with many players going for the vulnerable penalty instead of the vulnerable 3NT game.


Dealer:             AK7                                           Table A

East                  K102                                          West          North         East          South(F)

Both vul            4                                                 -                 -                 pass         pass

                        A109864                                    3    (1)      dbl   (2)      pass         pass (3)


432                    N             Q1095                 

QJ                  W    E          A9853                  Table B

K1098765          S              2                          West          North         East          South(F)

K                                       J72                       -                 -                 pass         pass

                        J86                                             3     (1)     dbl   (2)      pass         3NT (4)

764                                             all pass                        




Table A:     (1)  I think that, with these intermediates, this hand is OK for a vulnerable pre-empt

(2)  It would be nice to have at least one 4-card major for the double but I think that double with this hand is the best bid. It’s too good for a pass in my opinion and a 4 bid goes past 3NT. If partner jumps to 4 of a major he will have at least 4 cards and even a Moysian fit may play quite well as you take any ruffs in the hand with short trumps.

(3)  What did you bid with this South hand F in this week’s quiz? I guess that going for the vulnerable penalty could be best, maybe it depends upon who West was? At red his vulnerable pre-empt should be a decent hand and since he is missing the AQJ it’s quite likely to be 8 cards.

Table B:     (4)  If West is a sensible player I would bid 3NT.


And what happened? Just one pair bid 3NT and 600 was good enough for a clear top. 3 doubled was the final contract five times and scored just 200 or 500 for N-S. Two North’s bid 4 and played there to share the bottom.

The bottom lines: -

-         4 is usually a poor overcall of a pre-empt as it goes past 3NT.

-         Very occasionally it’s best to double without a 4 card major.

A comfortable slam                                              Board 16 from Monday 11th 


I was asked how N-S should bid to the nice 6 on this deal. The slam was bid at five of the 9 times it was played on Monday.


Dealer:             AKQ104                                    Table A

West                A2                                              West          North(E)    East          South

E-W vul           KJ754                                         pass           1              pass         2

                        K                                               pass           3NT (1)      pass         pass (2)


J986                  N             752                      

975                 W    E          Q10863                Table B

2                         S              106                      West          North(E)    East          South

AQ954                               862                      pass           1              pass         2

                        3                                                 pass           4NT (1)      pass         5

KJ4                                            pass           6              all pass




Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this North hand E in this week’s quiz? After partner has responded in ’s this hand becomes enormous. Now as mentioned on the previous page, the 2 bid may be just three cards, but in that case partner has 4 card support. Anyway, the bid is usually a 4+ card suit and North should assume that. 3NT here shows about 18-19 points and no slam interest but this hand should be looking for slam.

(2)  With a minimum for a two-level response and presumably no fit, South obviously passes.

Table B:     (1)  This is the simplest answer to question E. Playing 2/1 you can take it easy with a 3 bid and then cue bid your way to the small slam.


And what happened? Five pairs bid the good 6. They were beaten by the one pair who bid 6NT and did not get a lead. Two pairs stopped in 3NT.

The bottom lines: -

-         A combined 31 points is enough for a small slam if you have shape and a fit.

-         Note the difference between this good slam and the poor one two deals back – they are both good fits but here North’s great shape makes the slam a good one despite the K being wasted.

Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    3. An Unassuming Cue Bid, showing a sound raise to 3. A direct 3 bid is pre-emptive.

Hand B:    Pass. You should not play 1NT as natural (15-18) in the sandwich seat. Partner has passed and both opponents are unlimited. If you bid 1NT you will likely get doubled and go for a number.

Hand C:    3NT. The Gambling 3NT. It’s best played as a long solid minor with no ace or king outside.

Hand D:    3NT. Both 3 and 2NT are not enough as they are both non-forcing. The 3NT rebid is best played as a good hand with a good long minor.

Hand E:    4NT. This hand is enormous after partner’s 2 bid has found a fit. Playing 2/1 you can take it slowly with 3.

Hand F:     3NT. Assuming that LHO is sensible, he knows what he is doing when he opens a vulnerable pre-empt missing three honours. At this vulnerability LHO may easily have 8 ’s and partner void. This hand will probably get only get two tricks in defence and I think it’s best to bid 3NT rather than trying for a three trick set.

Hand G:    If you play Jacoby 2NT, then bid that. If you do not play Jacoby 2NT the hand is difficult: no bid is forcing and 2 would promise 5 cards. I guess the best bid is 2 but 2 is not too bad as you can always correct any final contract to ’s.

Hand H:    2. An Unassuming cue bid showing a sound raise to 3 or better. A direct 4 bid is pre-emptive but is what I would bid if partner did not know about the Unassuming Cue Bid.


Bidding Sequences Quiz Answers


J      1     1      2      3          3 is pre-emptive, showing 4 ’s and little else.

K     1     1      pass   2         2 is the Unassuming Cue bid, showing a sound raise to 3 or better.

L      1      pass   2                    The 2 response could be just 3 cards if you do not play the Jacoby 2NT convention (responder could be 4432).

M    1      pass   1      pass       3 shows a good hand, around 16-17 points with good ’s but

3                                        the bid is not forcing.

N     1      pass   1      pass       3NT is best played as a good hand with a good long minor,

3NT                                     with the jump rebid to 2NT showing 18-19 points.