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Mon 17th    N-S   1st  Gerry & Per-Ake             59%         2nd Bjorn & Knud                       57%

                  E-W   1st  Phil & Tomas                   53%         2nd Lewis & Terry                      51%

Wed 19th              1st Gerry & Per-Ake             70%         2nd Jan & Tomas                        58%

Fri    21st              1st  Bjorn & Knud                  62%         2nd  Phil & Tomas                       58%


Bidding Quiz                           Standard American is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 2 and you bid 2. Partner then

bids 2NT (22-24), what do you bid?

8                   QJ65

8754             KJ86            With Hand B partner opens 1 and RHO overcalls 1. What do

AQ9852       J54                you bid if (a) the opps are vulnerable, (b) the opps are non-vul?

109              65


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C you are playing a weak NoTrump (12-14). What,

if anything, do you open?

KJ8              98                

Q1092          643               With hand D partner opens 2 and you reply 2. Partner then

1052             Q652            bids 2, what do you do?

AJ10            10876


Bidding Sequences Quiz            All of these sequences occurred this week


E      1     pass   1      pass      

2      pass   3     pass       What is 3 - is it natural (so presumably 4414 or 4405)

3                                        or 4th suit forcing??

F      2NT   pass   3                    You play Stayman and transfers over 2NT, so what is 3?

G     2     2      dbl                   What is double when partner’s strong 2 opener has been overcalled?

H     2      dbl                             2 is Benjamin (game forcing), what is double?


The Club Championships       The current standings for the top 5 in each competition are: -

Gold Cup = Best 30                 Silver plate = Best 10      Bronze medal = Best 5


1826.4  Jan v Koss                  666.8  Janne Roos                    350.4  Janne Roos

1816.8  Janne Roos                  654.9  Jan v Koss                    343.2  Bengt Malmgren

1811.4  Dave Cutler                 644.2  Dave Cutler                   340.3  Jan v Koss

1751.6  Bob Pelletier                644.1  Bengt Malmgren            332.9  Paul Savelkral

1716.7  Phil Lovell                   636.7  Paul Savelkral                332.0  Lewis Berg

 This week’s  re-opening double                         Board 23 from Monday 17th 


With vulnerable opponents, even a 1-level double can be lucrative: -



Dealer:             73                                               West          North         East(B)       South

South               AQ10975                                   -                 -                 -                 pass

both vul            A9                                              1             1              pass (1)      pass

                        J93                                             dbl   (2)      pass           pass (3)      pass


A84                   N             QJ65              (1)  What did you bid with this East hand B(a)

43                  W    E          KJ86                    in this week’s quiz? These are nice ’s and

KQ62               S              J54                        against vulnerable opponents I prefer to

KQ87                                65                        go for the penalty; the magic 200 should

                        K1092                                        be a good score if there is no game.

2                                           (2)  Automatic of course     

10873                                   (3)  East followed through with his plan.



And what happened? 1 doubled went one down for a joint top to E-W. Most other E-W’s overbid and went down when East responded 1NT, 1 or dbl (negative to show 4 ’s).

The bottom lines: -

-         If you play negative doubles, then don’t forget the automatic re-opening double.

-         Even at the one level penalties can be lucrative, especially against vulnerable opponents.


The dreaded Multi 2 again                                Board 9 from Monday 17th 


I don’t particularly like the Multi 2 diamonds - I prefer Benjamin twos. The problem with the multi is that all too often nobody knows what’s going on.


Dealer:             974                                             West          North         East            South

North               J4                                               -                 -                 2    (1)      2

E-W vul           K754                                          dbl   (2)      all pass



K105                 N             AQ8632         (1)  The dreaded Multi 2, this time a weak 2.

A985             W    E          107                       At vulnerable against not this should be a

Q109832          S              A6                        decent hand and I think the opening is OK.

-                                         952                (2)  Penalties. Negative doubles do not apply

                        J                                                 when partner pre-empts or it’s a probable

KQ632                                       pre-empt




And what happened? 2 doubled made +2 when West led a which East won and retuned a - South discarded his losing . Double dummy 2 can be beaten but that’s double dummy and also because East is maximum for his pre-empt. The bottom lines: -

-     If you insist upon playing the Multi 2, then understand it. At (2) West can be pretty sure that partner has a weak 2opener and should pass or bid 3 or 4 ’s or, even better, 2NT (ignoring the overcall) to establish partner’s hand type. 4 makes comfortably.

The power of the 4-4 fit                                       Board 20 from Monday 17th 


Just one pair bid the great 6 on these E-W cards: -


Dealer:             J1042                                         Table A

West                K103                                          West(A)     North         East            South

both vul            J6                                                -                 -                 2             pass

                        8752                                          2    (1)      pass           2NT (2)      pass

3   (3)      pass           3              pass

8                        N             AK75                   4    (4)      pass           4    (5)      pass

8754              W    E          AQJ2                   6              all pass

AQ9852            S              K10                     

109                                    AQ3                     ‘Expert’ Table

                        Q963                                          West(A)     North         East            South

96                                               -                 -                 2             pass

743                                            2    (1)      pass           2NT (2)      pass

KJ64                                          3   (3)      pass           3              pass

4NT (4)      pass           5   (5)      pass

5    (6)      pass           5    (7)      pass

6    (8)      all pass


Table A:     (1)  Waiting and maybe negative.

                  (2)  22-24

                  (3)  What did you bid with this West hand A in this week’s quiz. You should know my opinions by now; Stayman 3, looking for the 4-4 fit is the bid.

(4)  Natural and forcing, quite why West did not bid as our Experts I don’t know.

(5)  East assumed that West had 4 ’s.

‘Expert’      (4)  RKCB (today our experts are not playing Kickback).

 Table         (5)  0 or 3 keycards.

(6)   West knows that there is a keycard missing and he also has very poor ’s. He only really wants to be in 6 if partner has the Q – so he asks for it!

(7)   Showing the Q and also the K.

(8)   Fine.


And what happened? Just the one pair bid 6 and made +1. Another chose to ignore the 4-4 fit and played in 6NT making exactly. 3NT and 4 were popular spots.

The bottom lines: -

-         Roman Keycard Blackwood really is a powerful convention – especially if you want to know about the trump queen.

-     When you bid Blackwood and then ask for kings, most play that that promises all the keycards present and looking for the grand.

-     But asking for the trump queen is different and does not guarantee all of the keycards and you may well end up in 5 of the suit if the trump queen is missing.

-     Having got a 0/3 or 1/4 response to RKCB, the next bid up (not 5 of the trump suit) asks for the trump queen. There is not always room to be able to stop in 5 of the trump suit if the queen is missing – 1430 tries to solve this problem but the only real solution is to play Kickback.

A very poor hand opposite 2                             Board 13 from Monday 17th 


You need to have a mechanism to show a bust hand opposite partner’s strong 2opening. I like 2♥ negative and 2 waiting (positive) but most do not play that. If you play 2 negative (or waiting and maybe negative) then you need a bid to subsequently show a miserable hand.


Dealer:             AKQ104                                    Table A

North               J2                                               West          North         East            South(D)

both vul            A                                                -                 2             pass           2    (1)

                        AKQ94                                      pass           2              pass           2NT (2)

pass           4   (3)      pass           4

72                      N             J653                     pass           4NT           pass           5

K987             W    E          AQ105                 pass           6NT           all pass

K10973            S              J84                       

J2                                       53                        Table B

                        98                                               West          North         East            South(D)

643                                             -                 2             pass           2    (1)

Q652                                          pass           2    (4)      pass           3    (5)

10876                                        pass           4    (6)      all pass


Table A:     (1)  Waiting, and maybe negative I think.

                  (2)  What did you bid with this South hand D in this week’s quiz? Unless you play 2 waiting and 2 negative, you need a bid here to show a bust hand. Traditionally it’s 2NT but most prefer 3 these days. I believe that South meant this as a 2nd negative – showing a virtually bust hand.

                  (3)  Presumably North thought that South had values. Quite why he jumped I don’t know.

Table B:     (1)  This pair play 2 negative – 5 or less points and no ace.

(4)   Game forcing even opposite a declared weak hand

(5)   This South decided to show his ‘suit’; 4 is the alternative.


And what happened? 6NT went -3. 6 was bid at one table and made (it needs a lead to beat it). Four N-S pairs stopped in a partscore! This North hand is easily worth a 2 opener. Just one pair bid and made the sensible 4 - well done Harry & Paul O. The bottom lines: -

-         If you do not play 2 negative then you need a way to show a really bad hand opposite a 2 opener. With Lewis I play that 2 is waiting or negative and that 3 is a 2nd negative (or 3 if the sequence is 2 - 2 - 3). This is much better than the traditional 2NT 2nd negative as you don’t want a bust hand being declarer in a possible NoTrump contract with the big hand on table.

-         But my real preference, 2 waiting and 2 negative, is written up on the website: -

Conventions > Section 1 > Responding to partner’s strong 2 opening.


Dave’s Column   Here is this week’s Dave input involving the best play for the contract.


North               South               You are North, playing in 6 after an uncontested auction.

AKQ742      85                 East leads the K, how do you play the hand?   

A762            3                

J8                  AKQ1072 

A                  10852

Dave’s Column answer                Board 17 from Wednesday 19th



Dealer:             AKQ742                              “When you can afford to lose a trump trick, it

North               A762                                    sometimes makes good sense to duck a round

Love all            J8                                          of trumps early in the play, while you still have

                        A                                          trumps in dummy to protect against attack in the

defenders’ best suit: -

J1096                N             3                     East leads the K against 6 and you win with

10954           W    E          KQJ8             the A. Thirteen tricks will be easy if the trumps           

4                       S              9653               break 3-2. (Thirteen tricks would have been easy

Q976                                 KJ43              in ’s even when ’s do break 4-1. Still, it’s too

                        85                                         late to worry about the bidding now). Your task

3                                           is to ensure that you make 12 tricks in ’s. 




You win the lead with the A and play the A, do you?

If that is your first move then you will go down! The K will reveal the 4-1 break and the defenders will be able to cash a or two when West gains the lead with his J.

What else can you try? Perhaps you should ruff a couple of ’s in dummy? Let’s see what happens if you try that. You win the lead, ruff a , cross to the A and ruff another . You return to your hand with the J (or a ruff) and play the A and K, discovering the 4-1 break. You draw a 3rd round of trumps and turn to the suit, hoping to discard your last . Not today! West will ruff the 2nd round of ’s and you will be one down.

There is only one safe line. You must lead a low trump from your hand at trick two! West wins his trump trick at a moment that is convenient to you. There is still a trump in dummy and so he cannot profit by a return. Whatever else he tries, you will win, draw trumps and run the ’s.

So that’s another technique to add to your repertoire. To guard against a possible 4-1 break, give up a trump trick when the defenders can do you no damage.”


Terry’s comments. As the author indicated, 6+1 and 7 are cold. If you are playing matchpoint scoring (pairs) then I think the odds for playing this recommended safety play in 6 are very dubious. You only get a 4-1 break 10% of the time and the line of ruffing two ’s only fails when the ’s are 4-1 and the ’s are also 4-1. So the safety play only gains in about

1-2 % of deals! Perhaps you should play it at teams scoring, but I would not at pairs scoring.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? I was South and did not have any problem at all as my partner played the hand in 6 making +1. One pair was in 4 making plus two, perhaps they did indeed find the safety play, but I doubt it. The other two pairs were in 3NT +2.

The bottom line: -

-         Safety plays are important at teams or rubber bridge scoring, but not at pairs.


Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    3, Stayman, looking for the 4-4 fit.

Hand B:    There are 3 options here: 1NT, 1 (or double to show 4 ’s) or pass for penalties.

(a)    Against vulnerable opponents I prefer to go for the penalty and pass.

(b)   Against non-vul opponents I would bid, and as the hand is worth just one bid you have to decide whether to show the ’s or to bid 1NT. With these great ’s I would bid 1NT. I guess that this sort of situation is a case for playing 4-card majors.

Hand C:    1NT. You could pass but let’s look at the + and – factors. First of all, it’s 3433 shape, so deduct a point. But then look at the ‘texture’ of the hand. Three tens are 1˝ points and the 9 is a good card (as you hold the 10). I would not argue if you chose to pass but I would open a weak 1NT (or open 1 and rebid 1NT if playing a strong NoTrump). This is only in the quiz because somebody complained to me about an opponent opening a weak 1NT with this hand. The bid is fine by me, and the laws state that a 1NT opening bid may be +-1 outside the stated range.

Hand D:    2NT or 3; whichever you have agreed to play as the 2nd negative (I prefer 3). You cannot pass as partner’s 2 bid is game forcing.


Bidding Sequences Answers    



E      1     pass   1     pass       3 is 4th suit forcing, if partner was 4414 or 4405 then

2      pass   3     pass       he would have bid 2 rather than 2♠. If partner is 4423 then

3                                        he would have opened or rebid 2NT.

F      2NT   pass   3                    You have to agree this, but the best use of 2 is to show a hand with exactly 5 ’s and 4 ’s, as this cannot be bid using transfers without going past 3NT.

G     2     2      dbl                   Dbl is penalties.

H     2     dbl                             Dbl of a strong 2 shows ’s. Similarly the double of a strong 2 opening shows ’s – it is most certainly not take-out!