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Mon 12th             1st    Jan & Royd                    60%       2nd    Lewis & Terry                      58%

Wed 14th N-S     1st    Jean-Charles & Mike     57%       2nd    Jean W & Lars                     57%

                E-W     1st    Paul K & Sean               61%       2nd    Royd & Wolfgang                57%

Fri 16th     N-S     1st    Ivy & Wolfgang              59%       2nd    Bob P & Lars                       53%

                E-W     1st    Dave & Royd                 68%       2nd    Lennart & Paul S                  60%



Bidding Quiz


No quiz this week – not enough suitable material and I had no time.



Bidding Sequence quiz          


A     1      pass   2     pass  

2NT                                 how strong is 2NT?

B     1     pass   2     pass  

2NT                                 how strong is 2NT?

C     1     1      pas     pass  

2NT                                 what is 2NT?


The Club Championships       The current standings for the top 5 in each competition are: -


Gold Cup = Best 30                 Silver plate = Best 10      Bronze medal = Best 5


1843.4  Jan v Koss                  666.8  Janne Roos                    350.4  Janne Roos

1833.8  Dave Cutler                 655.2  Jan v Koss                    343.2  Bengt Malmgren

1816.8  Janne Roos                  650.8  Dave Cutler 340.3  Jan v Koss

1816.6  Paul Savelkral  650.3  Lewis Berg                                338.4  Lewis Berg

1800.0  Lewis Berg                  646.9  Lars Gustaffson             336.7  Paul Savelkral



Dave’s Column   Here is this week’s Dave input involving the best play for the contract.          


West                East                  South opens 2 and West overcalls 2. East checks on aces

AQ10862     KJ93            and then bids 6, how do you play when North leads a low ?

76                 AKJ4        

Q96              K72           

K6               A7
Dave’s Column answer                                        Board 19 from Wednesday 7th



Dealer:             54                                               West          North         East            South

South               2                                                 -                 -                 -                 2

E-e vul             10853                                        2              pass           4NT           pass

                        Q109842                                   5              pass           6              all pass


AQ10862           N             KJ93              This is the auction from Dave’s book, although

76                   W    E          AKJ4             only one pair out of 6 reached 6 at our club.

Q96                   S              K72                One pair got a top when East bid 6NT and made

K6                                     A7                  (presumably he got a lead).

                        7                                           Everybody else played in 4 and all of the declarers

Q109853                              in 4 (or 6) made only 11 tricks, so I guess they

AJ4                                       have to study Dave’s column?

J53                                       Anyway, you are in 6 and North leads the 2.


How do you play? You win the lead with the A and draw trumps in two rounds, ending in dummy. You then lead a low through South’s presumed A towards the West hand. South has to duck or he will give you two tricks and the contract. You win with the Q and cash the remaining winners in the black suits, retaining KJ and K in the dummy. Which 3 cards can South keep? He has to keep Qx and A, so you throw him in with a and he has to lead to dummy’s KJ.

Terry’s comment. 6NT looks like a better contract, especially at pairs scoring.

The bottom lines: -

-         If you suspect that a player has a particular ace, then lead through it.

-         It looks like leading through a presumed ace, followed by a squeeze, and then an endplay was a bit to much even for Pattaya’s finest bridge players.


Bidding Sequence Answers


A     1      pass   2     pass  

2NT                                 2NT is 12-14

B     1     pass   2     pass  

2NT                                 2NT is 18-19

C     1     1      pass   pass  

2NT                                 2NT is pointless. 1NT would show 18-19 with good ’s.