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News-sheet No.



218      We have moved to the Hotel Tropicana, North Pattaya.

Just one in the grand – 7 or 7NT is fairly easy.

Responding to RKC Blackwood with a void.

Truscott defence to strong 1 or 2 openings.

It’s forcing in Standard American – part 1:- 1 - 1NT - 3

It’s forcing in Standard American – part 2:- 1 - 2 - 3

Rescue partner’s 1NT doubled with shape – with 5432 10 754 109876 bid 2.

Do not double the opponents for penalties with just two trumps (even the AK).

The 3NT response to 1/ – it denies 4 cards in the other major.

219      The direct raise 1/ - 4/  two articles.

Don’t double with flat hands – with Q54 KJ9 J654 AK10 pass RHO’s 1 opening.

A Play problem - Q109 opposite A87654 in NoTrumps with ample entries.

It’s take-out: 1p 1 1 2 p p dbl – doubler is 5143 or similar.

Don’t bid again having pre-empted – with 102 KJ10984 - K9632 open 3, not 2.

4NT over partner’s 2NT is quantitative – 1 - 2 - 2 - 2NT - 4NT.

Open 1 and raise partner’s 1/ to game is a balanced 19 count.

The game try as a slam try – 1 - 1 - 2 - 2NT is a (forcing) game try that can be a slam try.

220      Don’t double with flat hands – with AJ98 QJ6 AQ107 A7 do not double 1 - bid 1NT.

Don’t double with flat hands – with 532 Q6 AK83 A1082 do not double 1 - pass.

A Classic hold up. Holding AQx with dummy on your left with KJ987 duck ’s.

Multi Landy does it’s Job – KQ643 K96 KJ92 8 is fine for 2 over RHO’s 1NT.

Defence to Multi Landy. A complete defence to Multi Landy (and Cappelletti).

It’s only worth an invite – KJ6 732 AKQ Q1043 is not worth 4 opposite 2.

A 3NT opener – 95 A K85 AKQJ1086 is far too good for a Gambling 3NT.

221      Upstairs, downstairs – too hot, too cold   comments about the new location.

About beginners – please be tolerant towards beginners and help them out if necessary.

Defence to Multi Landy. A pair got it totally wrong, bidding 4 when overcaller hand 5 ’s!

A high reverse is game forcing.

Defence to weak twos – Leaping Michaels finds the grand slam.

Terrible take-out doubles – with K542 AQ9543 - Q96 do not double 1 - bid 1.

Terrible take-out doubles – with AJ8 10764 A763 A5 do not double 1 - pass.

Terrible take-out doubles – with 108 A74 K105 KQ653 do not double 1 - pass.

Terrible take-out doubles – with 94 J9 KQ7 AQ7632 do not double 1 - bid 2.

222      The Tropicana is luvvly – a different opinion of our venue.

Rudeness will not be tolerated – Emil is thrown out of the club

A balanced 20 count when RHO opens.

Beware of mis-fits – and don’t play them in NoTrumps.

Opening 1NT way out of range is not allowed – 13 points is not acceptable for a strong NT.

223      DOPI prevents dopy slams.

Cross-ruff or set up a long suit?

Opening leads.

Misfits – three examples of people mis-bidding with a mis-fit.

Don’t double for penalties with a trump void.

It’s take out – when the opponents bid and support a suit at the two level.

Opening 1NT with a singleton is not allowed.

224      Does a reverse after a two-level response show extra values?

A nice unblock (discarding an ace and king).

When partner doubles ’s, bid a 4 card suit in preference to a 5 card minor.

The worst lead I have ever seen.

Bid out your shape – what does the sequence 1NT - 2 - 2 - 3 mean?

Nothing complicated – two cases of a natural NoTrump bid being misinterpreted.

Don’t double a weak 1NT with J Q53 QJ542 AK63 – pass!

The automatic re-opening double.

2 overcall of 1 as Multi 2?

225      Be wary when the opponents play negative doubles.

Defending against a 1NT opening – 5 examples of mix-ups during the bidding.

Jump overcalls are weak, A73 A3 AKQ764 Q4 is far too good for 3 over 1

When partner redoubles – then pass with a sound opener.

Respond in the four card major or the 5 card minor (at the two level)?

Obey the Law – with KJ964 65 9 97432 bid 4 when partner overcalls 1 with 1.

A bidding mix-up – DOPI and ROPI

A bidding mix-up – with J AK876543 Q52 Q open 4.

Doubling in the pass-out seat.

226            Problems, problems, problems. Various controversies including score adjustment.

Passed out in 1. With AKJ2 AK7532 QJ Q open a Benjamin 2.

A silly double? After 2NT pass 3, double with 82 965 1065 AQJ32.

Safety plays – concede a trick to ensure the contract.

Beware of misfits. J2 9 K10975 AQJ94 is a poor hand after partner bids 1 then 2.

Way too high. The sequence 1 p 1 2 2NT shows a big hand.

227            The Unassuming Cue Bid – stay low if partner has a minimal overcall.

A new suit at the two level is 10+ points – if RHO overcalls, then consider a –ve double.

Worth an effort? You have  A AK10932 K4 Q742 and partner opens a weak 2.

Don’t ask unethical questions. With strength in RHO’s suit, don’t ask ‘what does that mean?’.

Dave’s Column: Play to ensure the contract – a Dave special.

Don’t bid you hand three times – you’ll go for 1100.

A bad double – three examples of terrible take-out doubles.

228      1 p 2 p 3 dbl is take-out

You cannot retract a bid that you bade intentionally.

Pre-empt to the limit – part 1; with  AQJ10876 J2 8 J85 open 4.

Pre-empt to the limit – part 2; with  KJ 3 KJ1098763 96 open 3, 4 or 5; not 2.

It’s only worth an invite. With AQ2 AQ10854 A92 8 open 1 & bid 3 over pards 1NT

2NT by responder is always 11-12 points: 1 p 1 p 2 p 2NT.

Dave’s Column: You can lead the Q away from AQxx if you need an entry from Jx.

Raising partner’s 1NT response to 2NT. It’s a good 16-17 and rare when playing a strong NT

Raising partner major to the three level with three trumps.

Bidding the opponent’s suit is not natural.

229      Stopping in 5NT when there are two keycards missing.

Responding to Blackwood with a void

Totally illogical – 1NT p p 2 p 2 dbl cannot be a transfer, it’s clearly penalties.

A good hand for 2/1   With 10 KQ10964 105 10952 respond 1NT to partner’s 1.

An interesting play hand – combine your chances.

A 2 opener?two examples of whether to open 2 or a Benjamin 2.

Dave’s column – a strip and throw in.

Look for the 4-4 fit   With KQJ9 K1064 J84 Q8 respond 2 to partner’s 1NT.

230      Don’t ask for kings unless you are looking for the grand slam.

Open or rebid 1NT and partner is in charge.

Pass partner’s 2 Stayman bid?

Dave’s column – what to lead in 4 with K10876543 opposite a void.

Double trouble – three examples explaining when to double and when to overcall.

Don’t open 1NT with 19 points – AK32 KQ AQ7 J1075 is far too good.

231      Play Roman Keycard to count 13 tricks.

Dave’s column – a strip and throw in.

6NT doubled and making with three aces and a king off the top?

Super-accept with AKQ of trumps?

Beware of misfits

Don’t abuse Benjamin – with AK72 - A103 AKQJ54 open your strongest bid.

If partner doesn’t like 1NT then he won’t like 2NT.

Too high – Jordan 2NT states your hand exactly.

Balance – don’t let LHO play in 1NT with 10 cards in the majors.

Don’t bid your hand twice.

Garbage Stayman – with KJ32 109842 2 Q97 bid 2 opposite partner’s 1NT.

232      Play in the 4-4 fit. AQ87 opposite KJ103 is far better than KQJ986 opposite A.

Double and bid shows a strong hand.

A10954 is not rebiddable (at the 4-level!).

Play 4th suit forcing as game forcing – it really does make life simpler.

Upside down attitude signals – then play low from a doubleton if you want a ruff.

Don’t bid again having pre-empted – two disasters by people ignoring this rule.

Dave’s column – how do you play a trump suit of Q3 opposite K97654?

Open 3NT or Rebid 3NT – with Q9K AKQJ1053 532

No psyching please – it’s no allowed at our club.

Down one in 4 with 11 cold tricks – but it’s still a top!

Double a transfer for a lead – with 7542 J7 J8742 A7 don’t double a 2 transfer.

233      Super accept when you open 2NT and partner transfers into a suit which you have 4 of.

South African Texas Transfers – you can avoid being doubled for a lead.

Dave’s column – the 2NT response to 2 sucks.

Double of a minor does not promise both majors – two articles.

Stayman super-accepts?

Splinters after Stayman has found a fit.

Do not bid Jacoby 2NT with a singleton – splinter instead.

Pre-empt to the linit? – Do not open 4 with A2976 KQJ9742 8

‘Doing a Chuck’ – we have another visitor who blames partner for his mistake.

234      Make declarer guess – and avoid being end-played.

Sit on your hands – Tony Forrester’s advice concerning help-suit game tries.

Dave’s column – a bit complicated this week, involving Restricted Choice.

Support partner – with slam values a good 4-4 fit is better than KQ108643 opp a void.

The sequence 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 ; is it natural or 4th suit forcing? And what is 2?

235      An extra chance, with AJ105 opposite K974 lead the J – next hand may cover.

A negative double promises the unbid major.

The double fit – you can bid above the LAW with a double fit

Balancing – you can double with less than 11 points in the balancing seat.

A case for MUD – an example of when playing MUD is better than top of nothing.

Too strong for a 1NT overcall - AJ74 AK2 KQ109 A8.

The 2NT response – 4 articles on the 2NT response to partner’s opening.

Dave’s column – a bit complicated again, involving A987 opposite Q43 endplay.

236      The forcing pass.

Beware of mis-fits – and try to be the defending side!

It’s not forcing – a change of suit over partner’s overcall.

T bid or not to bid – solve your problem by pre-empting to the limit to start with.

A missed slam – don’t double the opponents with poor trumps.

Wrongly criticised - 1  1  pass  pass 1NT shows a big hand (18-19).

A Multi mix-up – the responses after 2 pass 2 pass ?

Obey the law – the number of trumps is more important than points when competing.

A high reverse is game forcing - 1 - 1NT - 3 - 4   is forcing.

237      Too high after a reverse, the sequence 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 is non-forcing.

Overcall or double? With AK987 AJ J2 KJ32 overcall in ’s rather than double.

Never deny a 4 card major – with 10632 J75 8764 K4 bid 3 over partner’s 2NT.

Left in the dark – with  10432 KQ92 AQ7 82 don’t bid 4 when RHO doubles 1.

Setting up a game force using 4th suit forcing. 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 2NT - 3 is game forcing.

Dave’s column - AJ Q J10865 AKQJ2 opposite Q973 AJ103 Q2 874 in 3NT.

With a long solid minor suit, think No-Trumps. Two example deals.

Follow partner’s lead – an example of removing dummy’s trumps when defending.

Is 3 forcing? – two examples of the sequence 1 - 1 - 3 (it’s not forcing).

Too high after a reverse, the sequence 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 is non-forcing.

238      Everybody had trouble – a new suit over partner’s pre-empt is strong and forcing.

Avoid the wild guess – play Lebensohl.

When partner has limited his hand. 1 - 2NT - 3 is weak, long ’s and non-forcing.

In the dark again. Do not raise partner’s 1 to 4 with game going values.

A poor double – part 1. Do not double the opponents when you have a 9+ card fit.

A poor double – part 2. Do not double the opponents when you have opened 1NT.

Systems on – 2NT over a Multi 2 is natural unless you have another agreement.

Charging into Blackwood – everybody bid 4NT too early on this deal.

239      The negative double promises an unbid major: so 1 2 dbl  shows 4 ’s or 4 ’s.

A 1NT opener A87 A754 AQ74 74 – don’t worry about a weak doubleton.

A double of Stayman promises a good holding; KJxx is not good enough.

Responding in No Trumps to partner’s 1-level overcall.

Responding to partner’s double – 4 articles.

A penalty hand when playing negative doubles.

Partner opens 1 and then bids 3 followed by 4 - how many ’s and how many ’s?

240      A Multi mix-up – don’t bid 2 over a multi 2 with J3 A9854 A982 K10

A poor double – two examples of poor take-out doubles that led to the wrong contract.

Leading Quiz, which do you lead against 3NT from KQ9852 92 103 AJ3

A weak jump shift - 2 over partner’s 1 opening with 86 K87654 54 1094

Don’t pass partner’s forcing bids - part 1 – 1 p 1NT p 3 is 100% forcing.

Don’t pass partner’s forcing bids - part 2 – 1 1 dbl 3 4 is a forcing reverse.

A note about negative doubles – 1 1 dbl is best played as 4 ’s and nothing about ’s.

Another note about negative doubles – 1 1 dbl is best played as 4 ’s with 1 showing 5 ’s.

Never deny a 4 card major – respond 3(not 3NT) to 2NT with Q973 J98 106 K1086

241      Another silly take-out double – AK4 10874 A52 962

Bidding Blackwood with a void.

An advantage of playing a short – a 1 opening promises 4 ’s.

An adjusted score – you are not allowed to take heed of  partner’s explanations.

The 2NT rebid – 1 - 2 - 2NT shows a balanced 18-19 points.

Show your suit or a stopper in the opponents’ suit? – two articles.

242      This week’s silly take-out double – K72 K1085 AKJ753 - over a 1 opening.

The automatic re-opening double when playing negative doubles – three example deals.

Dave’s column - 4 J102 Q98652 KQ8 opposite AKQ85 AKQ86 AJ 5 in 4.

Trust Partner? You have Q5 KQJ96 Q10 AQ53 and partner has doubled a Multi 2.

The disappearing trump trick – defender’s trumps of J10632 scored just one trick.

A classic splinter by opener – 1 - 1 - 4 holding  AQ87 QJ54 AK74 5

Understanding 4th suit forcing – showing a stop is the 1st priority.

Understanding the Multi – after partner’s 2 is doubled bid 3 with A72 1074 842 J1095

Understanding pre-empting – at favourable vul, open 5 with 43 43 KJ1098654 A

The 2 opening - A107653 AKQ10 A A8 is 10 playing tricks and easily worth 2

Double and bid again – 1 p 1 dbl 2 2 3 3– is 3 strong or competing?

243      A ridiculous reverse – with  A Q10763 KQ975 AQ10 open 1 and rebid 2.

Deduct a point for 4333 shape – with  10543 965 A93 KJ7 pass partner’s 1NT opener.

Too strong for 2NT - with  A62 K5 AQJ963 AK open 2, not 2NT.

Dave’s column - A4 Q9643 K853 K7 opposite KJ AJ52 A972 AQ5 in 6.

Super accept. With QJ64 AK A75 K1072 open 1NT and bid 3 over partners 2 transfer

A new suit response to partner’s pre-empt is forcing. i.e 3 - 3 is strong and forcing.

Support partner. With J73 Q952 8653 K5 after 1 - 1 - 1NT, do not pass but bid 2

A Merrimac coup lead?

Raise with 3 cards? With AK10 83 Q1083 KJ105 open 1 and bid 2 over partners 1.

244      This week’s silly double – a double of 1 holding A KJ104 J52 AJ982

Worth an opening – 4 articles concerning the rule of 20 and rule of 15.

The 2NT response – it’s 10-12 in Standard American.

Inverted Minors – keep you low when opener has a weak hand.

Dave’s column - A962 J52 54 A962 opposite K753 AKQ1096 AK 7 in 6.

245      This week’s silly double – a double of 1 holding AK104 974 AJ105 A10.

Opening 1NT out-of-range – +-1 one point is acceptable.

The 2NT Response – what is the distribution?

Understanding the Multi Two Diamonds – three articles concerning a Multi opening.

An ‘expert’ defence – 2nd hand plays high!

Dave’s column - Q104 J62 873 9762 opposite K65 A103 AK5 AQJ4 in 3NT.

Eight ever, nine never – but what if an honour appears?

Combining your chances – test if a suit splits before taking a finesse.

246      This week’s silly double – a double of 1 holding A4 KQ8752 J9 Q86.

An impossible bid – 1 2 p p 2 p 3

This week’s silly non-double   p p p 1 p 1 p p p  when defending side can make 2.

An easy game missed – KJ6 KQ AKQJ74 K9 is too strong for a 2NT opening.

A forcing pass – 1 p 1 1 4 p p 4 p 

Dave’s column - AJ4 AK3 J932 K62 opposite 53 Q54 AQ106 A984 in 3NT.

247      This week’s silly double – a double of 2 holding Q10942 K63 Q3 A82.

That 4333 shape again – pass 1NT partner’s holding QJ7 1085 J432 A108.

Open 1NT? A6 Q92 AQ1043 QJ7 is worth 1NT, A63 Q92 AQ104 QJ7 is not.

Double and bid shows a big hand – but it not forcing (double and cuebid is forcing).

Dave’s column - AJ4 AQ65A74 AK3 opposite KQ7 K93 KQ83 Q107 in 3NT.

The Jump cuebid overcall – asks partner to bid 3NT with a stop in the suit opened.

248      With AQJ3 96 10842 Q7 opposite 1NT, transfer and then bid 2.

When partner opens and RHO overcalls, negative double and then show a stop.

A reverse? With 54 KQ98 QJ94 A82 open 1 and bid 2NT (nor 2) over 2♣.

With J K7 AKQJ10654 K6 bid 3NT when RHO opens 3 in 3rd seat.

Totally absurd! – an amusing true article about a greedy declarer and absurd defence.

Dave’s column - K8 K762 10962 872 opposite AQJ1092 3 54 AQJ6 in 4.

D’s 2nd column - A10765 76 A97 A104 opposite KQJ9 AKJ1032 K KQ in 6.

249      How much is AJ543 Q A1093 KJ3 after partner has doubled a 2 opening?

Dave’s column - AQJ53 AK76 A8 AK opposite K82 83 K763 10752 in 6.

That 7 hand (Daves’s 2nd column) from last week – analysis.

Too good for Michaels - AKQ3 Q10753 A4 J10 is too strong for 2 over a 1 opening.

A long pause  - followed by pass may bar partner from bidding.

A word about pre-empts, a 3-level opening may be 6 card or 8 card, two examples.

250      That 4333 type shape again – 3 articles

1 - 1 - 2 ; is a reverse, don’t pass with K965 J973 105 653

A ludicrous 4 opening, even vul against not - KQJ632 A 10 AK1054

If 3NT is an option – with  9543 5 AKQ8653 2 open 3NT or bid it later – not 5.

A double followed by 1NT is 19-20, so what is a double followed by a jump to 2NT?

Dave’s column - AQ6 AJ1054 A103 Q5 opposite 843 KQ32 KQ962 3 in 6.

Who needs Blackwood – cue bidding to 7.

251      Walking the dog? – what do you open with J2 4 AK10876532 Q – how about pass?

Dave’s column – partner opens 1NT, what do you bid with KQ7 A953 K3 AQJ6?

SARS – KQ7 A953 K3 AQJ6 opposite A106 K762 AQ7 K53 gets to 7.

Who needs Blackwood – 3 articled on cue bidding to slam.

Doing a chuck – 1; With a decent hand, bid a good 6 card minor before a 5 card major

Doing a chuck – 1; 1 p 1 p 1 p 2 is best played as 4th suit forcing (1 is natural).

252      Don’t bid your hand twice – raise partner’s pre-empt to the limit immediately.

A poor double – with AKQ J985 A97 765, pass over RHO’s 1 opening.

Responding to Blackwood with a void

Dave’s column - AK103 KJ872 J82 3 opposite QJ5 A63 KQ10 9842 in 4.

Play problem - 75 1042 AJ98532 3 opposite KJ9 - KQ1064 AQJ86 in 6.

The power of the good 4-4 fit – with AQ103 opposite KJ97 play in ’s.

J9876 is a good suit for defending against an opponent’s 2 contract – don’t bid NoTrumps.

253      Pre-empt to the limit. At fav vul overcall RHO’s 1 opening with 4 holdingAQJ10764

Raise partner’s pre-empt to the limit. Holding AK105 and a singleton, raise 2 to 5.

It’s penalties; the sequence pass pass pass 4 pass pass dbl is penalties, not take-out.

No stop – holding AKQ K62 863 K732 do not overcall a 1 opening with 1NT.

Dave’s column - AQJ65 J87 A875 3 opposite K102 963 KQ2 A1042 in 4.

A Tartan two? J8 9862 82 K10754 is totally unsuitable for a 2opening.

Multi Landy or Cappelletti – be wary of overcalling a minor suit hand at the 3-level.

When partner pauses… a frequent cause for a director call.

Another mis-fit, another bottom – do not play mis-fits in NoTrumps without loads of points.

254      Our club’s new blog site – – add your comments

The re-opening double – a big penalty missed again.

When partner’s transfer gets doubled (pass to show two cards)

The redouble is out for blood – do not bid as opener without an extremely shapely hand

Dave’s column - KJ52 K4 KJ104 764 opposite A862 A73 AQ6 K83 in 4.

Doing a Chuck again – a 2NT overcall of 1NT is the UNT and weak.

Responding 2NT to partner’s 1-level overcall – it’s 13-14 points, not 11-12.

255      This week’s automatic re-opening double.

The dreaded multi two diamonds again.

The power of the 4-4 fit – yet another example.

A very poor hand opposite 2 - you need a 2nd -ve unless you play 2 waiting and 2 -ve.

Dave’s column - AKQ742 A762 J8 A opposite 85 3 AKQ1072 10852 in 6.

256      Obey the Law – with three card support for partner’s overcall, compete to the 2-level.

The jump cue bid overcall – asking partner to bid 3NT with a stop in the suit opened.

Dave’s column 1 – AKQ976 A42 10 J74 opposite J10 K86 A9862 1092 in 4.

Dave’s column 2 – an example of the uppercut.

Dave’s column 3 – AK63 8754 K6 Q85 opposite QJ1072 AK93 A AJ10 in 6.

257            Bid out your shape - AKQ10 105 43 J942 opposite partner’s strong 1NT opening.

Dealing with the short club – New Club Rules

The six-level opening – it promises 12 tricks missing a top trump honour.

Open 2 with a two-suiter? AKJ105 AK102 AJ6 5 – open 1 or 2?

258            We are moving – to The Bowling Green, Soi Fuengfa (near the Xyte disco).

Preference – two articles on giving preference to partner’s first bid suit.

Everybody bids ’s – an emphatic article on cue bidding the opponent’s suit.

Respond with 6 points! – two articles where game was missed.

Dave’s column - Q94 KJ62 97 K985 opposite KJ1073 AQ4 6 A1073 in 4.

Another word about alerts – the 1, 1, 1NT and 2 Precision openings all need alerting.

Don’t double when a NoTrump overcall is more descriptive – two articles.

259            We have moved – to The Bowling Green, Soi Fuengfa (near the Xyte disco).

The gambling 3NT opening – 974 6 AKQ8764 32

Dave’s column - KQ2 A974 AK8 972 opposite 75 K63 1076 AK864 in 3NT.

Message from Osama to Bush:   370H – SSV – 0773H

That 4333 type shape again - 9742 AK6 QJ7 J105 opposite partner’s 1 opening.

It’s penalties!  1  dbl  redbl  1  dbl  - the 2nd double is penalties.

It’s a strong hand! 1  2  4  - 2 was a weak jump overcall, so 4 is strong.

260            Responding to partner’s double.

Dave’s column - AKQ53 AK76 A8 AK opposite K82 83 K763 10752 in 6.

12 points opposite an opener is not necessarily game.

An amusing end play.

261      The long pause – a long pause followed by a pass often causes problems.

Jan has been overtaken (as the clubs slowest player)

Be wary of 4333 shape – do not balance over 2 with AK96 872 J83 1082

Don’t ask questions at the 4-level – wait until the auction is over.

Dave’s column - AQJ752 7 A872 Q5 opposite K102 AK4 K964 K72 in 6.

Open with 3 quick tricks - AK1085 A106 10762 5 is a clear 1 opener in any seat.

Understanding low to encourage (inverted attitude).

262      ‘systems on – systems off’ – when partner bids NoTrumps

4th suit forcing – a NoTrump response guarantees a stop in the fourth suit.

Bridge cryptogram

Super-accept. With 4 decent trumps, super-sccept when partner transfers.

Don’t ask for kings unless you are seriously thinking of a grand slam.

Dave’s column - AQ862 Q85 Q96 K3 opposite J1093 A94 K2 A1064 in 4.

263      Dave’s column - AQ10862 75 Q96 K6 opposite KJ93 AKJ4 K72 A74 in 6.

264      Playing negative doubles – do not pass if a negative double describes your hand.

Multi Misunderstandings 2 - 2NT - 3 is a (good) weak two in ’s, not a strong hand.

Dave’s column - K4 AK63 A8752 K8 opposite A1062 82 J AQJ1052 in 6.

Bridge Cryptogram

265      Stayman after an overcall

Bridge Cryptogram

Multi Misunderstandings; 2 in the sequence  2 - pass - 2 - 2 is very dangerous.

Open according to the rule of 20 – or miss an easy game!

Terje’s column - AKQ A8 K1087 AK74 opposite J10854 Q75 A63 96 in 3NT.

Take out or penalty double?

When Stayman gets doubled.

Bid again having pre-empted? – Sometimes with a two-suiter.

A dubious jump cue bid overcall, poor defence and a revoke all in one hand

A outright psyche – opening 2 in 3rd seat holding AQ 103 A975432 95.

266      Bridge Cryptogram

A poor penalty double

That dreaded 4333 type shape again

When partner pauses and passes – three article on this controversial topic

Dave’s column - AK8 85 A86 AJ743 opposite Q9 KJ9 KQJ K10862 in 6NT.

Dave’s column 2 - K102 963 KQ2 1042opposite AQJ65 J87 A875 K3 in 4.

267      A poor take-out double of 1dbl with A1065 KQ A53 10942

Bridge Cryptogram

Stuck for a bid? – after RHO overcalls 1NT.

That 4333 type shape again – and this time opener and declarer.

Qui Culpa – don’t open 1NT with a good 18 points.

Dave’s column - AKQ62 A72 3 AK83 opposite J43 K83 A985 Q74 in 6.

Dave’s column 2 - 10762 A75 A64 Q63opposite AKQJ3 KQ63 2 AK10 in 7.

268      Bridge Cryptogram

Qui Culpa – upgrade a hand with 4 card trump support.

A poor take-out double of 1dbl with 10764 - A10543 10983

The automatic re-opening double when playing negative doubles.

Dave’s column - K653 K54 Q64 K87 opposite AQ952 AJ8 J82 A5 in 4.

Dave’s column 2 - 753 AQ K542 8643 opposite AQ2 K5 AQJ10976 A in 6.

Balancing – two articles.