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Mon 10th  N-S     1st  Hans V & Jean-Charles    58%       2nd    Claudia & Tony                      57%

                E-W     1st  Ken & Richard                 59%       2nd    Dave & Ivy                            58%

Wed 12th N-S     1st  Ann B & Ivy                     61%       2nd    Bob P & Lars G                     60%

                E-W     1st  Hans V & Lars B             68%       2nd    Mike & Terry                         55%

Fri 14th     N-S     1st  Mike & Ursula                 58%       2nd    Ken & Sally = Dave & Per     54%

                E-W     1st  Paul K & Richard M        60%       2nd    Hans V & Lars G                   58%


Bidding Quiz                   


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A you choose to open a ligh 3rd-in-hand 1. LHO

overcalls 1NT and partner doubles. What do you do?

K764            KQ2

K986            AQJ1065     With Hand B it’s unfavourable vulnerability. You open 1 and

87                 J5                  LHO overcalls 2 which is passed to you, what do you do?

A107            AJ


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C it’s favourable vulnerability. RHO opens 1,

what do you bid?

763               K1042                 

743               J987             With Hand D it’s favourable vulnerability and you decide to

A10832        7                   open 1. LHO overcalls 1NT (15-17) and partner doubles.

Q4               AQJ9           RHO then bids 2, what do you do?


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E partner opens 1 and you bid 1. Partner bids 1,

what do you bid now?

K3                AJ3

AKQ872      5                   With Hand F partner opens 1 and RHO overcalls 1NT (15-17),

Q963            KQJ942        what do you do?    

5                  862



Bidding Sequence Quiz


G     1     1NT   dbl                   What does the double mean?


H     1     1NT   dbl     2          What does the pass mean?


J      1     pass   1      pass       Is 3 invitational or forcing?

1      pass   3

K     1      pass   2     pass       Is 3 invitational or forcing?


It’s not forcing                                                      Board 7 from Friday 14th


Dealer:             K3                                              Table A

South               AKQ872                                    West          North(E)    East            South

Both vul            Q963                                        -                 -                 -                 1

                        5                                                pass           1              pass           1

pass           3    (1)      pass           4    (2)

Q65                   N             J742                     all pass

J653               W    E          104                      

AJ52                 S              K8                        Table B

Q7                                     109864               West          North(E)    East            South

                        A1098                                       -                 -                 -                 1

9                                                 pass           1              pass           1

1074                                          pass           2    (1)      pass           3     (3)

AKJ32                                       pass           3    (4)      pass           3NT   (5)

pass           pass (6)      pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this North hand E in this week’s quiz? North knows that there are values for game – but unfortunately 3 is not forcing here!

(2)  Luckily for North, South thought that 3 was forcing. I would pass with this minimum with no trump support.

Table B:     (1)  This North got it right, the way to make a 3 bid forcing is to go via the 4th suit. This also has the advantage that you find out more about partner’s hand.

(3)   Denying both support and a stop.

(4)   Now 3 is forcing.

(5)   South does not really like ’s, but since he has already denied a stop he can offer 3NT as an alternative contract (to 4) if North has something reasonable in ’s.

(6)   With good ’s in context, North is happy to play in 3NT.


And what happened? Most pairs ended up in the inferior 4 but made it when E-W did not find their ruff. 3NT +1 was the top spot.

The bottom lines: -

-         Sequence J (1 - 1 - 1 - 3) is invitational. The way to make the 3 bid forcing is to go via the 4th suit.


Who is to blame?                                                 Board 16 from Monday 10th

N-S missed a comfortable 4 here. South asked my opinion about this hand, stating that North’s bidding was wrong (N-S were playing Acol). Who would you blame?  


Dealer:             J54                                             West          North         East            South

West                1032                                           pass           pass           pass           1

E-W vul           A10                                            pass           2   (1)      pass           2      (2)

                        AJ1084                                      pass           2    (3)      pass           pass    (4)


A1083               N             Q9762            (1)  South’s opening promises only 4 ’s in Acol

86                   W    E          974                       and so this is obviously correct.

J42                    S              K85                (2)  This is acceptable, North’s response only

KQ95                                72                       promises 8-9 points playing Acol.

                        K                                          (3)  I was asked what I would bid here and I said 

AKQJ5                                      2. South thought that North should bid more.

Q9763                                       I disagree, North has little more that the 8-9

63                                              points and 3 ’s that this bid promises.

(4)  This is where it really went wrong. South’s bidding to date has only promised 11-12 points. With a good 15 opposite   support with around 9+ points, South should make a try here (I would bid 3).


And what happened? This pair were the only ones to miss game. The bottom lines: -

-         If you have 3 more points than partner can reasonably expect, them inform him.


Co-operate with partner – part 1                         Board 19 from Monday 10th   


Dealer:             J6                                               West(D)     North         East            South

West                K4                                              1             1NT (1)      dbl   (2)      2

N-S vul            AK62                                         pass (3)      pass           3             all pass


(1)  A shade light at this vulnerability.

K1042               N             AQ3               (2)  This says that E-W have the majority of the

J987               W    E          105                       points and that East is looking to defend a

7                        S              QJ9854                 doubled contract.

AQJ9                                 74                  (3) What did you bid with this West hand D in

                        9875                                           this week’s quiz? Partner says that he is

AQ632                                       looking to penalize the opponents and with

103                                             these ’s double is very clear. If you cannot find

65                                              double here then you should not have opened.


And what happened? 3 went -1 for about average. 2 doubled would have gone -1 for a complete top to E-W.

The bottom lines: -

-         Trust your partner – if he thinks it’s best to go for the penalty and you have good defensive tricks (as this West hand) then go along with him.

Co-operate with Partner – part 2                        Board 19 from Monday 10th    


Dealer:             763                                             West(B)     North(C)    East            South

South               743                                             -                 -                 -                 pass

E-W vul           A10832                                     1              2    (1)      pass (2)      pass

                        Q4                                             2NT (3)      pass           3NT


KQ2                  N             J105               (1)  What did you bid with this North hand C in

AQJ1065       W    E          K9                        this week’s quiz? Even though it’s favourable

J5                      S              KQ96                   vulnerability, this hand is nowhere near good

AJ                                      10932                 enough for a 2-level overcall; neither is it good

                        A984                                          enough for a weak jump overcall. Pass is clear.

82                                         (2)  With game uncertain and an excellent defensive

74                                               hand East decided to pass (and pass partner’s double)

K8765                                 (3)  What did you bid with this West hand B in

this week’s quiz? E-W had discussed the

automatic re-opening double’ and West ‘knew’ that partner had ’s. Presumably he looked at the vulnerability and decided to try for the vulnerable game. I think that this is terrible – double is automatic, especially with Jx in trumps and good top cards.


And what happened? 3NT made +1 (630) for a poor score, 4+1 (650) was the top spot. 2 doubled would have gone -4 for 800 and a complete top to E-W.

The bottom lines: -

-         Trust your partner – if he thinks it’s best to go for the penalty and you have good defensive tricks (as this West hand) then go along with him. Since this West was the same as the previous deal, it seems that he does not like to double the opponents?

-         1 2 p p 2NT is simply a nonsense sequence that has no logic whatsoever.

-         There are very few exceptions where you should not re-open with a double after opening, overcall, pass, pass…? The exceptions are noted on the website (and this West hand is not one of them): -

Conventions > Section 1 > Negative Doubles.


Co-operate with Partner – part 3                        Board 6 from Wednesday 12th   


Dealer:             Q95                                            West(A)     North         East(F)       South

East                  AQ2                                           -                 -                 pass (1)      pass

E-W vul           A5                                             1   (2)      1NT (3)      dbl   (4)      pass

                        KQ543                                      pass (5)      pass          


K764                 N             AJ3                 (1)  2 is a possibility I suppose, but E-W were

K986              W    E          5                           playing Benjamin. The hand does not quite

87                      S              KQJ942               conform to the rule of 20 and so East decided

A107                                  862                     to pass.

                        1082                                     (2)  A reasonable enough opening in 3rd seat.

J10742                                 (3)  Pretty obvious.

1063                                     (4)  What did you bid with this East hand F in

J9                                               this week’s quiz? East knows that E-W have the

balance of power and with a clear lead and an entry a penalty double is called for.

(5)  What did you bid with this West hand A in

this week’s quiz? Finally this East found a partner willing to take the huge penalty on offer. Despite opening very light, West is obliged to trust partner and pass the penalty double.


And what happened? 1NT doubled went -4 and so 800 and a clear top to E-W.

The bottom lines: -

-         Trust your partner – if he thinks it’s best to go for the penalty and you have good defensive tricks (as this West hand) then go along with him. Do not take into account that you are a bit light for previous bidding. Once you decide to open you have to continue as if you had your bid.




Dave’s Column         Here is this week’s Dave input involving the best play for the contract.


West                    East                   You are West, declarer in 7 and North leads the 10,

AKQ10973      J82                 plan the play.   

9                       A7532                             

AKJ                  765        

AQ                   KJ                                   

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 20 from Wednesday 5th 



Dealer:             64                                               West          North         East            South

West                QJ8                                            2             pass           2              pass

both vul            Q1092                                       2              pass           3              pass

                        10987                                        4NT           pass           5              pass

6NT           pass           6              pass

AKQ10973        N             J82                       7              all pass      

9                     W    E          A7532                 

AKJ                   S              765                 North leads the 10, plan the play.    

AQ                                     KJ                       

                        5                                     Your only possible loser is in ’s, a suit which offers

K1064                            a finesse. Save finesses as last resort measures!

843                                You have been blessed with a 5-card suit in dummy.       

65432                            You have a singleton in your own hand leaving the

opponents with a total of seven ’s. If those 7 ’s are divided 4-3 you can ruff three ’s in your own hand and establish the 5th for a discard.


You must realize that outside the A you going to need three additional dummy entries to set up the 5th . Do you have them?

Yes. The K and the J,8.

Win with the A, cash the A, play a to the A and ruff a high. Enter dummy with the 8 and ruff another high. Back to dummy with the J and ruff yet another . The 5th is now established and you can reach it with the K.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? One pair bid 7 and made it (when North kindly led a ). 6NT made exactly and three pairs bid and made 6 exactly. Looks like these all bid to the level of their play. Two pairs bid just 4 making +2.


The bottom lines: -

-         A 5 or 6 card suit in dummy is a gift – use it.

-         Leave finesses as a last resort. They are do or die and only 50%. A 4-3 split is 62%.

-         Note that had the ’s split 5-2 or worse, declarer can then always fall back on the finesse later.




Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s 2nd input involving the best play for the contract.


North               South               You are North, declarer in 7 and East leads the Q, plan

84                 AK2             the play  after you draw AK and discover that West started with

AKQ1053    64                 Jxxx.             

AJ3               KQ1062                              

A2                K83                                    

Dave’s 2nd Column answer        Board 17 from Wednesday 12th 



Dealer:             84                                               West          North         East            South

North               AKQ1053                                  -                 1              pass           2

Love all            AJ3                                            pass           3    (1)      pass           4NT

                        A2                                              pass           5    (2)      pass           5  (3) 

pass           5NT (4)      pass           7

Q107                  N             J9653                   all pass

J987               W    E          2                    

754                    S              98                   (1)  Forcing playing Standard American.  

954                                    QJ1076          (2)  (1 or) 4 keycards

                        AK2                                     (3)  do you have the trump queen?

64                                         (4)  Yes, but no outside king.


K83                         East leads the Q, plan the play.            


The only way to make this contract is not to lose a trick to that guarded J in the West hand. In order to do that, you must reduce your trump holding to the same length as West and also arrange to end in dummy with a two card end position. Your last two cards must be the Q,10 while West will have the guarded J. With the lead in dummy, West will be helpless.

In order to reduce yourself to West’s size you must ruff twice in your own hand. Play the K and ruff a , cash the A,K and ruff a . You remain with two trumps and three ’s and dummy has 5 ’s. West is known to have two ’s and for your play to succeed he must have three ’s as well. Cash 3 rounds of ’s ending in dummy and when you lead the 4th West is fixed and cannot get a trick.


The bottom lines: -

-     Reducing your trump holding to the same length as your RHO frequently allows you to pick up an unfinesseable honour, provided that you can arrange to end up in dummy with two cards to be played.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge Club? Nobody bid 7. 7NT was bid and made once with 6NT+1 twice. Don’t ask me how 13 tricks are made in NoTrumps; I believe that at one table East discarded on the first round of ’s and then discovered that he had one. Declarer then successfully finessed West for the J.



Notes about the RKCB queen ask


-         At (3) 5 would be a sign off and so 5 is the trump queen ask. The trump queen ask is always the next bid up after a 5/ response (but not 5 of the trump suit).

-         In responding to the trump queen ask, a return to the trump suit denies the trump queen, a suit bid acknowledges the trump queen and shows the king of that suit (show the cheapest) and 5NT acknowledges the trump queen but denies an outside king.




Bidding Quiz Answers



Hand A:     Pass. You decided to open and partner wants to go for the penalty. You have nowhere to go even if you wanted to.

Hand B:     Double – ‘automatic’. Never mind the vulnerability, it’s fairly clear that partner has a penalty hand and wants to go for the penalty, so co-operate. ‘But they are not vulnerable and we are’ is a very poor excuse for not trusting partner’s judgment.

Hand C:    Pass. It’s nowhere near good enough for a two-level overcall and you need a 6th to make a weak jump to 3 a reasonable bid.

Hand D:    Double. Partner has stated that you have the majority of the points and that he is hoping to defend a doubled contract. With 4 excellent ’s you have to double even though you have a minimal opener. If you pass in situations like this you will find that you will run out of decent partners.

Hand E:    2, 4th suit forcing. You cannot bid 3 as that is invitational and not forcing. A reasonable alternative is the simple 3NT.

Hand F:     Double and lead the K.



Bidding Sequence Answers


G     1     1NT   dbl                   Double is penalties, saying that you have the balance of power.


H     1     1NT   dbl     2          The pass by opener indicates that his ’s are not good enough

Pass                                     for a penalty double.

J      1     pass   1      pass       3 is invitational. If you want to bid a forcing 3, then bid

1      pass   3                    2 (4th suit) and then 3.

K     1      pass   2      pass       This 3 bid is forcing as responder has promised 10+ points.

3                                        Note that in Acol the bid id not forcing but invitational.