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Mon 28th      1st    Jeremy & Sally                       64%       2nd    Dave & Jean                    58%

Wed 30th      1st    Jean & Bob                            61%       2nd    Gene & Terry                   58%

Fri 2nd           1st    Dave & sally                           62%       2nd    Bob & Tomas                  57%


Bidding Quiz                   


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A LHO opens 1NT and RHO bids 2, what do you do?


A9854          J98               With Hand B it’s both vulnerable. (a) What do you open?

109               AQ8             (b) Suppose you open 1. LHO bids 1, partner bids 1 and

3                   1053             RHO bids 1, what do you bid now?

Q10963       AJ64


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C you choose to open 1NT - I think that that’s better

than the reasonable alternative of 1. Anyway, LHO overcalls 2

KJ                Q7                and partner doubles (penalties of course). What do you do?

95                 A

AKJ84          KQ987        With Hand D partner opens 1. (a) What do you bid?

K653           KQ1083      (b) Suppose that you accidentally bid 2 and partner bids 2

What do you bid now?




Bidding Sequence Quiz


E      1NT   pass   2     dbl         1NT is 15-17, 2 is Stayman; what does the dbl mean? 

F      1NT   2      dbl                   1NT is 15-17, what does the dbl mean?

G     1      pass   2     pass       Is 3 forcing, and how many ’s/’s does responder have?

2      pass   3                   

H     1      pass   2     pass       What is the 4 bid?

2      pass   4                   

Going past 3NT                                                    Board 1 from Monday 28th    


Dealer:             A98                                            Table A

North               Q97654                                      West          North         East            South(D)

Love all            J3                                               -                 1    (1)      pass           2   (2)

A2                                              pass           2              pass           4    (3)

pass           4    (4)      all pass

10653                N             J1042                  

J3                   W    E          K1082                  Sensible Table

A62                   S              1054                    West          North         East            South(D)

J764                                   95                        -                 1              pass           2    (2)

                        Q7                                             pass           2              pass           3   (5)

A                                               pass           3NT (6)      all pass




Table A:     (1)  A reasonable opener that conforms to the rule of 20. It’s too strong for 2 in my style, especially with two outside aces.

                  (2)  What did you bid with this South hand D(a) in this week’s quiz? With 5-5’s and a hand worth two bids you always bid from the top down – so 2. 

(3)   What did you bid with this South hand D(b) in this week’s quiz? You have already mis-led partner, but 3 - a forcing reverse showing a strong hand with both minors (but more ’s than ’s) is the best lie now. This 4 bid – going past 3NT is totally ridiculous. Apparently South thought that there must be a minor suit slam despite holding a singleton in partner’s suit and partner showing a minimum.

(4)   West asked what 4 meant. North replied that with his regular partner it would be a splinter promising three card support and shortage. He then added that he had no idea opposite this partner and that he may well have a suit.

‘Sensible    (2)  The obvious first bid.

  Table’      (5)  And again obvious. This is forcing and does not lie about the relative lengths of the minor suits.

(6)   With A98 North can reasonably try 3NT.


And what happened? Two pairs reached the sensible 3NT and made or made +2. Two pairs bid 4 which stands no chance and both deservedly went -1.


The bottom lines: -

-         Bid 5-5’s from the top down.

-         Devalue a hand with a singleton in partner’s suit.

-         An unnecessary jump (such as one above a forcing reverse) is a splinter.

-         Do not criticize partner for your own mistakes – South actually blamed North, saying that he should not have opened.


Too high and no fit                                               Board 20 from Monday 28th   


Here we have the same problem as a couple of articles last week – ignoring the Law Of Total Tricks and bidding too high when vulnerable.


Dealer:             Q2                                              West(B)     North         East            South

West                K109                                          1   (1)      1              1              1

both vul            KQ642                                       2    (2)      all pass


(1)  What did you open with this West hand B(a)

J98                    N             763                      in this week’s quiz? It’s 12 points but is      

AQ8              W    E          J632                     totally flat and does not conform with the

1053                 S              AJ97                     rule of 20. I would pass.

AJ64                                  107                (2)  What did you bid with this West hand B(b)

                        AK1054                                     in this week’s quiz? Apparently West did not

754                                             want to bid 1NT with no stopper in either of

8                                                the opponents’ suits (I agree) and so that only

Q863                                         left 2 (I disagree). This 2 bid is totally undisciplined, it’s likely a Moysian fit and this hand has no ruffing values. Pass, to show a weak opening, is very clear.    


And what happened? 2 went -2 for 200 away and a clear bottom.

The bottom lines: -

-         Moysian fits usually only play well if you have shortage in the three trump hand.

-         It may not surprise you to learn that this West, who bid his heap that does not conform to the rule of 20 twice, is the same person as South in the previous deal and he again tried to blame partner for playing it badly.

-         The rule of 20 (for opening bids in 1st or 2nd seat) is written up on the website:

-         Conventions > Section 1 > Rule of 20.



Dave’s Column     Here is this week’s Dave input involving the best play for the contract.


North               South               You are North, declarer in 3NT, East leads the 2.

AK5             643               West plays the J and you win with the K.

QJ98            32                 You continue with three round of ’s and West wins the 3rd round,

KQ4             J1065           East having followed once and then discarded two ’s.

AQ3             K1075         West continues with the 9 which you duck but win the 3rd , all

following. How do you play the ’s and why?    






Dave’s  Column answer                    Board 21 from Wednesday 30th   


Dealer:             AK5                                           West          North         East            South

North               QJ98                                          -                 2NT           pass           3NT

N-S vul            KQ4                                          all pass



J97                     N             Q1082            You are North, declarer in 3NT, East leads the 2.

K107              W    E          A654              West plays the J and you win with the K.     

A9872                S              3                     You continue with three round of ’s and West wins

94                                      J862               the 3rd round, East having followed once and then

                        643                                       discarded two ’s. West continues with the 9

32                                         which you duck but win the 3rd , all following.

J1065                                   How do you play the ’s and why?           



You should play East for 4 ’s and cash your AQ and lead low to the 10. Why?

First of all, you need four tricks to make the contract (unless the opponents open up the ’s for you) so your play in the suit is vital. You have 5 tricks outside of ’s – 3 ’s and 2 ’s.

You know that East started with 4 ’s and one , that leaves him 8 other cards. If those cards were divided 5-3 there is a good chance that the lead would have been from a 5-card rather than a 4-card suit. Therefore you should assume that East’s original distribution was 4414 and play the ’s accordingly.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge Club? 3NT made once; 3NT made +1 when East led a initially; one pair bid to 6NT -5; and one pair stopped in 2NT which would have scored badly no mater how many tricks were made but West rescued them by bidding 3 doubled for 1100 away.

The bottom lines: -

-         When an opponent leads from a known 4-card suit and subsequently shows up with a void, then assume that he was 4441 type shape initially and play accordingly.

-         Don’t overcall 3 with 2NT opened on your left holding Axxxx !

-     If you have a choice of lead against 3NT holding Q1082 and A654, choose the ’s as you have good intermediates and a sure entry later with the A.



Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s 2nd  input involving the best play for the contract.


West                East                  You are West, declarer in 4 and North leads the Q, you cover

KQJ6           A542            and South wins with the A. South returns the 3 to North’s

6                   A109543      10. At trick 3 North shifts to the 2, plan the play.

AK8743       2                

95                K4                                            




Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 20 from Wednesday 30th


Dealer:             10873                                         West          North         East            South

West                2                                                 1              pass           1              pass

both vul            J965                                           1              pass           4              all pass



KQJ6                 N             A542              You are West, declarer in 4 and North leads the Q,

6                     W    E          A109543        you cover and South wins with the A. South returns

AK8743             S              2                     the 3 to North’s 10. At trick 3 North shifts to the 2,

95                                      K4                 plan the play.   


KQJ87         The play of hands that both long suits and shore suits on both sides       

Q10             as well as a 4-4 trump fit are dependent upon the strength of the side

A7632          suits as well as the strength of the trump suit.               


With high trumps on both sides think crossruff. When one hand (West here) has a trump holding a great deal stronger than his partner, it’s usually right to ruff in the weaker hand, retaining the stronger for pulling trumps later.

Win the A and play A and ruff a low. Back to the K and ruff a 2nd with the A. The ’s are now good. Re-enter the West hand with a trump. If both opponents follow, draw the last trump and claim. If someone shows out, play a 3rd high trump and run the good ’s; the opponents can take no more than one trump trick.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge Club? 4=. 3NT=, 4s-1 and 4c-1 by South.



Dave’s 3rd Column    Here is Dave’s 3rd input which is a double-dummy problem.


Dealer:             QJ73                                    This is not a deal from Dave’s book but was dealt

East                  6                                           by the computer for the Friday 25th April session.

Love all            Q54                                      The computer says that East can make 7 on

                        QJ864                                  any (i.e.best) defence.

Sally disputes this – suggesting that 7 cannot be

A104                  N             62                   made on a lead.

AJ                  W    E          KQ109753     Obviously on any other lead declarer simply

AK108               S              9732               throws two ’s on the AK and ruffs a high

AK102                               -                     to set up a in dummy for a discard.

                        K985                                   But on a lead there is no entry to do this as

842                                       the trumps do not split 2-2.

J6                                         So is there a line (with perfect defence) such

9753                                    that East can make 13 tricks or is Sally correct

                                                in saying that the computer is frequently wrong?

I maintain that the computer is never wrong.

What do you think?



Dave’s 3rd Column answer               Board 14 from Friday 25th April



Dealer:             QJ73                                         So how can East make 7 on a lead?

East                  6                                                 Obviously you win the A, but what now?

Love all            Q54                                           Dave found the answer - to squeeze North!



A104                  N             62                       

AJ                  W    E          KQ109753          

AK108               S              9732              

AK102                               -                    






You draw 5 rounds of trumps, throwing 2 ’s and 1 from dummy and that leaves this 7-card end position.


                        -                                           You now lead another and throw the 10 from

                        -                                           dummy. What does North discard?      



(a)  If North discards a then you cash the AK and

-                         N             6                     the AK and ruff a for the two good ’s in hand.

-                     W    E          75             (b)  If North discards a then declarer leads the AK       

AK10                 S              9732               and ruffs a , the 4th in dummy is then the 13th trick.

AK102                               -                    






The bottom lines: -

-     The computer is never wrong!                    

-     But you are welcome to keep on trying to prove it wrong, Sally.



Leading Quiz                   Board 11 from Friday 2nd 


7                         You hold this hand. RHO opens 1NT (15-17) and LHO bids 2, Stayman.           

J632                   Partner doubles and RHO bids 2. LHO bids 2NT and RHO passes.

K9842               What do you lead?


Trust Partner – part 1
                      Board 20 from Friday 2nd  


Dealer:             A9854                                        West          North(A)    East            South

South               109                                             -                 -                 1NT           pass

Love all            3                                                2   (1)      dbl   (2)      2              pass

Q10963                                     2NT           pass           pass (3)      pass


J1063                N             KQ2               (1)  This hand is worth an effort, 2 is Stayman.

854                 W    E          AKQ7            (2)  What did you bid with this North hand A in this

A65                   S              QJ107                  week’s quiz? I like this double found by one of       

A52                                    84                        the club’s top players. This shows ’s and asks

                        7                                                 partner to lead a ♣.

J632                                     (3)  Although East has an absolute maximum he

K9842                                       declined the game offer because he had such

KJ7                                            poor ’s and also respect for North.


What did you lead in the leading quiz on the previous page? The K should be totally obvious to anyone but a beginner unless they have no respect for partner whatsoever.

And what happened? East was (sort of) right to pass 2NT as that’s the limit on a lead which he would certainly get from most South’s. This South, however, totally ignored partner despite holding excellent ’s and led a so that 2NT made +2 instead of making exactly.

As it turns out N-S got a totally undeserved top on this board and the two over-tricks were irrelevant. At the two other tables East made 3NT+3 and 1NT+5. No justice, eh?


Trust Partner – part 2                                          Board 14 from Friday 2nd  


Dealer:             Q972                                          West          North         East            South(C)

East                  Q84                                            -                 -                 pass           1NT   (1)

Love all            Q9                                             2              dbl   (2)      pass           3      (3)

Q1097                                       pass           3NT (4)      all pass      


A64                   N             10852             (1)  I too would open 1NT in preference to 1.

AKJ107         W    E          632                 (2)  North has to make a decision here. It’s equal

106                    S              7532                   vulnerability and game is by no means certain.         

J42                                     A8                        There is no way to invite (2NT is Lebensohl)

                        KJ                                              and so North decided to take the money.

95                                         (3)  What did you bid with this South hand C in

AKJ84                                       this week’s quiz? Pass is MANDATORY.

K653                                         Unfortunately this South is the same one as above and over-ruled partner again.

(4)  Desperation!


And what happened? South converted an absolute top (2 doubled goes one down) into a bottom (3NT went two down).

The bottom lines: -

-         If you open 1NT, LHO overcalls and partner doubles than that’s it. Full stop. Partner is the captain, you have said you hand and can NEVER bid. To bid a new suit at the 3-level is totally ridiculous.

-         If you think that it is reasonable for South to bid at (3), then don’t open 1NT !

Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:     Double – for a lead. If the opponents end up in NoTrumps you want a lead as they have solidity and you have the A for a later entry.

Hand B:    (a)  Pass. The hand does not conform to the rule of 20

(b)  Pass. You are vulnerable and will likely go for 200 if you bid this flat heap again.

Hand C:     Pass. You chose to open 1NT and you cannot change your mind now. Partner’s double is penalties and you have said your hand. A 3 bid, found by one player at the club, is atrocious (that’s putting it mildly).

Hand D:    (a)  3. Bid 5-5 top down.

(b)  3. You have mis-bid the hand but at least you have shown both suits. Note that 3 here is a reverse and 100% forcing. A bid of 4 would be a splinter agreeing ’s


Bidding Sequence Answers              


E      1NT   pass   2     dbl         Double shows ’s and asks for a lead.       

F      1NT   2      dbl                   Double is 100% penalties (unless you have agreed something to the contrary which I certainly do not recommend).

G     1      pass   2     pass       3 is a reverse by responder, promising longer ’s than ’s.

2      pass   3                   It is natural and 100% forcing…

H     1      pass   2     pass       … so given that 3 is forcing, 4 here is a splinter agreeing

2      pass   4                   ’s, presumably with just 3 ’s and a good suit.