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Mon 30th      1st  Derek & Gerard           62%       2nd    Sally & Oli                         57%

Wed 2nd       1st  Derek & Gerard           63 %      2nd    Lewis & Terry                    61%

Fri 4th           1st  Jan & Janne                  63%       2nd    Lewis & Terje                    55%


Bidding Quiz                    Stand American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 1, what do you bid?


-                   KJ95           

J1098632     9853             With Hand B everybody is vulnerable. LHO opens 1 and

K7642          6                   partner bids a weak 3. RHO jumps to 4, what do you do?

4                  Q985


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C LHO opens 1 and partner overcalls 1, what

do you bid?

AQ8             AK86                                        

AK8642       A5                With Hand D you open 1 and partner bids 2 (very weak,

107               Q98              6 card suit, about 2-4 points), what do you bid?

A10              AJ105         


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E partner opens 1 and RHO bids a weak 3,

what do you bid?

AQ76432     K10542                                     

A4                1073             With Hand F RHO opens 1 and you overcall 1. Partner

A107            K96              bids 2 and this is passed to you, what do you do?

3                  Q8                                                


Hand G           Hand H           With Hand G RHO opens 1, what do you do and what are

your intentions?

K106            K1032

KQ954         J32              

-                    QJ93             With Hand H partner opens 2NT (20-21), what do you bid?

AKQJ8        84



Hand J            Hand K           With Hand J RHO opens 1 and you overcall 1. Partner

then bid 1NT, what do you do?

QJ1094        A                 

AJ                K10874     

AKQ            732               With Hand K LHO opens 1 and partner overcalls 1.

962              KJ87            RHO passes, what do you do?



Bidding Sequence Quiz


L      1      1NT   pass   2         You have agreed to play systems on over partner’s 1NT overcall (and the 1 opening only promised 4 cards), so what is the 2 bid?

M    1     1      pass   2          Is 2 forcing?

N     1      1      pass   1NT       How many points is 1NT?


Let it be                                                                Board 20 from Monday 30th 


If the opponents bid to a bad spot when it’s very likely that they have a better contract – pass!


Dealer:             8                                                 Table A

West                KQJ6                                         West(B)     North         East            South(E)

Both vul            KQJ9832                                   pass           1              3             4    (1)

6                                                5   (2)      dbl   (3)      all pass


KJ95                 N             10                         Table B

9853              W    E          1072                     West(B)     North         East            South(E)

6                        S              54                        pass           1              3             4    (1)

Q985                                 AKJ10742           pass (2)      pass (4)      pass


A4                                             Table C

A107                                         West(B)     North         East            South(E)

3                                                pass           1              3             3    (1)

4   (5)      4              5             6

all pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this South hand E in this week’s quiz? This jump to 4 is totally unnecessary as 3 is forcing.

(2)   What did you bid with this West hand B in this week’s quiz? Normally you should support partner when holding 4-card trump support, but it looks like the opponents may end up in a poor 4 contract when there is a superior red suit contract and so this hand should pass.

(3)   The level is now a bit high (due to partner’s ill-advised jump) and it looks like a mis-fit and so North took the money.                                     

Table B:     (2)  This West got question B right by passing.

(4)   Perhaps North should bid, but partner made an unnecessary jump and so presumably has an excellent solid suit?

Table C:     (1)  This South got question E right by making a simple forcing 3 bid.

(5)  Showing support over the forcing 3 bid is obviously fine.


And what happened? 4 by South went two down for a total bottom. 5 doubled went for 800 but scored reasonably well as the other two tables bid the 6 slam.

The bottom lines: -

-         If the opponents are in a poor contract and they probably have a better spot, then pass!



1)      Can people who decide to eat during the session please be more careful about keeping greasy/dirty hands away from the cards. Ask for tissues if a knife and fork are inappropriate.

2)      As some of you may know, there is a guestmap for comments on the website. Anybody can post a comment and somebody posted a derogatory comment about Dave and the club, they also said that it was from Hans Bijvoet. But the e-mail address was wrong and they could not even spell Hans’ name correctly. Hans confirmed that he has never made a post so somebody is just trying to stir up trouble. Pathetic eh? The comment is now deleted.

3)      One occasional guest arrived just on time on Wednesday and was partnered with a player of average ability. They scored poorly, he was unhappy, and said he won’t turn up again. My advice is that if you want to get a good partner then turn up early, the good players tend to pair off and if you make a habit of arriving latish you will miss the good players.


1NT opposite partner’s overcall                         Board 17 from Friday 4th  


Dealer:             K765                                          Table A

North               Q6532                                        West(K)     North         East(J)        South

Love all            4                                                -                 1              1              pass

AQ5                                           1NT (1)      pass           2NT (2)      pass (2)

pass (3)      all pass      

A                       N             QJ1094               

K10874         W    E          AJ                        Table B

732                    S              AKQ                   West(K)     North         East(J)        South

KJ87                                  962                      -                 1              1              pass

                        832                                            2NT (1)      pass           3NT           all pass





Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this West hand K in this week’s quiz? This 1NT bid is correct over partner’s 1-level overcall and promises 10-12 points.

(2)   What did you bid with this East hand J in this week’s quiz? This East, despite me writing it up a few times in the news-sheets recently, incorrectly assumed that 1NT was 6-9 and so just invited.

(3)   With nothing more than already shown, West passes.

Table B:     (1)  This West got it wrong but lucked out when partner had a good hand. He would not have been so lucky had it been opener with the 17 points.


And what happened? Just this one pair missed the 3NT game and everybody made between 9-11 tricks

The bottom lines: -

-         A 1NT response to partner’s 1-level overcall IS NOT 6-9; it is 10-12. This is because partner may have as few as 7 points for his overcall.

-         A 2NT response to partner’s 1-level overcall IS NOT 10-12; it is 13-14. This is because partner may have as few as 7 points for his overcall.

-         This is all explained on the website:

      General Bridge Topics > Responding with No Trumps to partner’s overcall

Too strong for a low-level pre-empt                             Board 8 from Monday 30th 


Dealer:             Q10943                                      Table A

West                Q7                                              West(D)     North         East(A)      South

Love all            J5                                              1   (1)      pass (2)      2    (3)      pass

K972                                         pass (4)      2              3    (5)      3

dbl   (6)      pass           pass (7)      all pass

AK86                N             -                          

A5                 W    E          J1098632             Table B

Q98                   S              K7642                 West(D)     North         East(A)      South

AJ105                                4                          1   (1)      pass (2)      1    (3)      pass

                        J752                                          2NT (8)      pass           4              all pass





Table A:     (1)  This is correct, the hand is too strong for 1NT.

(2)   A 1 overcall is reasonable.

(3)   What did you bid with this East hand A in this week’s quiz? The 2 was a weak jump shift, showing 6 ’s and a hand too weak to respond 1. In my opinion this is NOT a weak hand. It is a 6-loser hand or a 7˝ playing trick hand, depending upon your evaluation methods – I would be thinking of slam rather than pre-empting partner! A simple 1 is the best bid for now; with 4 a reasonable alternative.

(4)   To me this is obvious – it’s a mis-fit with about 2-4 points and a suit opposite. I like to play 2NT as Ogust here but whatever 2NT means in your system it is an overbid with this hand.

(5)   A 2nd suit.

(6)   West has no way of knowing that partner has a 7˝ playing trick hand and so very reasonably doubled.

(7)   With zero or one tricks in defence and 7-8 in offence, East should pull the double.

Table B:     (3)  This East got it right with a simple 1 bid. A very reasonable alternative (if you want to pre-empt) is 4. This would probably stop the opponents finding a fit if it’s their hand but will also stop you finding slam if it’s your hand.

(8)  18-19 points and balanced.


And what happened? 3* went just one down for 100 but 4 making scored 420. One North found the good sacrifice of 4 over E-W’s 4 contract and only went for 300. The other contract was a somewhat bizarre 2NT by West (I don’t see how East can pass this with 12 red cards!). The bottom lines: -

-         Understand Hand Evaluation. Four points concentrated in 12 red cards is NOT 4 points! The hand is worth a GREAT DEAL more.

-         Note that this East hand will make 5 opposite as little as xxxx Ax Axx Axxx and will make 4 opposite most moderate openers.


Not for take-out                                             Board 3 from Monday 30th 


When there’s only one suit left, a double is usually penalties.


Dealer:             K1053                                        West          North         East            South

South               A43                                            -                 -                 -                 pass

E-W vul           A10                                            pass           1             dbl   (1)      1    (2)

J963                                           1NT   (3)    pass           2    (4)      dbl   (5)

                                                      pass           pass (6)      pass

87                      N             A9                       

J109               W    E          KQ8765              

7432                   S              Q5                       

AK85                                 Q43                    






(1)   This is a silly double – what’s wrong with the obvious 1?

(2)   This is equally silly, if you don’t bid 1 now partner will never place you with 5 ’s. Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but they are not the best suit at bridge.

(3)   This is fine, better than 1 or pass in my opinion.

(4)   This is an overbid of course, showing a hand too strong to simply overcall 1, so about 17+.

(5)   And this is total nonsense. Meant as take-out; but take out to what? There is only one suit left! A 2 bid is obvious now having failed to bid ’s last go.

(6)   Perhaps North should have added up the points: he has 12, West has shown 6-9 and East has shown 17+ and partner has bid twice. Somebody (more likely more that one) has overbid there hand and North decided to trust partner. I doubt he will next time.


And what happened? 2* made +1 for 870 and a total top to E-W. 4’s makes for 420 to N-S. There were various spurious results.

The bottom lines: -

-         Bid a 5-card major in preference to a 5-card minor.

-         Do not make a silly double if it’s possible that partner may think it’s for penalties.

-         With a 6-card suit and 13 points, overcall rather than double.

-         Double followed by a new suit shows around 17+ points.


Change of suit over partner’s overcall               Board 11 from Monday 30th 


Most people play that a simple change of suit opposite an overcall by partner is non-forcing; with a good hand, cue bid the opener’s suit.


Dealer:             3                                                 Table A

South               Q5                                              West(F)     North         East(C)      South

Love all            5432                                          -                 -                 -                 1

J76542                                       1              pass           2    (1)      pass    

                                                      pass   (2)    pass

K10542             N             AQ8                    

1073              W    E          AK8642               Table B

K96                   S              107                      West          North         East(C)      South

Q8                                     A10                      -                 -                 -                 1

                        J976                                          1              pass           2    (1)      pass

J9                                              2    (3)      pass           4    (4)      all pass




Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this East hand C in this week’s quiz? The problem with this bid is that it is not forcing! (unless you specifically agree to the contrary). The simple solution is to just bid 4, but that is best played as a pre-emptive bid.

(2)  What did you bid with this West hand F in this week’s quiz? With a minimal overcall West sensibly passed.

Table B:     (1)  This is the best bid for East hand C, an Unassuming Cue Bid which generally shows a sound raise to three or more of partner’s suit.

(3)   Showing a minimum overcall.

(4)   West could introduce his suit now (3 would be forcing) but as the 5-3 fit is already located the simple 4 seems best.


And what happened? 2 made +4 for a total bottom as everybody else was in game, either +1, +2 or just making,

The bottom lines: -

-         A change of suit over an overcall is not forcing.

-         Any raise of partner’s overcall is weak.

-         With a good hand opposite an overcall, start off with a cue bid of opener’s suit.


Standard French?                                                    Board 9 from Monday 30th 


I am not familiar with French methods, but Jean Charles goes along with Sally and plays that a 1 response to a 1 opening denies a 4-card major. It does not in Standard American.


Dealer:             AQ76                                         Table A

North               AQ                                             West          North         East            South

E-W vul           65                                               pass           1             pass           1

107642                                      pass           1NT (1)      pass           3NT

all pass      

J53                    N             98                        

KJ854           W    E          10962                   Table B

Q93                   S              J842                     West          North         East            South

K8                                     QJ3                      pass           1             pass           1

                        K1042                                       pass           1    (1)      pass           4

73                                              all pass


A96                          (1)  In Standard American one should bid 1 here.       



And what happened? 4 should make +1; 3NT got a bad score for just making.

The bottom lines: - If you partner Sally or Jean-Charles, then agree on this sequence.


Walsh                                                              Board 11 from Wednesday 2nd 


Now Lewis is back I play with him on Wednesdays, and we play a system called Walsh in which the 1NT bid in the sequence 1 - 1 - 1NT may well conceal one or two 4-card majors.


Dealer:             K108                                          West          North         East            South

South               K74                                            -                 -                 -                 pass

Love all            QJ62                                          1             pass           1              pass

J42                                             1NT (1)      all pass


Q432                 N             J95                 (1)  This was alerted with the explanation that

A63                W    E          Q95                      West may or may not have a 4-card major.

K4                     S              A985                   

KQ65                                873                And what happened?         

                        A76                                      Virtually everybody was playing in 1NT but  

J1082                                   at this table West scored +2 for a joint top   

1073                                     when the opponents played on ’s. Walsh    

A109                                    really is a good system.


The bottom lines:

-         If you play the Sally/Jean Charles system then a 1 response to 1 needs alerting as “denies a 4-card major”.

-         Playing Walsh the 1 response does not necessarily deny a 4-card major and so does not need to be alerted; however, the 1NT bid in the sequence 1 - 1 - 1NT needs to be alerted as “could contain a 4-card major”.

-         If you play either of these schemes and fail to alert then you may well get an adjusted score if the opponents feel that they were injured.

An Awkward Bid                                                     Board 7 from Wednesday 2nd   


Dealer:             QJ3                                            Table A

North               87                                               West(G)     North         East            South

Both vul            QJ742                                        -                 -                 -                 1

1097                                          2   (1)      pass           pass           pass (2)


K106                 N             8752                     Table B

KQ954          W    E          J                           West(G)     North         East            South

-                         S              K108653             -                 -                 -                 1

AKQJ8                              63                        1NT (1)      pass           2    (3)      pass

                        A94                                           2    (3)      pass           3    (4)      pass

A10632                                     3NT (5)      all pass




Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this West hand G in this week’s quiz? This hand really is far too strong for a mere 2 overcall.

                  (2)  Presumably this N-S pair do not play negative doubles?

Table B:     (1)  This was my bid to answer question G. However, upon reflection, I think that double followed by a NoTrump bid over partner’s or response is better.

(3)   We play systems on over a 1NT overcall and so I alerted Lewis’s bid as a transfer to ’s! I’m not sure if Lewis was amused or not. Obviously since LHO had opened (a possibly 4-card) 1 he would not want to transfer and so 2 must be natural to play?

(4)   Pretty obviously a hand, but systematically it is a 2nd suit and game forcing and that’s what I told the opponents when they asked!

(5)   Obviously I did not want partner playing in my void suit; who knows – he may have expected a or two for my 1NT overcall?


And what happened? A was led, won by South and a returned. I won with the 9, cashed the ’s and KQ and threw South in with the last so that I was assured the 9th trick with one of my kings when South has both aces. One other pair bid and made 3NT and other results were pretty random, with both sides playing in ’s and going down.

The bottom lines: -

-         A 1NT overcall promises 15-17 (or 15-18) points and guarantees a stop in the suit bid. Unlike a 1NT opening, the shape need not be balanced and a singleton (or void?) is allowed.

-         Do not make a simple overcall with a good 18 points; it’s also too good for 1NT – double is best.

-         I guess you have to agree what a transfer into an opponent’s suit means?


Dave’s Column   Here is this week’s Dave input involving the play of the hand.


West                East                You are East, declarer in 4♠, South leads the Q, plan the play.

K1032          AJ54          

J32               Q76           

QJ93             AK82        

84                AK            

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 10 from Wednesday 25th    


Dealer:             76                                               Table A

East                  A109                                          West(H)     North         East            South

Both vul            764                                            -                 -                 2NT           pass

                        97652                                        3NT (1)      all pass


K1032                                AJ54                     Table B

J32                                     Q76                      West(H)     North         East          South

QJ93                                   AK82                  -                 -                 2NT         pass

84                                      AK                       3   (1)      pass           3              pass

                        Q98                                           4              all pass


105                           (1)  What did you bid with this West hand H in this

QJ103                            week’s quiz? No less than 4 West’s have apparently

not yet mastered Stayman.       


Anyway, Eddie Kantar assumes that anybody reading his book knows about Stayman and will automatically be in the best contract of 4.

South leads the Q against 4, plan the play.

You should notice: (1) there are four losers – 3 ’s and a : (2) Both you and partner have exactly the same distribution: (3) ’s is a suit you would prefer the opponents to lead to you,

Hands that have ‘mirrored’ distributions lend themselves to throw-ins and end-plays, this is no exception.

The idea is to force a lead. You have no minor suit losers but you do have a possible trump loser. Why not use the trump suit as your throw-in suit?

Play the A,K, if the Q drops fine, you can no longer lose the contract. Simply draw the last trump, take your minor suit winners and lead a yourself. At worst you lose 3 tricks.

Assume that the Q does not fall, then cash the 2nd round of ’s and run the ’s. If somebody ruffs it will be with the Q and he will either have to lead a , eliminating one of your losers, or lead a and give you a ruff and discard.

If nobody ruffs a then lead a , whoever wins the Q will be in the same dilemma.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? Two pairs were in the best contract of 4 and both made. Unfortunately they did not share the top but scored an average when two of the pairs in the inferior 3NT scored an overtrick.




Dave’s 2nd Column Here is this week’s Dave input involving the play of the hand.


North               South             You are North, declarer in (a) 7 or (b) 7NT. West had doubled

K76              AQ32         a 2Stayman bid during the auction and East leads a small .

KQ75           A3              Plan the play.     

QJ32             AK64                                  

A3                K54                             


Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 10 from Wednesday 25th   


Dealer:             K76                                            Pattaya bridge club bidding

North               KQ75                                         West          North         East            South

E-W vul           QJ32                                           -                 1NT           pass           2

                        A3                                              dbl             2              pass           4NT   (1)

pass           5              pass           5NT

J9                                       10854                   pas             6              pass           7NT

10864                                 J92                       all pass

5                                         10987                  

QJ10987                            62                  (1) Apparently asking for aces in their system.


A3                            In Eddie Kantar’s book the contract was 7 and you

AK64                       got a lead. The answer was to play A,Q and   

K54                         discover the 4-1 break. You then play for the 13th

trick by ruffing a with no risk of being over-ruffed. The point was to keep a big and small trump in each hand so you can cope with a 4-1 split either way.      


But the Pattaya bridge club members are real men (and women) and don’t play in ’s when they can score more in NoTrumps. Three pairs were in 7NT, how to you play that on a lead?


                        -                                           At out table the declarer cashed the top two ’s

                        KQ75                                   and three rounds of ’s. Three rounds of ’s    

                        2                                          followed and this was the 5-card ending.    

                        -                                           The A was led from dummy and West was squeezed. He had to discard a as otherwise

-                                         10                   dummy’s 5 was good and declarer then

10864                                 J92                 had four tricks.

-                                          10                   Well played Derek, this hand decided who

Q                                       -                     came first and who came second on the day.

                        2                                           But we’ll be back.   





And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 7NT= twice, 7NT-1 once, 6NT+1, 6NT=, and 4+2.




Play Problem             Here’s another play problem that was randomly dealt.


West                East                You are East, declarer in 6against very sensible opponents,

Q9                AK10         how do you play the suit?

KJ7              A10942     

AJ62             KQ9          

J1082           K7


Play problem answer                          Board 10 from Monday 10th   


Dealer:             J432                                           West          North         East            South

North               Q86                                            -                 pass           1              pass

E-W vul           85                                               2             pass           2NT           pass

                        Q953                                         4   (1)      pass           4              pass

6              all pass

Q9                                      AK10                  

KJ7                                    A10942          (1) asking for aces.

AJ62                                   KQ9                    

J1082                                 K7           One pair had this auction to the rather optimistic

                        8765                               6 slam. The question is, how do you play the suit?


10743           At the table declarer led the J and when it was not covered    

A64              he went up with the A and thus went one down.


Was this the correct play of the suit? I did not think so and so I asked an experienced player on Wednesday (I could not check it out with the program on the website as my internet was down), he did exactly the same. It is often a good idea to lead the jack from table in situations like this in case an inexperienced North covers with the queen. But in a reasonable standard game nobody would cover as declarer is known to have 5+ ’s and if he did not have the 10 he would finesse the Jack.

So it looks like an evens bet then?

No!. The point is that if the ’s are 3-2 then it is simply a gamble, but if they are split Qxxx opposite x then you can only pick up the suit if North has the Qxxx. So the correct play is to play the K and then run the J.

For those disbelievers who do not believe me, check it out on the web-site’s suit play program. The program does indeed play the king and then run the jack.

I have just written a new page on the web with Suit Split Tables and a 4-1 split is 28%, and it’s 11.3% (you get that number from the suit split calculator) that North has Qxxx – so well worth playing for.




Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:     1, this hand has huge playing potential (7+ tricks). A weak 2, which partner will almost certainly pass, is out of the question. If you want to pre-empt, then 4 is a very reasonable bid.

Hand B:    Pass. RHO has jumped to 4 when 3 would have been forcing. This should show a very good suit (which he does not have according to your holding). So pass and let him play there. If you support partner’s ’s you will either get doubled and go down or else the opposition will find their best spot in a red suit.

Hand C:    2, an Unassuming Cue Bid to show a sound raise to 3 or a better hand.

Hand D:    Pass, the hand is nowhere good enough for 2NT.

Hand E:    3. This is forcing and quite sufficient. A jump to 4 is totally unnecessary and would show a much better suit with little liking of ’s.

Hand F:     Pass. Partner’s change of suit over your overcall is not forcing and you are minimum.

Hand G:    Double, with the intention of bidding NoTrumps over partner’s or response. This shows a hand too good for a 1NT overcall. Don’t worry about the shortage – the opponents have bid ’s. I actually bid 1NT at the table, which is reasonable but not as good as the action above.

Hand H:    3, Stayman. Look for the 4-4 fit. I think that 3NT, with the small doubleton , is a horrendous bid – but it was chosen by 4 out of six players on Wednesday! The hand actually comes from an Eddie Kantar book and he assumes that readers understand Stayman and when to use it.

Hand J:     3NT, partner is 10-12.

Hand K:    1NT, this promises 10-12 points and a stop.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers


L      1      1NT   pass   2         This is up to partnership understanding. In the real world it may well be sensible to use it as a transfer to expose a psyche by opener. In our club, where psyches are not allowed, the best use of the bid is probably to show a weak hand that wants to play in ’s.

M    1     1      pass   2          A new suit opposite an overcall is generally played as non-forcing

N     1      1      pass   1NT       1NT over partner’s 1-level overcall is 10-12 points; remember, partner may have only 7-8 points for his overcall.