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Mon 11th      1st  Lewis & Terry              60%       2nd    Derek & Gerard                           56%

Wed 13th      1st  Bob P & Nick              63%       2nd    Lewis & Terry                              54%

Fri 15th         1st  Dave & Terry               61%       2nd    Arne & Svein                               55%


Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A it’s favourable vulnerability (them vul, you not).

Partner opens 1 and RHO bids 1, what do you do?

QJ98            K103                                   

AQJ9           J52               With Hand B it’s favourable vulnerability again.  

5                   KQJ1086     Partner opens 1 and RHO bids 1, what do you do?

AJ87            8


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C it’s favourable vulnerability again. You open

                                                1 and LHO overcalls a weak 2; partner doubles (showing

A1086          A63              4 's), what do you do?

10                 KQ62        

KQ73           K8               With Hand D it’s both vul. LHO opens 3 and this is passed

AK76           KJ94             round to you, what do you do?



Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E it’s favourable vulnerability, you open 1 and

LHO overcalls 1, partner passes, what do you do?

AK43           AQ72          

74                 AK6             With Hand F it’s favourable vulnerability, you open 1 and

KQ84           -                   LHO overcalls 1, partner passes, what do you do?

1094            J76542                                


Hand G           Hand H           With Hand G it’s both vulnerable. Partner opens 1 and RHO

overcalls a weak 3, what do you do?

J                   AK953

94                 AKQ76        With Hand H it’s both vulnerable. You open 1 and LHO

AK753         Q4               overcalls a weak 3, this is passed to you, what do you do?

KJ1083        9





1)   Brian Senior, bridge professional and journalist, has represented both Great Britain and Ireland at international level. He is in town and may be attending our Wednesday 20th session.

2)   One member suggested that we should change the start time to 2.00 p.m. , this would give people more time for their lunch and perhaps avoid sticky fingers during play. When the club first started we did indeed start at 2.00 p.m. but had to change to 1.00 p.m. when we moved to the Dianna Inn. Please let me know and if enough people show an interest we’ll have a vote.

The Club Championships      

We currently have four contenders qualifying for the Gold Cup competition.



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5













1821.3 Dave Cutler

1786.5 Sally Watson

1779.1 Ivy Schlageter

1764.1 Bob Pelletier


661.8 Dave Cutler

660.6 Sally Watson

657.5 Jeremy Watson

656.9 Hans Vikman

642.0 Lars Gustafsson

641.3 Ivy Schlageter

634.3 Derek & Gerard

626.5 Bob Pelletier

613.5 Terje Lie

611.4 Janne Roos


342.3 Dave Cutler

341.9 Hans Vikman

341.1 Jeremy Watson

341.1 Sally Watson

336.9 Lars Gustafsson

335.3 Ivy Schlageter

328.5 Derek & Gerard

326.3 Tomas Wikman

320.5 Bob Pelletier

320.2 Terje Lie





A lucrative 1-level penalty – part 1                     Board 3 from Monday 11th 


Some people believe that doubling for penalties at the 1-level is a waste of time – don’t you believe it.


Dealer:             QJ98                                          West          North(A)    East          South(E)

South               AQJ9                                         -                 -                 -               1

E-W vul           5                                                1    (1)      pass (2)      pass         dbl   (3)

                        AJ87                                          pass           pass (4)      1    (5)    dbl

                                                                              all pass

10                       N             7652                    

K106532        W    E          8                     (1)  Looks reasonable, but is the suit quality

J32                     S              A10976                really good enough at this vulnerability?

K32                                   Q65               (2)  What did you bid with this North hand A    

                        AK43                                        in this week’s quiz? Obviously you can

74                                               make game but going for the penalty must

KQ84                                        be best at this vulnerability.

1094                                    (3)  What did you bid with this South hand E

in this week’s quiz? Double is automatic.

(4)   Going through with the penalty plan.

(5)   Words cannot express what I think of this bid


And what happened? North mis-defended and so they only got 800 instead of the 1400 on offer, it was still easily good enough for a clear top. 1 doubled would probably have gone for just 500 and a joint top to N-S.

The bottom lines: -

-         You need a good suit to overcall at adverse vulnerability – experienced opponents are very likely to go for the penalty.

A lucrative 1-level penalty – part 2                     Board 18 from Monday 11th 


Dealer:             9865                                           Table A

East                  Q1083                                        West(B)     North         East(F)     South

N-S vul            96                                              -                 -                 1           1    (1)

                        K93                                           1NT (2)      pass           2   (3)    pass

2NT (4)      all pass              

K103                  N             AQ72                  

J52                 W    E          AK6                     Table B

KQJ1086           S              -                           West(B)     North         East(F)     South

8                                        J76542                 -                 -                 1           1    (1)

                        J4                                              pass (2)      pass           dbl   (5)    pass

974                                            pass (6)      pass




Table A:     (1)  Looks reasonable, but is the suit quality really good enough at this vulnerability?

(2)   What did you bid with this West hand B in this week’s quiz? This East bid 1NT because he had a stop – the pair do not read the news-sheets and presumably don’t know how to get the huge penalty on offer?

(3)   I don’t like 1NT because I have no ’s.

(4)   I have ’s.

Table B:     (1)  South got away with it at Table A, but it may be a good idea to know if your opponents understand negative doubles before you overcall on suits like this, especially at this vulnerability.

(2)   This is the correct answer to this week’s question B. Obviously you can get a monster score if 1 gets doubled, so pass and see if partner understands negative doubles.

(5)  What did you bid with this East hand F in this week’s quiz? As it happens this East is the most fervent of advocates of the re-opening double and to him it’s automatic     .

(6)  Bridge really can be fun.


And what happened? East was the same North as the previous deal, but he got the defence right this time and collected the full 1400 on offer for a clear top. One other South played in 2 doubled and went for just 1100. 2NT made +3, 3NT made +1 for an average and one West played in 3 making +1.

The bottom lines: -

-         Don’t listen to people who suggest that you should not make a re-opening double with a void – that just means more trumps in partner’s hand (?).

-         The key to whether to re-open with a double or not is the quick/defensive tricks.


A lucrative low-level penalty – part 3                 Board 2 from Wednesday 13th 


Dealer:             7                                                 Table A

East                  KQ87543                                   West          North         East(C)    South

N-S vul            1082                                          -                 -                 1   (1)    2    (2)

                        Q3                                             dbl   (3)      pass (4)      2NT (5)    pass

3NT           all pass              

QJ                      N             A1086                 

AJ96              W    E          10                         Table B

J9654                 S              KQ73                  West          North         East(C)    South

84                                      AK76                   -                 -               1   (1)    2    (2)

                        K95432                                     dbl   (3)      pass (4)      pass (6)    pass





Table A:     (1)  I agree, always open 1 when 4-4 in the minors.

                  (2)  With great shape this weak jump overcall looks reasonable, but is the suit quality really good enough at this vulnerability?

(3)   A negative double, promising 4+ ’s

(4)   With West showing ’s, North could not really show his suit.

(5)   What did you bid with this East hand C in this week’s quiz? Difficult – both 1NT and 2NT show incorrect point ranges. This East chose the latter which is a slight overbid.

Table B:     (6)  This was my answer to question C. Look at the vulnerability. You have a good hand with good ’s and a mis-fit for partner – go for the penalty.


And what happened? 2* went -4 and 1100 to E-W. At another table it went only one down for just 200 to E-W. The two other E-W’s bid to 3NT, one made and one went -2.

The bottom lines: -

-         Negative doubles are great – you can get huge numbers when partner makes a negative double and you pass, or when partner makes a penalty pass and you double automatically.


The one (1400) that got away – part 4                Board 26 from Friday 15th 


Dealer:             J                                                 Table A

South                94                                               West          North(G)    East          South(H)

both vul            AK753                                      -                 -                 -               1   

                        KJ1083                                      3   (1)      pass (2)      pass         4    (3)

.pass           4NT (4)      pass         5   

2                         N             Q108764              pass           5NT (5)      pass         6

53                   W    E          J1082                   pass           6              all pass

J1096                 S              82                        

AQ7542                             6                          Table B

                        AK953                                      West          North         East          South

AKQ76                                     -                 -                 -               1

Q4                                             pass (1)      2             pass         3    (6)

9                                                pass           3NT           all pass


Table A:     (1)  What a terrible weak jump overcall, vulnerable to boot – his ‘excuse’ was that he had good shape with a ‘solid’ side 4-card suit (and he knew his RHO).

(2)   What did you bid with this North hand G in this week’s quiz? It’s the same as usual – pass, and pass partner’s automatic re-opening double.

(3)   What did you bid with this South hand H in this week’s quiz? A re-opening double is obvious and cannot lose – if partner does not have a penalty hand then you can show a good hand by bidding again. This particular South is a visitor and so presumably does not read the news-sheets and understand the re-opening double. Even so, 4 is a very poor bid - 3 is quite sufficient opposite a passed partner.

(4)   Presumably asking for keycards.

(5)   North wanted to play in 5NT but unfortunately that’s asking for kings. The auction was out of control after South’s silly 4 bid and they were getting a bottom whatever North did.

Table B:     (1)  This West sensibly passed.

(6)  A forcing 3 is quite sufficient and leads to the best contract


And what happened? 6 went -2 for 200 to E-W. Both other N-S’s bid to the best contract (assuming West does not make the silly overcall) of 3NT, making exactly on both occasions.

The bottom lines: -

-         Understand negative doubles and the ‘automatic’ re-opening double. Had South known about this tip that I mention in just about every new-sheet he would have got 1700 for 3*-6 instead of giving away 200.

-         Don’t jump to 4 if 3 is forcing – you go past 3NT.




These last four articles are very instructive about having good quality suits to overcall. This is especially important at adverse vulnerability when experienced opponents are very likely to go for the penalty even at a low level.


What a silly contract!                                           Board 23 from Monday 11th 


Dealer:             KQ87                                         Table A

South               4                                                 West          North         East(D)    South

both vul            AJ1073                                      -                 -                 -               3

                        752                                            pass           pass           dbl   (1)    pass

5             pass           5NT (2)    pass    

1074                   N             A63                      pass (3)      pass           pass

5                     W    E          KQ62                  

Q62                    S              K8                       Table B

AQ10863                           KJ94                    West          North         East(D)    South

                        J95                                            -                 -                 -               3

AJ109873                                 pass           pass           3NT (1)    all pass




Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this East hand D in this week’s quiz? There are only two sensible options and double is not one of them. I have no idea if this was meant as penalties, take-out, or “showing a good hand”. Whatever it was meant to be it’s obviously a very silly bid.

(2)   Amazingly, East lucked out when partner bid the only 4-card suit except ’s. I’m not sure whether this 5NT bid or the original double was the worst. Surely 5NT is a Josaphine Grand Slam Force here?

(3)   I would bid 7, and have a serious discussion with partner later.

Table B:     (1)  This is the totally obvious answer to question D, with pass being the other reasonable option.


And what happened? 5NT went -1 for a near bottom. When 3 was left in it made exactly. The other three tables bid the sensible 3NT and made exactly or +1.

The bottom lines: -

-         A take-out double should be short in the suit bid and playable in the other 3 suits.

-         Do not double if a No-Trump overcall describes your hand perfectly.

-         3NT is usually easier to make than 5NT.




Dave’s Column           Here is this week’s Dave input involving the play of the hand.


North               South               You are North, declarer in 3NT after East has overcalled your

A106            93                 strong 1NT opening with ’s. Partner raised to 3NT and East

AKQ            1065             leads the 7 and West plays the Q.

9873             AKQ42       Do you win the first trick? What is your plan?     

K85             742                                     





Dave’s Column answer                      Board 25 from Wednesday 13th  


Dealer:             A106                                          West          North         East            South

North               AKQ                                          -                 1NT           2    (1)      3NT     (2)

E-W vul           9873                                          

                        K85                                     (1)  Multi Landy – showing a single suited major.

(2)  Obviously the best bid.

Q                        N             KJ87542             

J87432           W    E          9                    

1065                   S              J                     

J106                                   AQ93                  




742                              East leads the 7, plan the play.


There is virtually no case for ducking the Q. For his vulnerable overcall of a strong NoTrump East figures to have the A in addition to his string of ’s.

The danger in ducking is that West will switch to a and the opponents then make 4 ’s in addition to the Q.

No, you definitely win the first trick. But did you notice the interior blockage in the suit? In order to run the ’s (assuming they are not 4-0) you must underplay the 9-8-7 under the A-K-Q. This leaves you with the 3 which is then played under dummy’s 4. You score 5 ’s, 3 ’s and a . Contract made. 


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? One South decided to double a 2 bid by East and that made +1 for the E-W top. The other three pairs all arrived in the sensible 3NT contract. Two North’s noted the potential blockage and played as described to make the contract. The third started with the 3 and went -5 for 250 away. Fortunately for him it was not a complete bottom because of the afore mentioned 2*+1 for 870.




Leading Quiz



AQJ9532                  West        North       East          South

-                               -               1           3            5      

J986                         pass         pass         pass        



You are East, what do you lead?


An Informative Lead                 Board 13 from Wednesday 13th 


This hand demonstrates Lavinthal signals when ruffing to perfection.


Dealer:             106                                             West          North         East          South

North               AK2                                           -                 1             3            5   (1)

both vul            K10                                           pass (2)      pass           pass        


                                                                        (1)  A good bid, found at two tables.  

K72                    N             AQJ9532        (2)  West would have bid 4, but now has to    

Q108763        W    E          -                           pass and hope to defeat the contract.

A72                    S              J986                     

K                                       102                So why is this in the news-sheet?

                        8                                           What would you lead from this East hand?  

J954                                     A lead gives declarer the contract - as at

Q543                                   another table when North made 5 doubled.



No, our intrepid East here led the 9! When West’s K won he was momentarily startled but then knew exactly what was going on. He led the 3, East ruffed, led a to partner’s A and got a 2nd ruff for two down.     


And what happened? 5-2 was good for E-W but not a top as one pair were allowed to play in 4 making. At another table 5* made (on a lead) and at the 4th table East was left to play peacefully in 3 making +1. The bottom lines: -

-         Underleading an ace is not usually a good idea, but if you have a void and want a ruff it sometimes works. Under these circumstances, lead a low card if you want to ruff a low ranking suit or a medium/high card (the 9 here was perfect) if you want to ruff a high ranking suit.

-         Note also that West’s 3 asked for a . If West did not have the A but the K was singleton the he would have led the 10 or 8 to ask for a back to ruff.


Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:     Pass, and pass partner’s re-opening double. Normally it’s best to have 5 trumps for this action but at this vulnerability and with a mis-fit for partner it must be best.

Hand B:    Pass, and pass partner’s re-opening double. Should be about 1400.

Hand C:    Pass. This is a tricky one, 4441 type hands are always difficult. 1NT is an underbid and 2NT (as chosen by one player) is an overbid. But fortunately the vulnerability is such that you can go for the penalty and I vote for pass.

Hand D:    3NT, with pass a perhaps feeble but reasonable alternative. Double is ridiculous.

Hand E:    Dbl, automatic.

Hand F:     Dbl. With a trump void this is perhaps not so automatic, but you can be sure that partner wants you to double and you have good defensive cards, so keep partner happy. 1 is very lame in my opinion, but I’m sure there are many out there who say you cannot double with a void – they are wrong, especially at this vulnerability – you only need a two trick set.

Hand G:    Pass, and pass partner’s automatic re-opening double.

Hand H:    Dbl. If partner has a penalty hand (very likely) you want to co-operate as you have good quick tricks.