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Mon 1st        1st  Gene & Paul Sc            59%       2nd    Hans V & Ivy                               58%

Wed 3rd        1st  Terry & Lewis              67%       2nd    Bengt & Bob S                             60%

Fri 5th           1st  Terry & Dave               63%       2nd    Bengt & Tomas                            57%


Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hands A & B you are playing Benjamin twos and Namyats


AKQ8543    -                   What do you open with Hand A, 3rd seat love all?        

-                   AQJ873

AJ52             KQ98          What do you open with Hand B, 3rd seat love all?

102              AQ3                                    


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C it’s love all and RHO opens 1, what do you bid?


-                   Q743                                         

AQ107632   A1085          With Hand D partner opens 1, what do you bid?

Q84              642

KJ3              K7


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E RHO opens 1 and you overcall 2 of course.

                                                Partner raises to 3, what is 3 and what do you bid?

Q974            97                                        

AKQJ9        J8653           With Hand F it’s love all and partner opens 1 in 4th seat   

J                    10843          (a) Do you bid?

K54             K5               (b) Suppose you bid 1 and partner reverses into 2, what now?


Hand G           Hand H           With Hand G RHO opens 2, what do you bid?


AQ               108754         With Hand H partner opens 1.

42                 72                 (a) do you bid?

AK9652       K653            (b)  Suppose you bid 1, LHO bids 2 and partner bids a 

J63               109                    game forcing 3, what do you do?



Bidding Sequence Quiz


J      1    2    pass       3          Is 3 weak or invitational?


Pass a forcing bid? – part 1                                 Board 14 from Monday 1st


Dealer:             AQ2                                           West          North         East          South(F)

East                  7                                                 -                 -                 pass         pass

Love all            AJ62                                          pass           1             pass         1    (1)

                        AQ963                                       pass           2    (2)      pass         pass (3)


K1043                N             J865                    

A94                W    E          KQ102           (1)  What did you bid with this South hand F(a)

Q                        S              K975                   in this week’s quiz? 4 points is not normally

108742                              J                           enough for a response but I hate to pass 1

                        97                                               with a doubleton, especially when playing

J8653                                         a short . I bid 1.

10843                                  (2)  A forcing reverse.        

K5                                       (3)  What did you bid with this South hand F(b)

in this week’s quiz? You can show a bad hand via Lebensohl, but then you’re up at the 3-level. I have no problem with this pass.


And what happened? 3 pairs stopped in 2 (+1, = and -1). The two other N-S’s both went three down in 3NT.

The bottom lines: -

-         You have to be able to stop low when partner has reversed and you have a very weak hand. The ‘best’ way to do this is to play Lebensohl. I.e. when partner has reversed then you bid 2NT which asks partner to bid 3 which you pass or correct. Of course there’s the alternative of passing the reverse but this only works if you have support for partner’s 2nd suit and may fail if partner has a very big hand and you miss game.

-         It’s up to you if you play a reverse as 100% forcing. It’s generally played as forcing in the US but not in the UK. I like to play Lebensohl but few in the club play this over a reverse, so I have no problem passing with a hand that was not worth an initial response.

-         If you think that you should not pass partner’s forcing bid then you have to have a method of showing a very weak hand (such as Lebensohl). I assume that the two players in 3NT had no such agreement.



Pass a forcing bid? – part 2                                 Board 21 from Friday 5th 


Dealer:             KQ6                                           West          North         East          South(H)

North               4                                                 -                 1             pass         1    (1)

N-S vul            AQ109                                       2              3    (2)      pass         pass (3)

                        AKQ76                                      3              3    (4)      4            4    (5)

                                                                              5               dbl              all pass

AJ32                   N             9                          

AQJ1063       W    E          K985              (1)  What did you bid with this South hand H(a)

-                         S              J8742                   in this week’s quiz? 3 points is not normally

542                                    J83                       enough for a response. But I hate to pass 1

                        108754                                       with a doubleton, especially when playing

72                                               a short . I bid 1.

K653                                   (2)  A game forcing reverse.       

109                                      (3)  What did you bid with this South hand H(b)

in this week’s quiz? Game seems remote and I see nothing wrong with passing.

(4)   North still thinks that there’s a game.

(5)   So South reluctantly bid game knowing that there is a and fit.


And what happened? 5*-1 twice, 4-1 and 4=.

The bottom lines: -

-     In my opinion it is allowable to pass partner’s reverse if you did not have the values for your initial response; this is especially true if you play Benjamin twos. Some will argue with me, but I’m used to that and I can cope with them.


Raise of an overcall is weak                               Board 2 from Friday 5th 


Dealer:             Q974                                          West          North(E)    East          South

East                  AKQJ9                                      -                 -                 pass         pass

N-S vul            J                                                1              2              pass (1)    3    (2)

                        K54                                           pass           4    (3)      all pass


AK1062             N             J83                 (1)  I would bid a (weak) 2 here.      

74                   W    E          1082               (2)  This is a weak bid, with a good raise to

64                       S              A972                   3 South would bid 2 - an Unassuming

AQ106                               932                      Cue Bid.

                        5                                           (3)  What did you bid with this North hand E in

653                                             this weeks quiz? You should pass as South’s

KQ10853                                   bid is pre-emptive. North thought that South

J87                                            was inviting.


And what happened? North made up for his sins by making the contract! At other tables the results were 4-4, 4-2 and 4-1. The bottom lines: -

-         Direct raises of an overcall are pre-emptive and weak, with a sound raise cue bid the opponent’s suit – The Unassuming Cue bid.

-         Note that if East had bid 2 then 3 by South would not necessarily be weak and would cause problems for N-S.

Bid you hand in one go                                        Board 23 from Wednesday 3rd  


If you can bid your hand in one bid, then it’s usually best to do so.


Dealer:             -                                                 Table A

South               AQ107632                                 West(A)     North(C)    East          South

Love all            Q84                                            -                 -                 -               pass

                        KJ3                                            1    (1)      2    (2)      2            pass

4              5              dbl           pass    

AKQ8543          N             J96                       5              dbl   (3)      pass         pass

-                     W    E          J986                     redbl         all pass

AJ52                   S              K103                   

102                                    Q74                     Table B

                        1072                                          West(A)     North(C)    East          South

K4                                             -                 -                 -               pass

976                                             1    (1)      4    (2)      dbl   (5)      pass

A9865                                        pass (6)      pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this West hand A in this week’s quiz? This hand is 9 playing tricks and so a Benjamin 2 seems appropriate. If not playing Benjamin then some will still open 2 (one trick short of game) but I would like a few more points for a traditional 2 opening. So how about 4? This has the great advantage of making it difficult for the opponents but it would normally be a much weaker hand. So what’s the solution? Actually a few guys in new York came up with it about 30 years ago – a Namyats 4 opening. This shows a good 4 opening (around 8½ playing tricks) and this hand – with the void, is ideal – tell partner about your great ’s and playing strength all in one go and make it difficult for the opponents to come in with their ’s.

(2)   What did you bid with this North hand C in this week’s quiz? With this suit and void 2 looks a bit timid, I prefer the bid at table B

(3)   I would never double with a void.

Table B:     (1)  This West again made it easy for the opponents by opening just 1.

(2)   This North got question C right – bid the ’s to the maximum and make it awkward for East.

(4)   North’s bid (and West’s opening) have completely fixed East. All he can do is double.

(5)   Maybe West should pull it, but he would not be in this predicament had he opened a 4 Namyats initially.


And what happened? 4** made exactly for 1000 and the top to E-W, just beating the West who bid 6 and made it! 4 doubled went two down for a paltry 300 to E-W and a clear bottom.

The bottom lines: -

-         If you can describe your hand in one go, do so.

-         If you play Namyats, then remember to use it!

You need trumps for a penalty double                Board 24 from Wednesday 3rd 


We saw last hand that North’s penalty double at (3) with a void was not a success, but holding K109x in trumps against a slam it’s a different story, isn’t it?


Dealer:             K97532                                      Table A

West                K1094                                        West          North         East(B)     South

Love all            7                                                 -                 -                 1    (1)    pass

                        84                                              1NT           2              4    (2)    dbl

4              all pass      

J108                   N             -                          

65                   W    E          AQJ873               Table B

A43                    S              KQ98                   West          North         East(B)     South

KJ1097                              AQ3                     -                 -                 2   (1)    pass

                        AQ64                                        3   (3)      3              4    (4)    4

2                                                dbl             pass           5           5    (5)

J10652                                        pass (6)      pass           6           pass

652                                            6    (7)      dbl             all pass


Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this East hand B in this week’s quiz? This hand is very similar to Hand A in that it also is also about 9 playing tricks with a good major and a void in the other major. So a Namyats 4 then? I don’t think so – the reasons being that this major is only 6 cards and the overall point count (18) is much more. This 1 opening is fair enough if you don’t play Benjamin, with a traditional 2 a reasonable alternative.

(2) 3 is quite sufficient – I guess East did not want partner passing his forcing bid?

Table B:     (1)  This was my choice of opening bid for question B – a Benjamin two showing 8-9 playing tricks in an unspecified suit.

(3)   Showing a good hand with ’s.

(4)   With known values opposite and a fit, East can happily bid at the 4-level.

(5)   Unwise, South has already bid his hand.

(6)   Forcing

(7)   West could pass, but 6 ‘scores more’.


And what happened? 6* made exactly for the E-W top, other results were 6=, 4+2 and 4+1 twice.

The bottom lines: -

-         Looks like even K109x in trumps is not always good enough for a double.

Bid a 6-card minor or show a stopper?               Board 25 from Friday 5th 


Dealer:             KJ10932                                    Table A

North               KQ                                             West          North         East(G)    South

E-W vul           873                                            -                 2              3   (1)    pass (2)

                        98                                              pass           pass


54                       N             AQ                       Table B

J9875             W    E          42                         West          North         East(G)    South

QJ                      S              AK9652              -                 2              2NT (1)    pass

A754                                  J63                       3    (3)    pass           3            pass

                        876                                            3NT           all pass





Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this East hand G in this week’s quiz? Obviously this is quite sound but I prefer my partner’s bid at table B.

(2) I would bid 3, but then I virtually always raise my partner’s pre-empt when holding three trumps.

Table B:     (1)  This was Dave’s answer to question G, and I totally agree. These ’s are great but perhaps even more important is that lovely AQ over the opener, and the ’s will be great in NoTrumps.

(3)   West decided he was going to game and so showed his ’s.


And what happened? 3NT made for the E-W top. Other results were 3=, 4-1 and 4(N)-1.

The bottom lines: -

-     If you have AQ over the opener and 15-17 points, think NoTrumps.




Opening 1NT with a singleton.


We have decided to change the club rules here. A 1NT opening is now allowed with a singleton provided that it is an ace or a king. Although I normally don’t give a hoot what the ACBL says, I believe that this is in line with current ACBL guidelines.

Upgrade a hand with 4-card support
                   Board 5 from Wednesday 3rd 


Dealer:             K8652                                        Table A

North               2                                                 West          North         East          South(D)

N-S vul            AQ53                                         -                 1              pass         2    (1)

                        A85                                            pass           pass (2)      pass


10                       N             AJ9                       Table B

K7643            W    E          QJ9                      West          North         East          South(D)

KJ10                  S              987                      -                 1              pass         3    (3)

Q632                                 J1094                   pass           4    (4)      all pass






Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this South hand D in this week’s quiz? It’s pretty close but with 4 card support, decent top cards and not totally flat I would make an effort with 3.

                  (2)  Obviously North passes.

Table B:     (3)  This N-S pair play Bergen Raises and 3 here shows a raise to 3 with 4-card support.

(4)   Knowing that partner has 4 trumps is enough for North to bid game.


And what happened? The trumps did not behave, but the ’s did so 4 made. Everybody made 10 tricks but three bid as table A, just two bidding 4.

The bottom lines: -

-         Upgrade a hand with 4 trumps.

-         Bergen raises are accurate and fun, but best left to experienced pairs.




Dave’s Column   Here is this week’s Dave input involving the play of the hand.


North               South               You are South, declarer in 4. West leads the K,Q and a

J52               963               to East’s A. At trick four East leads the K, plan the play.

J109             AKQ75

A942            3

Q87             AK32                            






Dave’s Column answer                      Board 11 from Wednesday 3rd


Dealer:             J52                                             West          North         East            South

South               J109                                           -                 -                 -                 1

Love all            A942                                        pass           2              pass           3

                        Q87                                           pass           4              all pass


KQ7                   N             A1084                 

642                 W    E          83                  

108765               S              KQJ               West leads the K and continues with the Q

J9                                       10654            and a to East’s A. East shifts to the K at   

                        963                                       trick four. Plan the play.





Your only loser is the 4th . Given that you cannot discard it on a side suit winner from dummy there are still three other ways to avoid losing that card:

1.      The suit breaks 3-3.

2.      Draw two rounds of trumps and then play three rounds of ’s. If ’s are 4-2 and the player with the remaining trump(s) also has the 4th you can ruff the 4th in dummy.

3.      Discard the losing on a trump!


In order to do (3) you must ruff three ’s in your own hand leaving dummy with one more trump than you.

Win the A and ruff a high. Cross to the 9 and ruff a 2nd high. Cross to dummy with the 10 and ruff the last high (your last trump). Enter dummy with the Q and play the last trump. You have made your contract with 3 ’s, 3 ruffs, 1 and 3 ’s. A dummy reversal.


Did you spot how E-W can defeat the contract? A trump return at trick 4 removes a dummy entry prematurely.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 4=, 2NT=, 3= and 4-1 twice.




Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s second input involving the play of the hand.


West                East                  You are West, declarer in 1NT.

K752            AJ8               North leads the 4 upon which South plays the Q which you

QJ4              10732           duck. South continues with the K which you again duck, North

AK3             Q1084          playing the 3. South continues with a 3rd which you win.

A102            96                What do you discard from dummy and what’s your plan?


Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 12 from Wednesday 27th 


Dealer:             1043                                           West          North         East            South

West                A96                                            1NT           all pass

N-S vul            62                                              

                        J8743                                   North leads the 4 upon which South plays the

Q which you duck. South continues with the

K752                  N             AJ8                 K which you again duck, North playing the

QJ4                W    E          10732             3. South continues with a 3rd which you

AK3                   S              Q1084            win perforce.

A102                                  96                       

                        Q96                                      What do you discard from dummy and what is

K85                                      your plan




Not only must you count your tricks in a no-trump contract, you must count theirs. 

You have 6 sure tricks: 2 ’s, 3 ’s and a with the possibility of one extra trick in every suit except ’s.

But what do they have? They have two ’s already as well as two more ready to be taken. They also own the two top ’s for a total of 6 tricks.

The whole hand is a battle for the 7th trick. Don’t give it to them by either finessing the or trying to drop the J. Play the suit in which they have sure tricks - ’s.

Discard a from dummy and lead a honour. If North wins and cashes two ’s you can throw two ’s from your hand and two ’s from dummy.

Assuming a switch, win the A and lead the 10 driving out the K and establishing your J as the 7th trick.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 3NT-3, 1NT-1 twice, 1NT = twice.



The Club Championships

Here are the latest standings in the club competitions:



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5













1829.0 Dave Cutler

1804.6 Sally Watson

1782.4 Ivy Schlageter

1771.5 Bob Pelletier

1707.4 Jan v Koss


661.8 Dave Cutler

661.1 Sally Watson

661.1 Jeremy Watson

658.3 Hans Vikman

642.7 Ivy Schlageter

642.0 Lars Gustafsson

634.3 Derek & Gerard

626.5 Bob Pelletier

625.7 Lewis Berg

619.5 Janne Roos



342.3 Dave Cutler

341.9 Hans Vikman

341.1 Jeremy Watson

341.1 Sally Watson

336.9 Lars Gustafsson

335.3 Ivy Schlageter

328.5 Derek & Gerard

326.3 Tomas Wikman

325.2 Lewis Berg 

320.5 Bob Pelletier


Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:     4, Namyats, showing a good 4 opening. A Benjamin (or even standard) 2 are possible but I much prefer to show the suit straight away and make it difficult for the opponents to find their ’s.

Hand B:    2, Benjamin. The difference between this hand and hand A is that this suit is only six cards, the hand is playable in three suits, and the point count is higher. You need at least a 7-card suit for a Namyats 4/. If you don’t play Benjamin then I guess you have to open 1 and hope for the best, it’s a bit weak for a traditional 2 in my style.

Hand C:    4. Make it difficult for LHO. It’s a bit good for 3 and 2 makes it too easy for the opponents.

Hand D:    3, just. It’s very close between 2 and 3 but the 4th trump and no quacks outside trumps swing it for me.

Hand E:    Pass – partner’s 3 bid is weak/pre-emptive.

Hand F:     (a)  1. I hate to pass a possibly short as there may well be a better spot. Of course I would not argue if you did pass.

(b)  Pass. The reverse is forcing of course but you did not have the values for your initial response. If you play Lebensohl here you can bid 2NT and stop in 3 if partner has a minimal reverse, but you may be too high.

Hand G:    2NT. This AQ cries out for a NoTrump bid – bid 3 and you will never play in a NoTrump contract.

Hand H:    (a)  pass or 1. I personally hate to pass a possibly short as there may well be a better spot and I bid 1. Of course I would not argue if you did pass.

(b)  Pass. The reverse is game forcing of course but you did not have the values for your initial response. Be happy that you have found a fit at a low level.



Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers


J      1    2    pass   3              3 is weak. With a sound raise to 3 he would bid 2,

an Unassuming Cue Bid.