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Mon 13th      N-S     1st  Noreen & Sean          65%           2nd Gus & Richard M               59%

                    E-W     1st   Hans v & Janne          65%           2nd Guttorm & Tomas               65%

Wed 15th     N-S     1st  Hans & Sally              60%           2nd Guttorm & Bam Bam          54%

                    E-W     1st   Lewis & Terry            62%           2nd Lars & Sigurd                     60%

Fri 17th         N-S     1st  Lars & Bam Bam        62%           2nd Gus & Richard M               58%

                    E-W     1st   Noreen & Sean          64%           2nd Lewis & Paul Q                  57%

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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A RHO opens 1, what do you bid?


KJ                Q7                                             

AJ98            K4                With Hand B partner opens 1, what do you bid?              

QJ                 KQJ652                               

KQ1073      J63              


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C LHO opens 1 and partner doubles. RHO

bids 2, what do you bid?

KJ1083        93              

86                 K1062          With Hand D everybody is vulnerable. Partner opens 1 and

6                   K62             (a)  RHO doubles, what do you do?

K10975       AJ92            (b)  RHO overcalls 1NT, what do you do?



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The Club Championships

Here are the latest standings in the club competitions. There’s not much movement this week, with most consolidating their positions.



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5













1859.9 Hans Vikman

1837.9 Dave Cutler

1823.3 Sally Watson

1797.4 Bob Pelletier

1794.2 Janne Roos

1782.5 Ivy Schlageter

1727.5 Jan v Koss


671.6 Hans Vikman

661.8 Dave Cutler

661.1 Sally Watson

661.1 Jeremy Watson

644.3 Lewis Berg

643.4 Lars Gustafsson

642.7 Ivy Schlageter

636.4 Janne Roos

636.1 Bob Pelletier

634.3 Derek & Gerard


347.2 Hans Vikman

342.3 Dave Cutler

341.1 Jeremy Watson

341.1 Sally Watson

336.9 Lars Gustafsson

335.3 Ivy Schlageter

333.5 Lewis Berg 

328.5 Derek & Gerard

327.4 Tomas Wikman

326.2 Bob Pelletier

A silly double                                                        Board 13 from Monday 6th


It happens week after week, a take-out double should be short in the suit opened and playable in the other three suits (unless very strong).


Dealer:             93                                               Table A

North               K1062                                        West(A)     North(D)    East          South

both vul            K62                                            -                 pass           pass         1   (1)

                        AJ92                                          dbl   (2)      redbl  (3)    1    (4)    dbl   (5) 

2   (6)      dbl     (5)    2            dbl   (5)

KJ                      N             87542                   2NT (6)      dbl     (5)    3            dbl   (5)

AJ98              W    E          73                        all pass

QJ                      S              108753                

KQ1073                            4                          More sensible table

                        AQ106                                       West(A)     North(D)    East          South    

Q54                                           -                 pass           pass         1   (1)

A94                                          1NT (2)      dbl   (7)      2    (8)    pass (9)

865                                            pass           dbl   (9)      all pass


Table A:     (1)  This is not worth an opening (4333 shape) in 1st or 2nd seat but is fine in 3rd seat.

(2)   What did you bid with this West hand A in this week’s quiz? This take-out double, with two doubletons and 5 of the suit opened is ridiculous.

(3)   What did you bid with this North hand D(a) in this week’s quiz? With a decent 11 count and vulnerable opponents, redouble is clear.

(4)   East assumed that West had a sensible take-out double and chose to bid his 5-card suit.

(5)   Penalties

(6)   This is also ridiculous – the opponents have advertised the balance of power. Pass is clear. Bail out ASAP and do not play in NoTrumps.

Sensible:     (2)  This West got question A right with the obvious 1NT overcall.

(7)   What did you bid with this North hand D(b) in this week’s quiz? You have the balance of power and you should double for penalties.

(8)   Partner’s 1NT overcall does not carry the inference of a suit that the double at (2) did, so East is better off bidding his ’s.

(9)   It’s not quite so obvious for either North or South to double this, but I guess most North’s would.


And what happened? You would think that most Wests would go for a number, but there were only three doubled contracts: 3*-3; 2*-3 and 2*-4. So I guess that most people got the answer to question D(a or b) wrong.

The bottom lines: -

-         When partner opens and RHO doubles, then redouble with 9+ points unless you have a great fit for partner’s major.

-         When partner opens and RHO overcalls 1NT, then double with 9+ points.



Avoid Minor Suit games – part 1                        Board 6 from Monday 13th


I believe it was Paul Soloway who said there are only three game contracts in bridge: 3NT, 4 and 4”. 5/ are rarely the best spot.


Dealer:             Q7                                              West          North(B)    East          South

East                  K4                                              -                 -                 pass         1

E-W vul           KQJ652                                      pass           3NT (1)      all pass


(1)  What did you bid with this North hand B

KJ54                  N             9862                     in this week’s quiz? Now there’s nothing

AQ109           W    E          86                        wrong with the ‘obvious’ 1, but I quite

984                     S              3                          like this 3NT bid. It shows 13-15 without

75                                      AQ10842             4 ’s or 3 ’s.


J7532           And what happened? 3NT was bid and made three times.  

A107            5 went -3 and partscores scored badly. 4 out of 8 pairs   

K9               somehow failed to bid game.



Avoid Minor Suit games – part 2                        Board 17 from Monday 13th



Dealer:             AQ3                                           West          North         East          South

North               Q3                                              -                 1             pass         1

Love all            842                                            pass           1NT (1)      pass         3

                        KQ765                                      pass           4    (2)      all pass


85                       N             976                 (1)  If the ’s were weaker I would bid 2, but

A10872          W    E          654                      Qx belongs in declarer’s hand if NT is going

AK97                 S              QJ1065                to be the final strain.

84                                      92                  (2)  It’s now clear to North that the hand, with a

double fit, belongs in ’s      


KJ9              And what happened? 5 pairs reached 4 making +1. 5 was

3                  bid at one table and made for a poor score. One pair missed

AJ103          game and a silly 3NT went -2.



The bottom lines:

-         Generally avoid 5/ contracts – 3NT (or a 5-3 major suit fit) is usually better.


That terrible 4333 shape again                     Board 6 from Monday 13th


Most players past the beginner’s stage realise that 4333 type shape is the worst possible. This is especially true in a suit contract as this example from Wednesday shows:


Dealer:             KJ52                                          West          North         East          South

East                  A84                                            -                 -                 pass         pass

Both vul            AQ3                                          pass           1NT (1)      pass         2

                        Q107                                         pass           2              pass         4    (2)

all pass

1093                   N             Q4                 

KQ63             W    E          1092               (1)  The 4333 shape is bad, but with 16 points

742                     S              J10986                  and a ten it’s a clear 1NT opener.

K94                                   A52                (2)  With a known 4-4 fit and decent shape, 

                        A876                                          South decided to bid game. I would bid 3.


K5               So, N-S arrive in 4 with a fit and 25 combined points.

J863             So an easy game? No! It went -1 twice, even with the best

declarer in the club at the helm at one table. Why?

Because 4333 is terrible, and note that 3NT is no better.


Deduct a point for 4333.


There has been a lot of activity on the internet recently about the infamous 4333 type shape and how good/bad it is in a NoTrump contract. Don/Cheryl were kind enough to give me a copy of “BRIDGE” magazine, the Oct 2008 issue. David Stevenson was asked about opening a (weak) NoTrump out of range. His reply ‘One might open a 12-14 1NT with a 15 point hand with poor intermediates, especially if it is flat – 4333’

So there it is again, this time in a recent (2008) magazine, deduct a point for 4333 type shape (unless you have compensating factors in good intermediates). There are apparently some who argue that 4333 is good for NoTrump contracts. However, even with a 1NT opening, there is no guarantee that NoTrumps will be the final strain and 4333 is really terrible in a suit contract; most players are not clairvoyant enough to predict that when they open 1NT then final contract will be in NoTrumps rather than a suit, that is unless they are a hog and bid a number of NoTrumps over whatever partner says!

So it really is so simple, deduct a point for 4333, it’s the worst shape possible. Anybody past the beginner’s stage should be able to grasp and appreciate this.



Dave’s Column           Here is Dave’s first input involving the play of the hand.


North               South               You are South, declarer in 3NT.

KQJ109       73                 West leads the 4 to East’s K and your A, plan the play.

543               AK86                                  

876               AKJ109                                     

75                AQ

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 23 from Wednesday 15th


Dealer:             KQJ109                                     West          North         East            South

South               543                                             -                 -                 -                 2NT

both vul            876                                            pass           3              pass           3 

                        75                                              pass           3NT           all pass


42                       N             A865             

92                   W    E          QJ107                  West leads the 4 to East’s K and your A.

Q54                    S              32                        Plan the play.

J106432                             K98                    






The ’s may have limited use in No Trumps, but they do serve one useful purpose. East must duck the first , to take it would give South four tricks. Having scored a trick, it would be an error for declarer to play a 2nd , East can take this and lead a to restrict declarer to 7 tricks.

Having scored one trick, declarer should immediately shift to ’s, finessing. The finesse loses but South has 1 , 2 ’s, 4 ’s and 2 ’s to make the contract.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 3NT+1 five times. 4= once.

The bottom lines: -

-     When you cannot establish enough tricks for 3NT in one suit (’s), you may need to grab a trick in another suit (’s) before turning to your main source of tricks. This can be very effective if the defenders cannot afford to take the first trick in the suit led by declarer.

-     I don’t know for sure where everybody at our club got the extra trick. I guess declarer led ’s twice and E-W had no count signals in this situation and East ducked again? So it looks like every declarer failed the test but got poor defence and thus an overtrick.

-     It is very important to give partner a count signal if dummy has a long suit missing the ace and no outside entry.

-     Playing normal count signals, West plays the 4 to trick one. It’s not totally obvious to East that it’s a doubleton (declarer may have 732) but with 732 South would probably be playing in a contract. So East should play South for two ’s and go up with the A on the second round of ’s (and thus defeat the contract with a return).


Dave’s Comment. Why not play in 4? – that makes +1 easy enough!


Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s second input involving the play of the hand.


West                East                  You are West, declarer in 4. North leads the 2 to the

KJ1083        Q94              3, J and you win with the K. Plan the play.

86                 74  

6                   AQJ2         

K10975       AQ63

Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 24 from Wednesday 15th  


Dealer:             A52                                            Table A

West                KQ1092                                     West(C)     North         East            South

Love all            K1053                                       pass           1              dbl             2

                        2                                                3    (1)      pass           4              pass

4              all pass

KJ1083              N             Q94               

86                 W      E          74                         Table B

6                        S              AQJ2                   West(C)     North         East          South

K10975                             AQ63                   pass           1              dbl           2

                        76                                              4    (1)      all pass


9874            (1)  What did you bid with this West hand C in this week’s quiz?

J84                     I don’t like the unnecessarily convoluted 3 bid at Table A

and would bid the straightforward 4 as at Table B.


Anyway, onto the play. North leads the 2 to the 3, J and you win with the K.

One of the opponents is ready to ruff a , probably the opening leader.

There may not be anything that will work to stop the loss of two ’s, the trump ace and a ruff or two – but you must try. Finesse the Q at trick two and when it wins, discard a on the A. To cut communications entirely and stop even one ruff, play the J and pitch the 2nd as North wins with the K. Now you will lose only the trump ace for eleven tricks.

It’s true that you will lose extra tricks if the finesse loses, but this gives you the best chance of making the contract.

And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 4*-1, 4-1 twice, 2+2 and 3-1 & 3= by North.



Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    1NT, perfect. Double, with 5 ’s and two doubletons, is ridiculous.

Hand B:     3NT. 13-15 and no 4-card major. I prefer this to 2 as a Qx holding is usually much better in declarer’s hand rather than dummy. Obviously I would not argue if you chose 2, it’s just that I prefer 3NT.

Hand C:    4. Although this hand is a little short on HCP’s, the known double fit in the black suits is sufficient for a shot at 4. When your partner will not know which of his cards are going to be especially useful, it’s a good idea to bid game and relieve the pressure on partner. Opposite this hand, the ‘right’ 10-count makes game very good while some much stronger hands will not be as useful.

Hand D:    (a)  Redouble, to show the balance of power and hopefully get a lucrative penalty.

(b)  Double, to show the balance of power and hopefully get a lucrative penalty.


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