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Mon 17th                  1st  Janne & Lars                  66%       2nd    Guttorm & Tomas            62%

Wed 19th      N-S     1st  Alan & Jean                   61%       2nd    Lewis & Paul Q                59%

                    E-W     1st   Terry & Guttorm            62%       2nd    Lars & BamBam              59%

Fri 21st         N-S     1st  Terry & Bob P               59%       2nd    Lars G & Lars B              57%

                    E-W     1st   Derek & Gerard             64%       2nd    = Guttorm & Tomas         55%

  = Knut & Rejar                55%

Ron Klinger web site



Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hands A and B you are in first seat, vulnerable

against not.

AQJ10432    AQ87643     

65                 83                 What do you open with Hand A?

863               J3                                   

8                  94                What do you open with Hand B?


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C partner opens 1, what do you bid?


A943            6

A952            QJ43            With Hand D partner opens 1, what do you bid?      

864               AK96

76                Q875


Bidding Sequence Quiz


E      1     pass   1      1         

dbl                                       What is dbl? – does it show  4 ’s or ’s?

F      1     pass   1      1         

pass   pass   dbl                   What is dbl? – does it guarantee 4 ’s?


The 2NT Response                          Board 6 (North) from Wednesday 19th 

6                         What did you bid with this hand D in this week’s quiz.

QJ43                  Assuming you do not play Jacoby 2NT or similar then 2NT is11-12

AK96                points and that is what one North bid. However, the bid is incorrect

Q875                 and 2 is best. Why? Because 2NT is not forcing and partner may have a

4-card suit and a 4-4 fit may get lost.

A Psyche?                                   Board 3 from Wednesday 19th 


I was not impressed with North’s (a grandmaster) bidding on this board.


Dealer:             A943                                          West          North(C)    East          South

South               A952                                          -                 -                 -               1        

E-W vul           864                                            pass           1    (1)      1            pass

                        76                                              pass           dbl   (2)      pass         2   (3)

all pass

105                     N             K8762                 

J10                 W    E          Q83                (1)  What did you bid with this North hand C

10532                 S              AK                       in this week’s quiz? This 1 bid is ridiculous

A10842                              J                           of course and not approved of in this club.

                        QJ                                        (2)  Attempting to recover from the bad turn of

K764                                         events.

Q9                                       (3)  Seems very reasonable to me       



So what’s this all about? North’s reasoning was apparently that if partner has a 4-card major then she will bid it and a psychic 1 bid could do no harm and a major suit fit will not be lost. Unfortunately East threw a spanner in the works and N-S’s fit was lost. North said that his double at (2) promised ’s – I (and South) disagree, it simply shows values.


And what happened? 2 went -1 for a poor score. Everybody else found their fit of course. The bottom lines: -

-         Bidding like this North’s 1 bid is not appreciated at this club, with a number of beginners around who think that they might learn from grandmasters.

-         There is absolutely no logical reason for bidding 1 other than hopefully preventing a lead against the final contract (i.e. a psyche). The drawbacks of this silly bid are that you may end up in a contract or a major suit fit may get lost (as actually happened) and also that your shenanigans will be reported to the director.

-         Psyches are not allowed at this club.

-         Why is it that good players have to resort to these silly tactics of stupid bids? Only a little while ago a good player was thrown out because of his subsequent rude and arrogant attitude having made a similar silly bid upon which I obviously commented.

-         Is it just that good players simply have to show ‘how clever they are’ by making ridiculous bids when straightforward good accurate bidding and good play will presumably get them good scores?

-         I believe that the answer to the above is no – we have had numerous internationals and grandmasters at our club, only two proved to be a problem. Most good players realize that they do not need to resort to silly bids when playing at club level.


Dave’s Column                   Here is Dave’s input involving the opening bid.


South                     What do you open with this Hand A, first seat, vulnerable against not?  





Dave’s Column answer                      Board 11 from Wednesday 19th  


Dealer:             K7                                              West          North         East            South(A)

South               AK32                                         -                 -                 -                 3 

Love all            A9752                                       pass           4              all pass


                                                                        What did you open with this South hand A in this

6                         N             985                 week’s quiz? You should open with 3, the hand

Q109            W      E          J874               has a fine seven-card suit and a little distribution.

QJ104                S              K                   This might be viewed as a slight overbid if

AJ1072                              KQ953          vulnerable, but there are good reasons why bidding three is better than bidding two.

                        AQJ10432                            The main reason is that 2 promises a 6-card suit

65                                        and South has 7 ’s. The second reason is that a

863                                      3 bid puts more pressure on the opposition.



And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 4 was bid 5 times, 3 pairs stopped in 3 and one pair stopped in 2. Everybody made 10 tricks except one pair who managed 11.

Note that Dave actually put the hand in as non-vulnerable, whereas I think that part of the point was that the dealer was vulnerable, as I said in the quiz.


The Club Championships

Here are the latest standings in the club competitions. Not much movement this week, except that Lard G has entered the race for the Gold Cup.



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5













1875.8 Hans Vikman

1843.8 Dave Cutler

1841.8 Sally Watson

1836.8 Lewis Berg

1825.1 Janne Roos

1802.2 Bob Pelletier

1801.8 Lars Gustafsson

1782.5 Ivy Schlageter

1727.5 Jan v Koss


672.7 Hans Vikman

663.6 Sally Watson

661.8 Dave Cutler

661.1 Jeremy Watson

653.4 Lewis Berg

650.9 Lars Gustafsson

642.9 Janne Roos

642.7 Ivy Schlageter

637.7 Tomas Wikman

636.1 Bob Pelletier



347.2 Hans Vikman

342.3 Dave Cutler

341.1 Jeremy Watson

341.1 Sally Watson

339.7 Lars Gustafsson

335.8 Lewis Berg 

335.3 Ivy Schlageter

329.9 Derek & Gerard

327.4 Tomas Wikman

326.2 Bob Pelletier




Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s 2nd input involving the play of the hand.


West                East                      You are West, declarer in 7 and North leads the K.

AKQ64        J532                 Plan the play when North shows out on the first round    

A94              KQJ                 of trumps to the A.

Q652            AK3          

8                  A64                       

Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 26 from Wednesday 12th 


Dealer:             -                                                 West            North       East            South

West                86532                                         1                pass         2NT (1)      pass

N-S vul            J987                                           3     (2)      pass         3    (3)      pass

                        KQJ9                                         3      (3)      pass         4NT (4)      pass

5     (5)      pass         5    (6)      pass

AKQ64              N             J532                    5NT   (7)      pass         7              all pass

A94                W    E          KQJ              

Q652                  S              AK3              (1)  Jacoby 2NT

8                                        A64                (2)  shortage

                        10987                                   (3)  cue bid

107                                      (4)  RKCB

104                                      (5)  3 (or 0) keycards

107532                                (6)  do you have the trump queen?

(7)  yes, but no outside king (5 denies the Q).

North leads the Q, plan the play.

It’s a lay down if trumps are 2-2 or 3-1, so you must consider a 4-0 break. You win with the A and should play a trump to the A. When North discards you could hope for a 3-3 break or for South to have at least 4 ’s, but there is a much better play.

Cross to table with the K and ruff a in hand. Return to dummy with a and ruff another . Cash the two remaining honours in hand, return to dummy with a , and remove South’s last with dummy’s J, discarding your loser. Your 13 tricks are 4 ’s, 3 ’s, 3 ’s, 1 and 2 ruffs in hand. This is a textbook dummy reversal.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? Just one pair (Lars & Bam Bam) bid 7 and they made it, well done. Seven pairs stopped in 6 and 4 of then made 13 tricks. The last pair stopped in 4 making 12 tricks.

The bottom lines

-         Sometimes you can generate an extra trick by ruffing twice (or 3 times) in the long trump hand and then draw trumps from the short hand, this is called a dummy reversal.


Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    3. It’s a good 7-card suit with reasonable distribution.

Hand B:     2. This hand has the worst possible shape outside the 7-card suit and the suit is not very solid. This is a rare example of when 2 might be better than 3 even though you have a 7-card suit.

Hand C:    1, obviously. 1, apart from being a silly bid, is a psyche.

Hand D:    2, 2NT is incorrect as it denies a 4-card suit.


Bidding Sequence Answers


E      1     pass   1      1          This is up to partnership agreement. Traditionally it shows

dbl                                       a 4-card suit. These days some play it as similar to a negative double (so showing 4 ’s).

F      1     pass   1      1          This is an ‘Action Double’. It shows the balance of power

pass   pass   dbl                   and gives the partner an opportunity to bid on or possibly pass for penalties. It does not guarantee 4 ’s, simply points.


 Ron Klinger web site