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Mon 8th                    1st  Karl & Rodion     64%           2nd Jeremy & Sally                         60%

Wed 10th                  1st  Karl & Jan           69%           2nd Alan K & Michael C                63%

Fri    12th                  1st  Karl & Jan           61%           2nd Arne & Terje                            59%


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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With hand A it is favourable vulnerability and RHO opens 1

in 3rd seat, what do you bid?

95                 8                  

A8732          AKQ1076    (a)  At favourable vulnerability, what do you open with Hand B?

A8                108              (b)  Suppose you choose 2 and partner bid 2NT, Ogust. What

KQ63          9863                  is your response?     


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C everybody is vulnerable. You pass as dealer and

                                                LHO opens 1. Partner makes a weak 2 jump overcall and

965               5432             RHO doubles (negative), what do you do?

AJ6              1052

K7654          A743           With Hand D LHO opens 1 and partner doubles.

92                95                (a)  What do you bid if RHO passes?

(b)  What do you bid if RHO bid 2?


Bidding Sequence Quiz


E      1      dbl     pass   1          How strong is the 1 bid?            

F      1      dbl     2     2          How strong is the 2 bid?            

G     1     dbl     redbl  1                             

pass   1      pass   pass      

        dbl                                             What is this double?


Ron Klinger web site



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1821.6 Janne Roos

1788.5 Hans Vikman

1784.6 Paul Quodomine

1759.6 Sally Watson

649.2 Janne Roos

639.3 Hans Vikman

636.2 Paul Quodomine

628.8 Sally Watson

616.9 Jeremy Watson

615.1 Lars Broman

611.1 Bob Short

609.2 Jean Wissing

609.0 Ivy Schlageter

607.6 Per Andersson

334.8 Janne Roos

329.0 Hans Vikman

326.9 Paul Quodomine

324.5 Sally Watson

321.8 Ivy Schlageter

321.7 Bob Short

321.3 Jeremy Watson

321.0 Per Andersson

316.1 Lars Broman

315.8 Gene Moats


The Tripple


Congratulations to Karl Buelens who achieved the elusive triple last week, actually having won four times in a row. I also note that Jan V Koss is making an impressive impact after his 6 month sabbatical. 



Ogust responses                                                  Board 9 from Monday 8th


Dealer:             8                                                 Table A

North               AKQ1076                                  West          North(B)  East            South

E-W vul           108                                            -                 2    (1)    pass           2NT (2)

                        9863                                          pass           3    (3)    pass           4    (4)

all pass

Q10                    N               J542            

85                   W    E            942                    Table B

AQ9763             S                J54                     West          North(B)  East            South

Q105                                   J42                     -                 3    (1)    pass           4

all pass






Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this North hand B(a) in this week’s quiz? 2 is obviously fine.

(2)   Ogust enquirey.

(3)   What did you bid with this North hand B(b) in this week’s quiz? This 3 response shows a maximum with points in the suit, but actually there is a specific response to show AKQxxx – 3NT.

(4)   It made no difference as South is always bidding 4 opposite a maximum with good ’s.

 Table B:    (1)  This North decided to open 3 because he also had a 4-card suit, this is also obviously fine.


And what happened? 6= (Sally of course), 4+1 three times, 5+1 and 3NT+1. 

The bottom lines: -

-     Playing Ogust, the 3NT response shows exactly AKQxxx

4-4 is better than 5-3                                            Board 11 from Monday 8th


N-S got a poor score at this table, who would you blame?


Dealer:             AQJ84                                 

South               5                                                 West          North         East          South

Love all            KQ74                                        -                 -                 -               1    (1)

                        983                                            2NT (2)      3    (3)      4            4

5             5    (4)      pass         5    (5)

9                         N               10532                 all pass

K10987          W    E            J632                 

3                         S                A985                 

KQJ1042                             5                       






(1)   Promising 4+ ’s playing a short .

(2)   Unusual, showing ’s and ’s.

(3)   There are more sophisticated defenses to the Unusual NoTrump (Unusual over Unusual) but this North clearly meant 3 as forcing.

(4)   This looks like a very sensible bid to me – inform partner of the 4- fit.

(5)   Why on earth South decided to remove a 4-4 fit into a 5-3 fit is totally beyond my comprehension.


And what happened? At the end of the game South blamed North, saying that she should pass and he would double 5. This is total nonsense of course as East would bid 5 which goes just one down. 5 is the optimum contract once West has bid 5 (and not allowed North to play in 4); North bid it and South blew it.

Results were 2h*(E)+1, 5(N)-3, 4(N)+1, 4(N)= twice, and 5*(W)-1.


So to answer the question (who’s fault), South is 100% to blame. He tried to argue his way out of it but he does not have a leg to stand on.

      The bottom lines: -

-     5-3 fits can play well (sometimes better than 4-4) but that is only when the hand with 3 trumps can ruff something. This South hand, with absolutely no ruffing power, should play in the 4-4 fit and thus be able to get two discards on the suit. Deep Finesse says that good defence will get a ruff but 5 still makes and that 5 cannot make.


After a redouble                                                   Board 25 from Wednesday 10th


Dealer:             Q863                                   

South               J85                                             West          North         East          South

E-W vul           AQJ7                                         -                 -                 -               1

                        97                                              dbl   (1)      redbl  (2)    1            pass  

1              pass   (3)    pass         dbl   (4)

A107                  N               95                       pass           pass           2           pass

AQ10763       W    E            4                        pass           dbl     (5)    all pass

 4                        S                K9653               

K42                                     J10863              






(1)   I would never dream of doubling with this hand, a 1 overcall is obvious, but then there would be no story to tell.

(2)   Showing the balance of power and looking for a penalty.

(3)   Showing an inability to double ’s (and so by inference showing ’s).

(4)   What would you bid here? This South thought that his double was showing ’s. It is not, it is penalties. 1 is the obvious bid.

(5)   North had no idea what was going on; the auction is forcing and he chose to double, in hindsight 2 would have worked better.


And what happened? 2*+1 scores a clear top for E-W. The bottom lines: -

-     After a redouble, all subsequent doubles are for penalties.

-     After the hand, South asked how he could show ’s at (4). He was told ‘bid them’.


A free bid                                                              Board 23 from Wednesday 10th


Dealer:             A109                                          West          North         East          South

South               AKJ876                                     -                 -                 -               pass

both vul            -                                                 1              dbl   (1)      2           2    (2)

KJ74                                          3              3    (3)      pass         pass

4              4    (4)      all pass

KQJ                   N               876                    

-                     W    E            Q943        (1)  Unlike the previous West hand, this is just

 KQJ102            S                9865              about good enough to double and then bid ’s     

Q10863                               A2            (2)  What did you bid with this South hand D(b) in

                        5432                                       this week’s quiz? 2 is totally absurd and pass

1052                                       is obvious; perhaps South was dazzled by the

A743                                    length and strength of this solid suit?      

95                                    (3)  Showing a strong hand with ’s

(4)   Since partner did not like ’s he must have very good ’s?     


And what happened? 4-5 was 500 away for a complete bottom.

The bottom lines: -

-         A free bid at the two level shows at least a good 7+ points and a good suit.

-         I do not call 5432 a good suit.

-     You are not obliged to respond to a take-out double if RHO bids, to do so shows values.

Paul’s Column                                         

Board 15 from Wednesday 10th

Dealer:             QJ8763                               

South               K64                                            West          North         East(A)    South

N-S vul            KQJ                                           -                 -                 -               pass

                        7                                                pass           1              pass (1)    pass

dbl   (2)      pass           2    (3)    2   

A42                    N               95                       pass           pass           3   (4)    all pass

Q10                W    E            A8732              

1052                   S                A8                     

A10982                                KQ63               






(1)   What did you bid with this East hand A in this week’s quiz? There are at least three unattractive alternatives.  2, which I think is a poor bid on this suit; 2(Michaels), which is even worse; double and squirm over partner's 2 bid; or pull the much underused green card and see what develops.  LHO has yet to make a call. 

(2)   What would you bid here?  My personal choice would be 2, with double ruled out by shortage in hearts and a slightly under-strength 1NT balance a possibility.  Partner actually doubled which is not a good action with only two of the unbid major.  Three to an honor would be acceptable. 

(3)   I produced a very quiet 2 as partner was balancing.

(4)   And we thus reached the optimal contract for us. 


If I had overcalled 2 at (1) partner would have been fully justified in raising to 3 with two aces and Q10 in support.  I feel strongly that two level overcalls show a good suit or extra length.  They should not be made on moderately balanced hands of intermediate strength with modest suits.  How many times has Terry written about re-opening doubles when the overcaller goes for 1100 against no game when overcalling 2 on hands like this?


The play also had some interest.  Winning the lead with the A I drew one round of trump with the K and led a to the 10 losing to the K.  Back came the K won by the A.  Now the A revealing the 3-1 break with RHO showing out, and clearing the Q I led the third round of ’s to my Q.  This allowed two discards from dummy when hearts broke 3-3 and thus 11 tricks.  The key was preserving an entry in trump, something players often overlook.  Clearing the trumps prematurely with K, Q, and a third to the A would leave the hearts blocked.  


Terry’s comment: Had East overecalled 2♥ and West raised to 3♥ does this make? The defence cannot do everything (set up a ♠ ruff, set up a ♣ ruff and establish a ). Declarer can lead a ♥ to the ♥10 at the first opportunity and clear trumps ASAP and then the ♣’s are good. Depending upon the defence it might even make 10 tricks.


Paul Again: 3, as the cards lie, would indeed work.  But if the hearts were banked to the left it could be poor compared with 3.  Playing in a major 5-2 as opposed to a minor 5-4 may sometimes work but it is generally to be avoided.


Terry’s comment: I agree, 3♣ is indeed the safest contract.

Paul’s 2nd Column                                  

Board 27 from Wednesday 10th

I might as well castigate myself for my glaring error on this deal. I was North.


Dealer:             A843                                   

South               932                                             West          North         East          South

Love all            -                                                  -                 -                 -               1

                        AQJ874                                     2              3    (1)      3            4

5              6   (2)      pass         pass (3)

Q62                    N               J                         all pass

A7                  W    E            QJ10864          

KQ87432           S                965                    

2                                          963                   






(1)  What would you bid here?  My choices were 3, 3, and 4.  I think in retrospect 4 might have been best but chose 3 (limit raise OR BETTER). 

(2)  Another tricky bidding problem. I bid 6 trusting partner to have a heart control and trying for a grand slam opposite something like KQxxx Axx Qxx Kx. 

(3)  6is better as it protects the K. 

A diamond was led and I won pitching a heart from hand and set about drawing trump with LHO having 3 and
RHO a singleton.  If the spades could be brought in I'd get another heart discard and make this.  So how do you play the spades?  Any 2-2 will see you home and a 3-1 with a singleton honor will if you take the right line.  I screwed it up.  LHO had shown 3 ’s, a heart suit, and surely at least 3 ’s, so it was THAT hand that was likely to hold a singleton spade (in this case the J) but I started spades with the ace having a fixation on RHO's having spade shortness.  I had succumbed to a fixation and failed to allow for the clues derived from the play.  Starting with a spade to the king, noting the J from LHO and assuming restricted choice I could finesse the 10 on the way back and pick up the suit.  The only case that mattered was when spades were 3-1 and figuring out who was more likely to hold three!


Terry’s Comment. Looks like everybody got the ♠’s wrong. 4♠ by South was played three times and everybody made just 11 tricks. A contract looks a bit safer to me as the (obvious?) ♥Q is a killer if North is declarer. And note that had Paul indeed splintered with 4 to show shortage then an astute East would not lead a .



                                                 <end of Paul’s Columns>

Raise partner’s pre-empt                  Board 13 from Monday 8th


Dealer:             965                                      

North               AJ6                                            West          North(C)    East          South

Both vul            K7654                                       -                 pass           1           2    (1)

                        92                                              dbl   (2)      pass (3)      3           pass

pass           pass (4)

Q3                      N               74                

K872              W    E            Q94                  

A1098                S                Q32                   

1063                                    AKQ54             






(1)   At unfavourable vulnerability opposite a passed partner, this hand is fine for a weak jump overcall.

(2)   Negative, showing  4 ’s.

(3)   What did you bid with this North hand C in this week’s quiz? I always raise partner’s pre-empt when holding three trumps and would do so here.

(4)   A balancing 3 is called for, but he should have bid it last go.


And what happened? 3 making turned out to be OK for N-S, but not as good as 3 making or pushing the opponents up a level!


      The bottom lines: -

-         I suspect that North did not bid 3 because of the vulnerability. But bridge is a partnership game and South would not have bid 2 without a hand about this good.

-         I am in the middle of reading the book “Murder at the Bridge Table” by Matthew Granovetter. He gives a huge number of good bridge tips and on page 48 under the title “Don’t let partner’s pre-empt go to waste” he says “Many pre-empts are squandered by partners who wont raise with three trumps. The fact is you should always raise partner’s pre-empt with three card support, regardless of the strength of your hand!”

-         I (Terry) totally agree.


Dave’s Column           Here is Dave’s input about the play of the hand.


AKQ102                                                      West      North         East            South

K3                                                                1          1              1NT           pass

98                                                                 2          pass           3              pass

J954                                                             4          all pass


    N               97653             You are North and lead two top ’s, declarer ruffing the

W    E            Q2                  second with the 8 and plays A,K and a ruff with the Q,

    S                AQJ4             partner playing high-low standard count. The 2 is led from

32                  dummy, partner plays the 4 and you win with the K.

What do you lead now?

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 24 from Wednesday 10th


Dealer:             AKQ102                                    Book Auction

West                K3                                              West          North         East            South

Love all            98                                              1              1              1NT           pass

                        J954                                           2              pass           3    (1)      pass

4              all pass

J                         N             97653            

AJ1098          W    E          Q2                  (1)  The book admits to this being a dubious bid

K532                 S              AQJ4             

AK6                                   32                       


7654             You are North and lead two top ’s, declarer ruffing the      

1076             second with the 8 and plays A,K and a ruff with the Q,

Q1087         partner playing high-low standard count. The 2 is led from

dummy, partner plays the 4 and you win with the K.

What now?      


It’s pretty clear that declarer’s original distribution was 1543 and both declarer and partner remain with 3 ’s. You can force declarer to trump either a or a and build up a trick for partner, but which is better?

The high is better because it allows partner to discard a . After declarer ruffs (if he doesn’t you will play a and force him to ruff) and draws two more rounds of trumps, he will try to take as many ’s as he can before South can ruff. Since you allowed partner to discard a , declarer can now cash only two ’s before partner ruffs and wins the Q.

Had you led a instead of a then declarer would have made his contract, as he would if you led a .


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? Nobody played in ’s! 3+2 twice, 2(N)-1, 2NT(E)= and 5*(S)-3.






Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s 2nd input the play of the hand.


North               South                       You are North, declarer in 4. East leads the J and

AKJ852        Q1094                  West wins with the A over dummy’s K. West     

Q5                KJ63                    continues with a , plan the play.

K542            J6                                         

5                  KQ4                                         



Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 22 from Wednesday 10th


Dealer:             AKJ852                                      Book bidding

East                  Q5                                              West          North         East            South

E-W vul           K542                                         -                 -                 pass (1)      pass   (2)

                        5                                                pass           1              dbl             redbl  (3)

2             2              pass           4

7                         N             63                         all pass

10872             W    E          A94               

1087                   S              AQ94             (1)  Many would open this hand.

A7632                                J1098             (2)  And many more would open this hand. 

                        Q1094                                  (3)  Jordan 2NT is the alternative.       


J6                  East led the J to the K, A and 5 and West returned a .

KQ4            How should North play to make the contract?


North threw a on the 2nd , took the Q, drew trumps and led a sly 5, tempting East. But East played low, took North’s Q on the next and led another . North then discarded a loser on the K but eventually had to lose two ’s.

North can succeed by giving East only losing options. After West shows the A, North knows that East has all of the remaining high cards for his double; So North should ruff the 2nd , leaving the Q in dummy, draws trumps and leads the 5. If East plays low, dummy wins and North discards the Q on the Q. If instead east takes his A, North can discard three ’s on theKJ and Q. This play is often called the Morton’s Fork.

Note that West can always defeat the contract with a shift at trick two.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 4= twice, 4-1 three times.




Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    Pass. This is Paul’s answer and if you chose something else then have a read of Paul’s column to know what he thinks of your bidding.

Hand B:    (a)  2, or 3 if you feel like it.

(b)  3NT, this shows AKQxxx of trumps.

Hand C:    3, always raise partner’s pre-empt with three card support.

Hand D:    (a)  1, you are forced to bid.

(b)  pass, a free bid of 2 here would show values (about 8-9) and a good suit.


Bidding Sequence Answers


E      1      dbl     pass   1         1 here is 0-8 points. 

F      1      dbl     2     2          2 is a free bid, and at the two level should be about 8-10 with a good, hopefully 5+ card, suit.          

G     1     dbl     redbl  1                             

pass   1      pass   pass       This double 100% penalties, as are all doubles after a redouble.

        dbl                                       If opener cannot penalize 1, he should bid 1, 1NT or 2.


 Ron Klinger web site