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Mon 15th                1st  Arne & Terje          66%           2nd Paul Q & Janne                        58%

Wed 17th                1st  Guttorm & Sally     62%           2nd Janne & Ivy                              59%

Fri    19th                1st  Mike & Royd         55%           2nd Bob & Robbie                          53%

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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A LHO opens 2 and partner doubles, what do

you do?

764               7

J1083           1076

54                 QJ1064         With Hand B RHO opens 1, what do you bid?

10765          AQ94

Ron Klinger web site



No Competition                                                    Board 2 from Wednesday 17th


It usually pays to compete in the auction when holding a suitable hand, look what happened when N-S were silent:


Dealer:             AQ85                                  

East                  84                                               West          North         East          South(B)

N-S vul            A9752                                        -                 -                 1           pass (1)

                        J5                                               1    (2)      pass (3)      1            all pass


K964                  N               J1032                

Q9532            W    E            AKJ             (1)  What did you bid with this South hand B

83                       S                K                        in this week’s quiz? A 1 overcall seems

87                                        K10632             clear to me.

                        7                                           (2)  With 9 cards in the majors I am not      

1076                                           passing 1♣.

QJ1064                                (3)  Double (showing ’s and ’s) looks     

AQ94                                         right to me.


And what happened? 1= was the only + score for E-W. Other results were 2-1, 3-1, 4*-3 and 4(s)= .


The bottom lines: -

-     You do not need opening values to overcall at the one level, this South hand is easily good enough.

Applying the brakes                                             Board 17 from Monday 15th


Dealer:             764                                             Table A

North               J1083                                         West          North(A)  East            South

love all              54                                              -                 pass         2              dbl

                        10765                                        pass           3   (1)    pass           3    (2)

dbl             pass         pass           4

103                     N               AJ9852               dbl             pass (3)    all pass

AQ64             W    E            2                       

K1082                S                Q63                    ‘Expert Table’

A98                                      432                    West          North(A)  East            South

-                 pass         2              dbl

                        KQ                                             pass           2NT (1)    pass           3   (4)

K975                                          pass           3    (5)    pass           pass

AJ97                                          dbl             all pass



Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this North hand A in this week’s quiz? 3 is the ‘obvious’ bid if you don’t play Lebensohl here. But this North felt sure (he was right) that if he bid 3 then partner would raise to the doomed doubled game. So he chose 3 which is much less likely to excite partner.

(2)   As suspected, South bid ’s

(3)   And unfortunately the bidding has taken a turn for the worst and N-S do indeed arrive at the 4-level despite North’s effort to stay low. I guess North should bid 4 here and resign himself to the fact that he was always going to be playing this in 4 doubled no matter what he did.

‘Expert’      (1)  Our experts play Lebensohl over a double of a weak two.

 Table         (4)  So 3 is forced

                  (5)  And North is able to show a very weak hand with ’s.


And what happened? 4* and 4* both went -2 to share the bottom. 3*-1 at another table was a good score.

The bottom lines: -

-     Perhaps left to the more experienced player; Lebensohl is great when partner’s 1NT is overcalled, but it can also be used in other situations such as when partner doubles a weak two bid.






Dave’s Column           Here is Dave’s input about the play of the hand.


West                East                      You are West, declarer in 4.

Q54              A83                  North leads the Q, plan the play.

KQ87           AJ943                                 

AK4             853                                      

AQ4             106


Dave’s Column answer                      Board 20 from Wednesday 17th


Dealer:             KJ92                                          Book Auction

West                10                                               West          North         East            South

Love all            QJ1097                                       2NT   (1)    pass           3              pass  

                        K72                                           3      (2)    pass           3NT           pass

4              all pass

Q54                    N             A83               

KQ87             W    E          AJ943                  My Table

AK4                   S              853                      West          North         East          South

AQ4                                   106                      1   (1)      pass           1            pass

                        1076                                           4    (3)      all pass              


62            (1) I guess most will open this 2NT, I deducted a point and bid 1.

J9853       (2) Had I opened 2NT, I would super-accept with 4 here.

(3) Showing a strong hand, 18-19 with 4 ’s and no shortage.


Assume that you are declarer as West and receive the Q lead. Plan the play, trumps are 3-1.


You might decide to draw trumps, ending in dummy. And play a to the Q. North wins and continues ’s. You win and play a to the A followed by a to the Q. That also loses and when North cashes a and the J you are down.

Did you play it that way? after all it’s 75%. But there are better chances. Win the lead, draw trumps and then cash the 2nd winner and exit with a . When North wins any continuation gives you your 10th trick.

You could also succeed as the cards lie via A, three rounds of ’s ending in dummy, followed by a finesse. North wins and plays another high . You win, cash the A and ruff the 4 and then exit with your last .

Exiting with the 3rd after drawing trumps is superior. If North wins it is all over, if South wins and switches to a low you can duck this to dummy’s 10 to make the contract.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 4= 4 times, 4+1 once.






Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s 2nd input the play of the hand.


North               South                       You are South, declarer in 6. West leads the 9

AKQJ           102                       which you win in dummy and lead the 6, East playing

6                   KJ1075432          the 9, which do you play? The K or the J?

A10982        -

AQ6             K92                                          




Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 22 from Wednesday 10th


Dealer:             AKQJ                                         Book bidding

East                  6                                                 West          North         East            South

E-W vul           A10982                                     -                 1             pass           1

                        AQ6                                           pass           2              pass           4

pass           4NT (1)      pass           4    (2)

9                         N             876543                 pass           6    (3)      all pass

Q                    W    E          A98               

KJ643                 S              Q75                (1)  RKCB

J107543                             8                    (2)  1 keycard (playing 0314)

                        102                                       (3)  Here we see the advantage of playing 1430.

KJ1075432                               With the most likely response of 1 keycard,

-                                                 4 playing 1430, then 4 can be used to ask

K92                                           for the trump queen and a safe 5 reached.


Anyway, you are in a dodgy 6 missing 4 trumps to the AQ. West leads the 9, how do you play? The task is simply to avoid two trump losers, so you play a trump from dummy. There is no hope if the trumps are 4-0. If trumps are 2-2, you need to guess whether to play East for the Q (finesse the J) or the A (play the K). If trumps are 3-1, only one layout will help you, a singleton Q. If East has the bare queen, you must play to the K at trick two. This caters for two layouts, East having Ax or Axx. Playing low to the J caters only for one layout, Qx with East.

Paul’s Comment: The 9 looks very much like a singleton, so surely any astute East will rise with the A at trick two to give his partner a ruff; after all, how is East to know if South has 7 ’s (say the KQJxxxx) or the motley 8 ’s he actually held? A bad problem.

And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 6=twice, 6NT-2. 6-1 and 4+1



Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    I bid 3. You can be pretty sure that if you bid the ‘obvious’ 3then partner will raise to a disastrous 4 which RHO is just waiting to double. If you play Lebensohl in this situation then 2NT is obviously correct and you can stop ‘safely’ in 3.

Hand B:    1. Normally with length and strength in RHO’s suit it is best to pass, but this 5-card suit is robust and there is absolutely no problem with a overcall at the one level.


Current Championship Standings



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1823.8 Janne Roos

1788.5 Hans Vikman

1787.6 Paul Quodomine

1768.3 Sally Watson

649.2 Janne Roos

639.3 Hans Vikman

636.2 Paul Quodomine

630.1 Sally Watson

616.9 Jeremy Watson

615.1 Lars Broman

612.3 Ivy Schlageter

611.1 Bob Short

609.2 Jean Wissing

607.6 Per Andersson

334.8 Janne Roos

329.0 Hans Vikman

326.9 Paul Quodomine

324.5 Sally Watson

321.8 Ivy Schlageter

321.7 Bob Short

321.3 Jeremy Watson

321.0 Per Andersson

316.1 Lars Broman

315.7 Jean Wissing


 Ron Klinger web site