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Mon 11th N-S   1st  Dino & Esko                  65%       2nd    Gerry C & Howard                52%

                E-W   1st  Kenneth & Ursula           63%       2nd    Popiov & Tom                       55%

Wed 13th N-S   1st  Gerry C & Sally             61%       2nd    Lars B & Jean = Bob P & Nick    56%

                E-W   1st  Olaf & Tom                    65%       2nd    Hans V & Janne                     59%          

Fri  15th    N-S   1st  Hans V & Paul Q           62%       2nd    Gerry C & Howard                53%

                E-W   1st  Dave & Tomas               56%       2nd    Torarinn & Value                    56%


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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 1NT and you bid 2, Stayman. Partner replies 2, what do you bid?          

96                 AQ10743    

A963            KJ10            With Hand B you open 1 and partner shows 4+ card

Q104            5                   support with slam interest. After a few bids you bid 4NT

K1085         AQ7             RKCB and establish that partner has the K, A and A.

What do you do now?


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Intermediates and tens count.                             Board 12 from Friday 12th  


Dealer:             10754                                         Table A

West                QJ                                              West          North         East(A)    South

N-S vul            965                                            1NT           pass           2           pass

                        AQJ7                                         2              pass           2NT (1)    pass

pass           pass          

AKJ8                  N               96                      

752                 W    E            A963                 Table B

AK                     S                Q104                 West          North         East(A)    South

9642                                    K1085               1NT           pass           2           pass

Q32                                            2              pass           3NT (1)    all pass





Table A:     (1)  What did you bid with this East hand A in this week’s quiz? 2NT is 8-9 and that’s what a couple of players bid.

Table B:     (1)  But if you have another look at the East hand A you will note that it has two tens and a couple of decent intermediates, so I think that it’s worth 3NT.


And what happened? 1NT+2 twice, 2NT+1 twice, 3NT= twice and 3NT+1

The bottom line:

-         A ten with another honour in the suit is generally worth about ˝ a point – especially in NoTrumps.





Dave’s Column                 Here is Dave’s second input on the play of the hand.


North               South                             You are South, declarer in 7 with no opposition

AQJ43          K                                bidding. West leads a trump, plan the play

8                   AQJ7                                  

AQ85           KJ74                                    

AJ7              Q954          

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 21 from Wednesday 13th  


Dealer:             AQJ43                                        Book Bidding

East                  8                                                 West          North         East          South

Both vul            AQ85                                        -                 -                 -               1    (1)

                        AJ7                                            pass           1              pass         2

pass           4              pass         4

862                     N               10975                 pass           4NT           pass         5

K9653            W    E            1042                   pass           5      (2)    pass         6    (3)

102                     S                963                     pass           7              all pass

1083                                    K62                  

K                                          (1)  Many will open 1 with this hand

AQJ7                                   (2)  Asking in ’s

KJ74                                    (3)  K but no Q apparently  



West leads a trump, often the safest lead against a grand slam. Plan the play.

If you are prepared to play for ’s 4-3 you can win the lead with the A and lead a to the A, followed by the 7 ruffed. Continue with a low to the J. When all follow, ruff another with the Q, cross to the K and draw the last trump. A to the A allows you to run the ’s allows you to run the ’s on which you discard three ’s and your last .

If it turns out that trumps are 4-1 when you play a to the J, you can play a to the Q, return to the K, draw the last trump and rely on the finesse.

Australian expert Ted Chadwick made 7 via a different route. He took the trump lead in hand and led the Q. When West played low he rose with dummy’s A and led two more rounds of trumps. Next came the K, A and Q covered by the K and ruffed. On the ’s declarer discarded three ’s and the loser.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? Nobody was in 7 of course. 6NT=twice, 6=, 3NT+3, 3NT=2 twice and 6NT-1.





Dave’s 2nd Column                 Here is Dave’s first input on the play of the hand.


West                East

AQ10743     KJ865                With no intervening bidding, West ends up as declarer in 6.

KJ10            AQ5                   North leads the K, plan the play.        

5                   A10                                     

AQ7             842                                     

Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 20 from Wednesday 13th  


Dealer:             92                                               bidding

West                9873                                           West          North         East            South

Both vul            KQJ8                                         1              pass           2NT (1)      pass

                        KJ9                                            3    (2)      pass           3    (3)      pass

4   (3)      pass           4    (3)      pass    

AQ10743           N             KJ865                 4NT (4)      pass           5   (5)      pass

KJ10              W    E          AQ5                     5NT (6)      pass           6    (7)      pass

5                         S              A10                      pass (8)      pass

AQ7                                   842               


642                                       North leads the K, plan the play.


                        10653                            (1)  Jacoby 2NT

(2)  shortage

(3)  cue bid

(4)  RKCB

(5)  0 or 3 keycards

(6)  What did you bid with this West hand B in this week’s quiz? You need the K opposite for the grand to be a good prospect and an efficient method of finding out if partner has this card is to play cheapest king responses to a RKCB king ask. Note that number of kings will not work if partner responds one king as it may be the K, which is worthless.

(7)  No kings – a  return to the trump suit denies a king.

(8)  With the K missing, West declines to bid a grand slam.

Anyway, onto the play in 6 with the K lead. The first time the hand was played declarer immediately recognized a chance for a strip and endplay. He took the A, drew trumps, and ruffed the last . He then cashed three ’s ending in dummy and led a low , intending to insert the 7 When South played low.

South rudely interrupted matters by playing his 10 instead of routinely playing low and the slam was defeated.

Against a sleepy South the plan would have worked. But to give himself a better chance at no cost, declarer should be in no rush to ruff dummy’s 10. Instead he should draw trumps and cash three winners. Then he leads the 10 from dummy. If South covers, declarer must ruff and cross to dummy, hoping for the endplay to succeed. The big payoff comes when South cannot cover the 10. Instead of ruffing, declarer discards a low and North is end-played, either leading into declarer’s AQ or conceding a ruff and discard.

And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 7-1, 6= twice, 3NT+3, 4+2 and 6-2 twice. I note that one of our best players did indeed find the expert play of stripping the ’s and running the 10, but unfortunately he was in 7!


Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    3NT – the two useful tens and intermediates make this hand too good for an invitational 2NT

Hand B:    5NT – provided that you play cheapest king responses. If you play the number of king responses then you have no idea what to do with a one king response - you want to be in a grand if it’s the K but in 6 if it’s the K.

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