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Mon 12th N-S   1st  Bengt & Guttorm              61%       2nd    Hans V & Jean                       54%

                E-W   1st  Janne & Paul Q               63%       2nd    Dave H & Tony C                   58%

Wed 14th            1st  Janne & Jan                    58%       2nd    Terry Q & Paul Q                  57%          

Fri  16th              1st  Janne & Jean                  62%       2nd    Jan & Tonni                            56%


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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A it’s love all. Partner opens 1 and RHO overcalls with a weak 2, what do you bid?

A9852          J9754                                  

AJ73            AJ8              What do you open with Hand B?

QJ2              AJ                

J                   AK7            


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C it’s love all. You open 1 and LHO overcalls with a weak 2. This is passed to you, what do you do?

10                 7632                                    

K106            6                   With Hand D partner opens 1NT

AK10865     A92             (a)  What do you bid if 1NT is 15-17?

K54             AJ1076        (b)  What do you bid if playing Acol, so 1NT is 12-14?


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E you open 1, partner bids 1 and RHO comes in with 2, what do you bid?

QJ6              AK63                        

A1076          97                 With Hand F you open 1, partner bids 1 and RHO comes in

AJ97             J                    with 2, what do you bid?

J2                 AQ9754                    


Hand G           Hand H           With Hand G partner opens 1NT. What do you bid and what do you plan to do next?

AK               AK1065                              

KQ               75                 With Hand H partner opens 1 and you bid 1. Partner then bids

A643            AJ6               2, what do you do?     

KQ874        K86



Bidding Sequence Quiz


J      1NT   pass   4NT                What is 4NT?


K     1     pass   1      2       

2NT                                     How strong is the 2NT bid here?

Ron Klinger web site

The Re-opening Double                                      Board 1 from Wednesday 14th  


When playing negative doubles, don’t forget the ’automatic’ re-opening double.


Dealer:             10                                               Table A

North               K106                                          West          North         East          South(A)

Love all            AK10865                                  -                 1             2    (1)    dbl   (2)

                        K54                                           pass           3              pass         3NT

all pass                        

J                         N               KQ7643            

Q54                W    E            982                     Table B

943                    S                7                        West          North(C)    East          South(A)

A87532                                1096                  -                1             2    (1)    pass (2)

A9852                                        pass           dbl   (3)      pass         pass

AJ73                                          pass




Table A:     (1)  A weak - weak jump overcall, but I guess it’s OK non-vulnerable?

                  (2)  What did you bid with this South hand A in this week’s quiz? A NT bid is possible, but double (negative, showing 4 ’s) is better. But I was South at Table B and chose another bid.

Table B:     (2)  This was what I bid in answer to question A. It may or may not be best, but I hoped partner would re-open with a double and we would get a penalty exceeding the expected 400+ for a non-vul game.

(3)  What did you bid with this North hand C in this week’s quiz? Now some say that you should not re-open with a double when holding a singleton in the over-called suit, but with these top cards, the 10, and presumably a lead from partner, double looks right to me – and if partner does not have a penalty hand then 3 should be fine.


And what happened? 2* went -5 for 1100. Other results were 3NT+3 three times. 5+1 and 7**-2

The bottom line:

-     If you want to penalize an overcall when playing negative doubles, then pass and partner will usually re-open with a double.


Dave’s Column           Here is Dave’s first input on declarer play of the hand.


North               South                           West          North         East            South

AK1065       7                               -                 -                 -                 1     

75                 A62                          pass           1              pass           2

AJ6               K10975                   pass           2    (1)      pass           2NT

K86             AQ52                       pass           3NT           all pass                       (1) 4th suit


You are South, declarer in 3NT. West leads the K and East plays an encouraging card. West continues with the 4 to the J. You duck again but must win the 3rd round with the A with West playing the 10. What is the layout of the suit and how do you continue?               

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 11 from Wednesday 14th      


Dealer:             AK1065                                     Book Bidding

South               75                                               West          North(H)    East            South

Love all            AJ6                                            -                 -                -                 1

                        K86                                           pass           1              pass           2

pass           2    (1)      pass           2NT   (2)

983                     N             QJ42                    pass           3NT

KQ1094         W    E          J83                      

Q832                  S              4                     (1)  What did you bid with this North hand H in      

4                                        J10973                 this week’s quiz? 2 - 4th suit forcing        is the

                        7                                                best bid, looking for 3NT or 4.

A62                                      (2)  Promising a stop. Showing a stopper is the

K10975                                     first priority when partner bids 4th suit forcing



West leads the K and East plays an encouraging card (the 3 if playing low to encourage or the 8 if playing high to encourage). West continues with the 4 to the J. Declarer ducks again but must win the 3rd round with the A with West playing the 10. What do you think the layout of the suit is and how do you continue?

West is 99% to hold the Q, even though East’s J did not deny that card; West would have led a low card from K104 and the 10 or low from K1094. If West started with KQ104 and East J983 it doesn’t matter how you play the suit. If, however, West started with KQ1094, you cannot afford to lose a trick to him.

Play the 10 from hand and run it unless West covers. Continue with a to the J and claim the rest when it holds.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 3NT+1 twice, 3NT= twice, 3+2 and 3NT-3.




Dave’s 2nd Column         Here is Dave’s second problem on the play of the hand.


     N                732                     West          North       East            South

W      E            K9                      1NT           pass         2NT           pass

 S                 AJ1062              3NT           all pass



J84                           You are South, defending 3NT. North leads the 6 playing 4th best

KQ5                         leads, dummy plays low and declarer takes your J with the A.    

65                            West then leads a to the 10 which you win. Do you now play

the K or a ?
Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 12 from Wednesday 14th    


Dealer:             6                                                 Book Bidding

West                Q107632                                    West          North         East            South

N-S vul            73                                               1NT           pass           2NT           pass

                        J1094                                         3NT           all pass


A1095                N             732                

A5                  W    E          K9           

984                     S              AJ1062          

AKQ2                                873               






I (Frank Stewart) suspect that after E-W reached 3NT, South was willing partner to lead a . Alas, North failed to get the message and led the 6 (4th best). West won with the A and let the 9 ride. South took the K and with hardly a pause for thought, tabled the K.

Do you agree with this play?

West took the A and lost another finesse to the Q. South then cashed the QJ, but as declarer held A1095, he claimed the rest, making his game.

Since declarer’s ’s had been Ax, South would beat 3NT if he returned a at trick three. Did South make a clear error or was he unlucky? 

The K switch looked like all but a sure thing muttered South after the contract made.

After West took the A and lost a finesse at trick two, South shifted to the K. He wound up with two ’s and two ’s, but West made his game. A continuation by South at trick two would have beaten the contract.

The ‘sure thing’ actually lay with North’s ’s. Assuming North’s 6 was his 4th highest , the A could be West’s only higher . (South can apply the Rule of Eleven, subtracting partner’s spot card from 11 to learn that dummy, declarer and himself have only 5 ’s higher than the 6 and South can see all five of them once the A appeared).

If South returns a when he takes the first he can lead his last later and North will run the ’s for two down. South’s actual defense was unsound as there was no reason why West couldn’t hold A1095.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 3NT+1, 3NT= twice, 3=, 3NT-1 and 3NT-2.





Hand Evaluation                                                  Board 16 from Monday 12th  


I disagree with the club’s three top players on this one:-


Dealer:             8                                                 Table A

West                K763                                          West          North         East(B)     South

E-W vul           Q87432                                      pass           pass           1    (1)    pass

                        J10                                             1NT           pass           2NT (2)    pass

pass (3)                       

KQ                     N               J9754                

10542             W    E            AJ8                    Table B

6                         S                AJ                      West          North         East(B)     South

Q85432                               AK7                   pass           pass           1    (1)    pass

A10632                                      1NT           pass           3NT (2)    all pass





Table A:     (1)  What did you open with this East hand B in this week’s quiz? This is bid chosen by everybody I believe, but I would have opened 1NT.

(2)   Of course you have to bid this now, but with this miserable suit this contract may well be in jeopardy if partner is minimum, and if he thinks he has values for game then your hand will be a disappointment.

(3)   This is very close. The KQ in partner’s 5-card suit are good cards and if East had a real 18-19 then I would not argue with a 3NT bid here; but this pair were playing 4-card majors and West had no idea if East had 5 ’s or not.

Table B:     (2)  I consider the 2NT above to be an overbid, this 3NT is ridiculous of course but one player did bid it!


And what happened? Scores were all over the place, but 2NT is the limit of the hand. Three pairs did bid to the unmakeable 3NT, but the all made it! I don’t see how as both North and South have an obvious lead. Maybe South led the 5 and blocked the suit but it was made by West twice which looks impossible to me unless South subsequently blocked the ’s.

The bottom lines:

-         So how much is this East hand B worth? Paul Q thought about it for a while and opened 1 when partnering Janne. At the end of the deal both Janne and Hans V agreed with Paul and said that the 1 opening was obvious. Paul’s argument was that if partner has 4 ’s and around 6 points then you may miss game if you open 1NT. That’s true, but it’s much more likely that you will go down in 2NT when partner is minimum or go down in 3NT if partner has 7 or so points as here. It was very lucky that West had 6 ’s and so could take 8 tricks off the top on a lead, give him just 5 ’s and 2NT is going down. So, I disagree with all three of them and 1NT is my answer to question B.

-         Hand B has three aces its true, but the 5-card suit is horrible – points belong in long suits, and the hand is not worth 18 points in my opinion.


Gerber                                                                  Board 2 from Wednesday 14th  


A direct 4 Gerber bid is rarely a good choise (that’s why many play South African Texas). However, a simple Gerber bid easy reaches the correct contract on this deal. I give only the one biding sequence as the others I heard of are too embarrasing to print.


Dealer:             AK                                             West          North(G)    East          South

East                  KQ                                             -                 -                pass         1NT

N-S vul            A643                                          pass           4   (1)      pass         4    (2) 

                        KQ874                                      pass           7NT (3)      all pass


Q9852                N               43                 (1)  What did you bid with this North hand G in

765                 W    E            J9842                 this week’s quiz? This is one of the rare

10                       S                98732                occasions where a 4 Gerber bid is best.

110962                                5                        With this hand, you only need to know if

J1076                                         there is an ace missing or not.

A103                                    (2)  Two aces. 

KQJ                                     (3)  Pessimistic people may ask for kings, but  

AJ3                                            7NT must be a good bet even if there is a

king missing.



And what happened? 7NT=twice, 6NT+1, 6+1 and 5NT+2 twice. So just 33% of the club reached the grand with 37 points and 14 top tricks! The bidding given gets you there, and it also does if North asks for kings at (3). The other player to bid the grand simply bid 7NT at (1), which I think is silly (there could be an ace missing and it costs nothing to check), and all of the rest lost their way somehow.

The bottom line:

-         37 points is usually enough for the grand!

-         Remember that if you bid 4 Gerber, then 5 asks for kings and 4NT is a sign-off.


The 2NT rebid


We all know that if we open 1x and partner responds 1y, then a jump to 2NT shows 18-19. But what about the situation where we open 1x, partner responds 1y and RHO bids at the two level. What does 2NT show now? These two hands come from Friday 16th.


Hand E                                           West        North(E)    East        South           North Board 12

QJ6                                            pass         1              pass       1

A1076                                        2            2NT   (1)    …….


J2                       What did you bid with this North hand E in this week’s quiz? This 2NT bid

is wrong as it shows about 18-19 points. You should pass or double to show 3 ’s if you play Support Doubles.


Hand F                                           West        North(F)    East        South           North Board 5

AK63                                         -               1             pass       1

97                                               2            2NT   (1)    …….


AQ9754             What did you bid with this North hand F in this week’s quiz? This 2NT bid

is wrong as it shows about 18-19 points. You should pass or else double if you play that as penalties.


The Bottom Lines:

-         When partner responds at the one level he is only promising 6+ points and so you need 18-19 to jump to 2NT. If partner responds at the two level then he has 10+ and so 2NT is just 12-14. But if partner responds at the one level and RHO bids at the two level then partner probably does not have 10+ and so with a balanced 12-14 you should pass.

-         The thing to note is, who has pushed up the bidding to the two level? If it is partner then you can bid 2NT with 12-14 but if it is RHO you cannot and you need the traditional 18-19.

-         You can stretch the points slightly, but 13 or 14 are simply not good enough.



The Tripple


Well done Janne on winning the triple – with three different partners. He has now won it three times in a row and five times in all and so equals the club record for the most number of triples.

Numbers Up!


The club has been doing particularly well for the last 6 months or so, with about 2-3 tables more than the previous year. I’m sure that our policy of keeping it a friendly club – and throwing out the riff-raff – has a lot to do with it. So far this year we have had to throw out just one member. I’ve heard of football hooligans but a bridge hooligan – really! Yes! This arrogant individual actually initiated a brawl in the club, the origins of which were his own stupid inability to tell the time, understand dates, and no comprehension whatsoever of the word deadline. Be assured that we will keep the club friendly and garbage WILL continue to be THROWN OUT.

Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    Pass. That’s if you play negative doubles and partner will likely re-open with a double. A negative double (showing 4 ’s) is the alternative with 3NT a poor 3rd choice.

Hand B:    1 or 1NT? Hans V, Paul Q and Janne all vote for 1 (with a jump NT rebid in mind), and I expect that every man and his dog will open 1 without giving it a second thought. But I think that this is a poor 18 and would downgrade to a 1NT opening. Just look at that miserable suit – points belong in long suits.

Hand C:    Double. Partner probably has a penalty double hand and this hand has good defensive cards and the presumed lead should be a good start.

Hand D:    (a)  2, Stayman, and then 2NT if partner bids 2 or 2.

(b)  Pass. You cannot afford the luxury of finding out if partner as a suit as if he does not then a subsequent 2NT bid by you promises 11-12 points when playing Acol. One of the club’s top players did bid 2 on Wednesday, I suspect that he forgot and is too used to playing a strong NT?

Hand E:    Pass. You do not have the values (18-19) to bid 2NT. If you play Support Doubles then you can double to show 3 ’s.

Hand F:     Pass. You do not have the values (18-19) to bid 2NT. If you play double as penalties here then that is the alternative.

Hand G:    4, Gerber. If partner has the expected two aces then either check for kings with 5 or else simply bid 7NT.

Hand H:    2, 4th suit forcing (I play it as game forcing by an unlimited hand). If partner has a stop he will bid NoTrumps and otherwise he will bid 2 with three ’s.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers


J      1NT   pass   4NT                4NT is generally played as quantitive here, with 4 Gerber asking for aces.


K     1      pass   1      2        2NT here should be 18-19. Remember, it is an opponent and

2NT                                     not partner who has pushed the bidding up to the two level.


Current club championship standings



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1819.6 Janne Roos
1777.3 Hans Vikman

649.0 Janne Roos

641.2 Hans Vikman

638.2 Paul Quodomine

620.3 Tomas Wikman

619.8 Lars Broman

612.8 Jean Wissing

609.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

594.9 Bengt Malgren

580.6 Jan v Koss

580.4 Holger Renken

330.4 Janne Roos

329.6 Tomas Wikman

327.9 Hans Vikman

323.3 Paul Quodomine

322.9 Lars Broman

320.3 Jean Wissing

319.6 Sally Watson

319.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

320.3 Jean Wissing

308.2 Bob Short


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