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Mon 26th N-S    1st  Jeremy & Sally               66%       2nd    Jean W & Tonni                     56%

E-W   1st  Alan K & Paul Q            64%       2nd    Dave C & Terry Q                 58%

Wed 28th            1st  Alan K & Paul Q            60%       2nd    Jean W & Tomas                   60%          

Fri  30th              1st  Alan K & Paul Q  =  Paul K & Sean B       60%


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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B                 With Hand A partner opens 1, what do you bid?


Q2                A                                               

AQ52           4                         With Hand B you open 1 and partner responds 2,   

98                 AKQJ76             what do you bid?        

AK432         Q10875


Bidding Sequence Quiz


C     1      pass   2     pass                               

2                                                Is 2 forcing?

D     1      pass   2     pass                               

3                                                What is 3?


Ron Klinger web site


Current club championship standings



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1820.4 Janne Roos
1817.3 Paul Quodomine
1777.3 Hans Vikman


649.0 Janne Roos

641.2 Hans Vikman

638.3 Paul Quodomine

623.4 Tomas Wikman

619.8 Lars Broman

615.9 Jean Wissing

609.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

594.9 Bengt Malgren

586.4 Bob Short

583.2 Johan Bratsburg


330.4 Janne Roos

329.6 Tomas Wikman

327.9 Hans Vikman

324.8 Sally Watson

323.4 Paul Quodomine

322.9 Lars Broman

320.3 Jean Wissing

319.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

308.2 Bob Short

305.7 Bengt Malmgren




The Tripple

Congratulations to Paul Quodomine and Alan Kleist who won all three sessions last week. That is now Paul’s third triple.


Blackwood with ’s as Trumps                           Board 7 from Wednesday 28th April


The lower ranking the agreed suit is, the more problems you may have with Blackwood or Roman Keycard Blackwood.


Dealer:             Q2                                              West          North(A)    East          South(B)

South               AQ52                                         -                 -                 -               1

both vul            98                                               pass           2   (1)      pass         4NT (2)

                        AK432                                       pass           5   (3)      pass         pass (4) 


J9865                 N               K10743             

J9763             W    E            K108                 

53                       S                10042                

6                                          J9                      






(1)   What did you bid with this North hand A in this week’s quiz? Some said that North should bid 1 but I agree with this 2 bid (with a view to bidding ’s if necessary next go). This then shows the shape and promises a game-forcing hand.

(2)   What did you bid with this South hand B in this week’s quiz? I don’t like this jump into RKCB, if you play 0314 responses you are in a fix if partner bids 5.

(3)   0 or 3 keycards

(4)   This South took the pessimistic view that partner had 0 keycards and passed.


So what’s the solution? A 3 splinter at (2) would elicit a 4 cue bid from North and then if South bids 4NT RKCB the 5 answer must be 3 keycards as North has already promised the A. But there are alternatives that solve the problems of RKCB in this and other situations when minor suits are trumps. Paul Q and I have agreed that 4-of-the-minor is RKCB. An equally good option is to play Kickback, where 4 of the suit above trumps is RKCB.


And what happened? 6NT+1, 6=, 5+2 twice, 5+2 and 4NT+3.

The bottom line:

-         Experienced or established pairs should have an alternative to 4NT as RKCB when minor suits are trumps.


Dave’s Column           Here is Dave’s first input, a defensive problem.                                                

 N                -                                           West        North       East      South

W      E            1052                                     -               -               3        dbl

 S                 AK109864                           pass         5           all pass



AKQ3                                        You are East, on lead against 5. You play the A and

73                                               partner plays an encouraging 2, how do you continue?


Dave’s Column answer                      Board 10 from Wednesday 28th      


Dealer:             854                                             Book Bidding

East                  96                                               West          North         East            South

both vul            J5                                               -                 -                3              dbl

                        AKQJ63                                    pass           5             all pass      


Q97632              N             -                          

J874               W    E          1052                     You are East and lead the A. Playing low

Q2                      S              AK109864           to encourage, partner plays the 2 and North

2                                         875                       the J. How do you continue?






You should continue with the 10, a suit preference signal for ’s. How can you be sure that partner will take the trick? Consider partner’s possible holdings, partner cannot have 52 as he would have played the 5 to discourage and he is marked with either a singleton or the Q. The argument is similar if you play high to encourage and partner is still marked with either the Q or a singleton.

In short, it is completely safe to lead a lower and you might as well make a suit preference signal with the 10.

Note that West should not play the Q at trick one as that promises the jack or a singleton.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 5= three times, 4=, 3(E)-1 and 4*=.



Dave’s 2nd Column         Here is Dave’s second problem, again on defense.


Dealer:             Q84                                           

West                AQ973                                       West          North         East            South

N-S vul            QJ10                                          pass           1              2             pass

                        43                                              2NT           pass           3NT           all pass


                              N             K96               

                          W    E          K6                

                              S              82                  



You are North and elect to lead the Q and partner plays a discouraging card. Declarer wins with the K and leads a low , how do you defend?   

Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 11 from Wednesday 28th    


Dealer:             Q84                                            Book Bidding

West                AQ973                                       West          North         East            South

N-S vul            QJ10                                          pass           1              2             pass

                        43                                              2NT           pass           3NT           all pass


753                     N             K96                You are North and elect to lead the Q and

J1085             W    E          K6                 partner plays a discouraging card. Declarer

AK9                   S              82                  wins with the K and leads a low , how do

Q98                                   AKJ1072       you defend?     






It all starts with assuming declarer has six tricks by assuming the ‘Law of Unattended Suits’ which states that if a long suit missing one honour appears in dummy and declarer ignores the suit, then declarer has the missing honour. Count on it. So what do you do:

Partner has discouraged in ’s and so declarer started with the AK. If you duck the heart, the K will be declarer’s ninth trick. Your only hope is to rise with the A and play the Q. Partner needs good ’s (AJ10x) for this to work but it’s your only chance, so take it. And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 3NT= four times and 3+1 twice.


No Psyches Please                                               Board 29 from Monday 21st April


Psyching is not allowed in this club. This is clearly stated in the rules and was first mentioned in detail in news-sheet No.3, way back in 2002.


94                       This West hand was held by a very experienced American player, partnered

K543                  by an equally experienced American. They were facing a pair of ladies, one

A952                  of whom was very inexperienced. The American opened this with 1 in

1063                  3rd seat. This is totally unacceptable. Time for a quote from the ACBL:

‘People who employ psychic bids against less experienced players may be guilty of unsportsmanlike behaviour’. Anyway, psyches are not allowed in this club and the score was re-set to 50% for everybody.

Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    2. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with a 1 bid, but I prefer to bid the ’s and then the ’s next go – showing a strong hand with 5+’s and 4 ’s.

Hand B:    3, a splinter agreeing ’s. If you bid 4NT RKCB and play 3014 responses then a 5 response leaves you not sure if partner has 0 or 3 keycards.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answer


C     1      pass   2     pass                               

2                                                2 is forcing …

D     1      pass   2     pass       … and so 3 is best played as a splinter, agreeing ’s

3                                                with shortage.


 Ron Klinger web site