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Mon 9th          1st  Jeremy & Sally                   63%       2nd    Bob P & Robbie                    61%

Wed 11th        1st  Hans V & Janne                 62%       2nd    Paul Q & Terry Q                  59%

Fri  13th          1st  Hans V & Paul Q               63%       2nd    Dave C & Ivy                         58%

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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A RHO opens 1, what do you bid?


AQ1085       AJ7                                      

108               QJ95            With Hand B RHO opens 1, what do you bid?

AKQ9          J1065           

Q10             A7                                            


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C RHO opens 1, what do you bid?


KQ32           KQ43

K752            986               With Hand D RHO opens 1 and you pass. LHO bids 2 and

AQ63           87                 partner bids 2. RHO passes, what do you bid?

7                  AJ103         


Hand E            Hand F            With Hand E RHO opens 3, what do you bid?


4                   AKQJ10872

A2                AKQJ

AKQJ9         -                   What do you open with Hand D and what is you plan in the

KJ532          K                 bidding?    


Bidding Sequence Quiz


G     3      3NT                          is this 3NT overcall here unusual (minors) or something else?

Ron Klinger web site

Current club championship standings



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1880.2 Janne Roos

1864.0 Hans Vikman

1860.7 Paul Quodomine
1714.6 Johan Bratsberg

669.2 Janne Roos

655.4Hans Vikman

640.1 Paul Quodomine

628.3 Sally Watson

626.8 Tomas Wikman

619.8 Lars Broman

615.9 Jean Wissing

610.7 Johan Bratsburg

610.0 Derek & Gerard

609.5 Duplessy & Coutlet


344.6 Janne Roos

337.6 Hans Vikman

329.6 Tomas Wikman

325.4 Sally Watson

323.4 Paul Quodomine

322.9 Lars Broman

322.7 Derek & Gerard

320.3 Jean Wissing

319.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

316.0 Sigurd Zahl



Silly ‘take-out’ doubles – part 1                          Board 3 from Monday 9th August


Dealer:             KJ764                                        West(A)     North         East            South

South               4                                                 -                -                 -                 1

E-W vul           1073                                          dbl   (1)      1NT (2)      pass           2

                        K743                                         2    (3)      pass (4)      pass           3    (5)

all pass      

AQ1085             N             3                          

108                 W    E          K752                   

AKQ9                S              J84                 

Q10                                   J9865            






(1)   What did you bid with this West hand A in this week’s quiz? This West chose a take-out double. Now it is generally accepted by the vast majority of experienced bridge players that a take-out double should be playable in the three unbid suits or else too strong for a simple overcall. I agree with this bid as it probably is a bit too good for a simple 1 overcall.

(2)   Here’s where we start with the silly stuff. North asked what the double was and if it promised ’s. I was East and said that it was simply a take-out double. North felt that he should not bid his suit and chose 1NT, I would simply show my hand by bidding 1.

(3)   Showing a good hand with ’s.

(4)   North later explained that he did not double because he ‘knew’ partner would bid 3.

(5)   I guess that maybe North was right? I can see no justification for South to bid this hand three times – he has already shown an opener with six ’s.                          


And what happened? 3 went -2 for the only + score to E-W, 2 goes down of course.


Silly ‘take-out’ doubles – part 2                          Board 22 from Monday 9th August


Dealer:             1053                                           West          North         East            South(B)

East                  103                                            -                 -                 1              dbl   (1)

E-W vul           A104                                          pass           2             2              2NT (2)

                        KJ852                                        all pass


9                         N             KQ8642         (1)  What did you bid with this South hand B(a) in

762                 W    E          AK84                   this week’s quiz? I don’t like this double at all,

K983                  S              Q2                       the concept of doubling to show an opening

Q9643                               10                        hand went out in the stone age and I would pass

                        AJ7                                      (2)  What did you bid with this South hand B(b) in        

QJ95                                         this week’s quiz? Obviously you should not be

J1065                                          in this predicament, but pass is clear. This 2NT

A7                                              bid shows a hand too good for a 1NT overcall in most people’s style.


And what happened? South got his asked-for bottom when 2NT went one down. 2-1 by East was the popular contract. The bottom line: South said that he was not strong enough to overcall 1NT (but bidding 2NT over partner’s minimal response was acceptable?).

Silly ‘take-out’ doubles – part 3                          Board 22 from Monday 9th August


Dealer:             AJ974                                         West          North         East(C)      South

North               QJ                                              -                 1              dbl   (1)      1NT

E-W vul           872                                             all pass

                        KQ4                                          all pass


106                     N             KQ32             (1)  What did you bid with this East hand C in

9643               W    E          K752                    this week’s quiz? I don’t like this double at

J104                    S              AQ63                  all, and would simply pass. 1NT is a pushy

AJ83                                  7                          alternative if you have no green cards.






And what happened? West led a , quite reasonable if East really had a take-out double, and South made the contract for a joint top.


Silly ‘take-out’ doubles – Summary


This article was prompted by North’s dubious question in part one. But, he does have a point! Everybody is entitled to know any deviations from ‘standard’ in the opponents’ agreed bidding. Apparently Robbie (part 2) and Sally (part 3) play that a double simply shows opening values. THI S IS NOT ‘STANDARD’. Of course you can play whatever system you like, but any agreements that deviates from what is ‘standard’ need to be alerted. So, if you adhere to this policy of making a take-out double simply to show points, then this NEEDS TO BE ALERTED by your partner, this new rule was agreed to by the club’s senior players.


What is generally played as a take-out double is on the web-site in the beginner’s bidding section. Basically it should be either:


a)      Short (0,1 or 2) in the suit opened and playable (3+ cards) in the three unbid suits.

b)      A single suited hand too good for a simple overcall

c)      A NoTrump hand too good for a 1NT overcall.


If your partner frequently deviates from this then the double needs to be alerted. Take out doubles in the pass-out seat may be any shape and need not be alerted. Also take-out doubles of pre-empts may be any shape as there is not that much bidding space for alternative bidding.


Dave’s Column                         Here is Dave’s 1st problem, on the play of the hand.


North               South                                       Bidding

KQ43           AJ1098                                 West              North           East            South

986               73                                         1                  pass             2              2

87                 KJ                                         pass               4                all pass

AJ103          Q984


You are South, declarer in 4. West leads a top and East encourages. West continues with the 4 to East’s Q. East switches to the 2. What is the position and which do you play?

Dave’s Column Answer            Board 16 from Wednesday 11th August


Dealer:             KQ43                                         Book Bidding

West                986                                             West          North(D)    East            South

E-W vul           87                                               1              pass           2              2

                        AJ103                                        pass           4    (1)      all pass      


52                       N             76               (1)  What did you bid with this North hand D in this

AKJ42           W    E          Q105               week’s quiz? South must have a hand at least as

Q1093                S              A6542             good as he has for a 2 bid in the Sandwich seat

K2                                     765                  and 4 is fine. A pessimistic 3 (USB) is the

                        AJ1098                                  alternative and 3 shows a much weaker hand.


KJ                              West leads a top and East encourages. West continues

Q984                         with the 4 to East’s Q. East switches to the 2.

What is the position and which do you play?


If West has both honours you have no chance, so you must assume that East has one of the honours. Try to envision a layout of the opponents’ cards that will justify their bidding or non-bidding. Your first thought is that West must have the A for his 1 opening in first seat. That is a reasonable place to start. Can you read the position with any confidence? Yes, you can. West surely has the AK, probably also with the J (East did not play it) and East had the Q. What about the K? , which is clearly important to you? There is no guarantee involved, but you have to assume that West has the K for you to have any chance of making the contract. Once you credit West with K, can he also hold the A?

The answer is ‘almost certainly not’. If West has the A, he has a nice aces and kings and decent trumps (AKJxx ) 15 point hand that would either have opened 1NT or would surely compete to 3, rather than risk selling out to 2. And that would leave East with nothing more than the Q and Q, a hand that would not normally merit a raise to 2.

So play the K with confidence that your detective work has paid off.

And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? Nobody bid game: 3*=, 3+1 four times.


Terry comment. I don’t really like the inference and comment “or compete to 3”. With aces and kings, good defensive cards, I see no reason for West to compete above the LAW.


Dave’s 2nd Column                 Here is Dave’s 2nd problem, again on declarer play.


West                East                              Book Bidding

85                 103                           West          North         East            South

7652             AK3                         -                 1              2              2

K107            AJ9864                    3              3              5              all pass      

K643           A8                                       


You are East, declarer in 5. South leads a low to North who takes the first two tricks with the Q and A. he shifts to the J which you win. Plan the play.   


Note from the book. If you can get this one, you are wasting your time at your regular job. There’s a national team somewhere saving a place just for you.                   
Dave’s 2nd Column Answer
         Board 17 from Wednesday 11th August


Dealer:             AKQ764                                    Book Bidding

North               J10                                             West          North         East            South

Love all            Q32                                            -                 1              2              2

                        J9                                               3              3              5              all pass


85                       N             103                      

7652               W    E          AK3                    

K107                  S              AJ9864                

K643                                 A8                       


Q984                          South leads a low to North who takes the first two

5                                 tricks with the Q and A. He shifts to the J which

Q10752                     you win. Plan the play.                 



The trick to making difficult contracts is to think big. Very big. Here, for example, you have to think huge! Even if the ’s come in you still have a loser, or do you?

If South has at least four ’s and five ’s he can be squeezed – if you get the ’s right. Well, if South has four ’s and 5 ’s, along with 3 ’s, he doesn’t have room for many ’s, does he? Cross to the K and run the 10. Assuming the finesse works, run all of the ’s. As you play your last , this is the forced 5-card end position:


-                         N             -                     You lead the 6, if South throws a then you

76                   W    E          K3                  get two tricks. If South throws a then you

-                         S              6                    get three tricks. Well done!    

K64                                   A8                       






And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 3=, 4=, 4-1 and 5-2 twice.



The 4NT opening


AKQJ10872             What did you open with Hand F in this week’s quiz?

AKQJ                      Of course you can use the 4NT for anything you like, but one common

-                               treatment is to ask for specific aces. See just how great the bid is with

J                               this hand! If partner has no ace you want to be in 6, if he has the A you still want to be in 6, if he has the A you want be in 7 and if he has both aces you want to be in 7NT.


The responses to this 4NT opening are:   5     = no ace

5/♥/♠/6 = that ace

5NT           = two aces.


The only bad thing about this treatment is that it never comes up!
Dave put these two deals, from an Australian simultaneous, when he was sitting out on the first round.


Dave’s 3rd Column                       Board 18 from Wednesday 11th August


Dealer:             864                                             Recommended Bidding

East                  J982                                           West          North         East            South

N-S vul            6                                                 -                 -                 3              4

                        A10986                                      6              6              pass           pass

7              dbl   (1)      all pass

10972                 N             J3                        

-                     W    E          106                      

109732               S              AKJ854               

KQ54                                J32                 (1)  Note, this is a good example of a forcing    

                        AKQ5                                        pass situation (the way that Paul Q and I,  

AKQ7543                                  and I believe most, play it). To pass here

Q                                               would show 1st round control and so

7                                                this double denies 1st round control.


Bidding: The 3 opening gives South a nasty problem. 4 is certainly a sensible choice, even if a bit conservative. West correctly up the anti with a sacrificial bid of 6. As North, what do you do? You might shut your eyes and advance 6. You are set for a good score because 6 makes but West might save in 7 which goes down four if South gets a ruff.

Play: Against a contract the defence must lead a if they want to take a trick.             


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 6= twice, 4+2 and 7*-3 twice.


Dave’s 4th Column                      Board 19 from Wednesday 11th August


Dealer:             K                                                Recommended Bidding

South               A97                                            West          North         East            South

E-W vul           KJ62                                           -                 -                 -                 1

                        KJ1085                                      pass           2             pass           2NT

pass           3              pass           3       

A1082                N             QJ974                  pass           4              all pass

1082               W    E          K65                     

104                     S             975                      

Q643                                 92






Bidding: 3NT by North fails on the obvious lead but 3NT by South will surely succeed – West can hardly lead the A. On the bidding given 3 is forcing, with invitational strength North would bid 3 directly. South bids 3 to indicate a problem so North opts for the 4-3 fit.

Play: West leads a trump, ducked to the K and the A wins the return. Declarer must now set up ’s. Even running a to West’s Q is OK. Now declarer must get his 10 tricks.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 3NT= three times, 3NT-1 and 3NT-2.

Janne’s Column                Alerts


I’ve been playing at this club for about four years and I have seen many pairs alert properly and some never alert. As bridge is a very honest game and some people perhaps don’t know when to alert I’ll give you some advice; actually it is very simple. Every time that you get information that is not obvious to the opponents you must alert. Every conventional bid must be alerted if it’s not standard in the club. For example, 1NT - pass - 2 or 1NT - pass - 2 do not need alerting if they are the standard Stayman/transfer resp.

But 1 - pass - 2 must be alerted. Some play this jump shift as weak in ’s, some strong and myself showing short ’s and support. You know what it means but the opponents don’t. There are so many more situations but try to remember that when you get information that the opponents maybe don’t please alert. It’s never wrong to do it.

How high should you alert? It has changed during the years but it is not so important. I suggest up to 4. If partner gives a wrong explanation of the alert you are not allowed to correct him but inform the opponents before the opening lead if your side is declaring; if your side is defending then you can say nothing until the hand is over.


                                                                        Angelic play


Now for something completely different. Linda has come back from England and you never know what can happen when you meet her. This is what happened on Wednesday. She was playing with Gus, the always friendly Italian. Gus opened 1 and I passed and Linda bid 2. My partner doubled, Gus passed and I bid 3. Two passes followed and Gus bid 3 and all passed. Here are the cards:

                                                                        Board 4 from Wednesday 11th August

Dealer:             K54                                           

West                J875                                           Bidding

both vul            105                                             West          North         East            South

                        J1075                                         (Gus)        (me-Janne)   (Linda)       (Hans) 

1              pass           2              dbl

AJ1032               N             8                           pass           3             pass           pass

A43                W    E          KQ1062               3              all pass

Q82                    S              K763             

Q9                                     632               






Hans led the AK and then a . Linda won with the A and ruffed a . Then she ruffed a and played the Q which Hans won, returning a . Linda Ruffed and played the K and one more. Hans won and played his last . Linda ruffed with the A and I had to under-ruff. Then Linda led a and ruffed with the 10 and then she had nine tricks, losing just two ’s and two ’s. I made none of my trumps. Linda never played trumps and that was perfect. Very well done Linda.


<end of Janne’s Column>

Pre-emptive bids.


10xxxx                We have recently introduced the ‘Australian rule of 15’ for pre-emptive

10xxx                bids, and this applies to both openings and overcalls. Add up the lengths

xx                       of the two longest suits and the HCPs and if the total is 15 or more then

Ax                      a pre-empt is acceptable. I am willing to stretch this to 14 for 2-level pre-

empts but three level (or 2NT if you play that) need to be 15. Janne informed me that one player overcalled with a Michaels with this hand. I would never dream of doing this (with zero points in the two suits) but it is only 13 for the rule of 15 and so not allowed. The only exception is the weak jump shift which may be extremely weak.



Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    dbl (with the intention of bidding 2 next go to show a hand too good for a 1 overcall. This is one of the exceptions where a take-out double is not playable in the other three suits. I guess that you could bid 1 if that is your style. The bid I would not make is 2, Michaels, and then bid ’s to show a strong hand with ’s and ’s – I would like a more shapely hand for this approach.

Hand B:    pass. This hand is unsuitable for a take-out double because it has length and is not playable in the other three suits.

Hand C:    pass, with 1NT a not-too-bad alternative. But what is too bad is to double, with length and strength in ’s and a singleton this is totally against the generally accepted meaning of a take-out double.

Hand D:    4, with an Unassuming cue bid of 3 as a more pessimistic alternative. Partner has overcalled at the two level in the ‘Sandwich seat’ and must surely have a very good hand.

Hand E:    dbl or 4NT, this is up to partnership understanding. If you play 4NT as a strong two suited take-out then that’s the bid. If you play the sequence

3 dbl p 4 p 5 as strong with both minors then double. To bid a minor directly may miss a possible fit in the other minor.

Hand F:     4NT. It hardly ever comes up, but a 4NT opening is best played as asking for specific aces. Responses are 5 = no ace, 5///6 = that ace, 5NT = two aces. This is the easiest way to bid this hand as you need to know about specific aces.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answer


G     3      3NT            The 3NT overcall here is natural (with a stop).


 Ron Klinger web site