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Mon 11th N-S    1st    Tomas & Sally              63%           2nd        Bob S & Royd              60%

E-W   1st    Dave C & Tonni           66%           2nd        Richard m & Terry Q    63%

Wed 13th N-S    1st    Guttorm & Johan          63%           2nd        Dave C & Mike G        60%

E-W   1st    Alan K & Jan               64%            2nd        Hans V & Janne           59%

Fri 15th               1st    Dave C & Tomas         59%           2nd        Alan K & Jan                58%

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Bidding Quiz                    Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A partner opens 2, what do you bid?  


Q3                K95432                                     

AKJ1092     1097             With Hand B LHO opens 1 and partner bids 2NT (UNT),

-                    873              (a)  What do you bid if RHO passes?

KQJ108       7                  (b)  What do you bid if RHO doubles?               


Hand C           Hand D          


KJ1083        KJ103          With Hands C and D partner opens 1 and RHO overcalls1,

Q76              Q76              what do you bid?   

972               9872                                    

J5                 J5                             



Bidding Quiz


E      1     pass   2                    What is the 2 jump shift, very weak or strong?     

F      1      dbl     2NT                 What is the 2NT bid?

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Current club championship standings



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5











1915.1 Janne Roos

1895.2 Hans Vikman

1862.9 Paul Quodomine

1773.3 Tomas Wikman

1728.8 Johan Bratsburg

670.4 Janne Roos

662.4 Hans Vikman

642.6 Tomas Wikman

640.1 Paul Quodomine

632.7 Sally Watson

627.0 Derek & Gerard

625.6 Jean Wissing

619.8 Lars Broman

617.7 Johan Bratsburg

617.4 Alan Kleist


344.6 Janne Roos

338.9 Hans Vikman

332.3 Tomas Wikman

327.5 Derek & Gerard

325.6 Sally Watson

323.8 Tonni Kjaer

323.5 Jeremy Watson

323.4 Paul Quodomine

322.9 Lars Broman

321.4 Jean Wissing


A Free bid.                                                            Board 1 from Friday 15th Oct


Dealer:             Q8                                              West(B)     North         East            South

North               AK542                                       -                1              2NT (1)      dbl   (2)

Love all            K64                                           3    (3)     pass           pass           4

                        J108                                           pass           pass           5    (4)      pass

pass           dbl             all pass

K95432              N             J7                        

1097               W    E          -                     (1)  UNT – showing the minors.

873                     S              A10952          (2)  presumably showing values?

7                                         KQ6542        (3)  What did you bid with this West hand B in

                        A106                                         this week’s quiz? West later said that he had

QJ863                                        a distinct preference for ’s. But I would pass

QJ                                             as I feel that it’s a free bid showing values.

A93                                      (4)  One should not pre-empt and then bid again,

but this is different. West has shown values in support of ’s (in my opinion) and with decent playing strength it’s not clear that East’s 2NT is actually pre-emptive.    


And what happened? 4 makes for 420, but 5* was bid at two tables and costs 500. I have no idea how one E-W pair reached 7* (-5).

The bottom lines:

-         A free bid shows values.

-         In this particular situation there is absolutely no reason for West to bid at (3) because if the double is passed to partner and he bids 3 then West can correct to 3.


Responding to a weak two                                   Board 9 from Wednesday 16th Oct


It was a disaster for N-S at table B, who would you blame?


Dealer:             AKJ52                                        Table A

West                875                                             West          North         East            South

E-W vul           J8752                                         -                 pass           pass           1

                        -                                                 pass           2              pass           4    (1)

pass           4    (2)      pass           6

1087                   N             964                       all pass

4                     W    E          Q63                     

KQ1043             S              A96                     Table B

A972                                  6543                    West          North         East            South(A)

                        Q3                                             -                 2    (3)      pass           4    (4)

AKJ1092                                   all pass




Table A:     (1)  Splinter.

(2)  cue bid.

Table B:     (3)  This North elected to open the North hand with a weak 2. Now I am not adverse to opening a weak two with 5-cards and an outside 5-card suit, but with three ’s the hand may possibly play better in ’s, so pass is the alternative.

(4)   What did you bid with this South hand A in this week’s quiz? Naively assuming that partner has six ’s, this South simply raised to game. A 3 bid (forcing of course) would have worked out better although it’s unlikely that slam will be reached after the opening bid.


And what happened? 6= twice, 4+2, 4+1 three times, 4-1.

The bottom lines:

-         Remember RONF – a new suit opposite a weak two is forcing.



Dave’s Column                                   Here is Dave’s 1st problem, on defence.


76                       N                                       Book Bidding          

AK985           W    E                                    West        North         East          South

K53                    S                                       -               -                -               1

K82                                                             1            1              pass         3

                        AQ52                                  pass         4              all pass    





You are West, defending 4. Partner leads the J. Plan the defence and what do you lead at trick having won with the K?

Dave’s Column Answer
                  Board 19 from Wednesday 13th October


Dealer:             KJ1083                                      Book Bidding

South               Q76                                            West          North(C)    East            South

E-W vul           972                                             -                 -                -                 1

                        J5                                               1              1    (1)      pass           3    (2)

pass           4    (3)      all pass

76                       N             94                        

AK985           W    E          J102                            

K53                    S              Q10864         (1)  Hand C, promising 5 ’s

K82                                   974                (2)  This is the bidding from the book. I (Terry)

                        AQ52                                        would bid 4; knowing that there is a 5-4 fit,

43                                               holding great black suits, three aces and

AJ                                              no wasted values.

AQ1063                               (3)  I (Terry) am also unhappy about this bid.

North has already shown 5 ’s and so this hand is little more than minimum. But then who am I to disagree* with Eddie Kantar twice?


*Note. This is based an article by Eddie Kantar about excellent defensive play he witnessed. The bidding is that at the table; he may or may not agree with it, but does not comment in the original article.


East leads the J, plan the defense as West.


You (West) have two winners and a winner. What you must do is establish a trick before cashing the 2nd (otherwise North can discard the J on the Q which he is known to hold). So you must immediately shift to a at trick two. You have to hope that partner has the Q, otherwise the contract is unbeatable.



And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 4= five times, 3+1 twice, 4-1.




Dave’s 2nd Column                           Here is Dave’s 2nd problem on declarer play.


West                East                                          Book Bidding

7                   Q54                                      West            North             East            South

AKJ1053     Q984                                    -                   -                     1             2

752               AKJ                                     3                pass               4              all pass

A95              Q63            


You are West, declarer in 4. North leads the A and continues with the 9 when South encourages. Plan the play.                                                     


Dave’s 2nd Column Answer      Board 22 from Wednesday 13th Oct


Dealer:             A96                                            Book Bidding

East                  62                                               West          North         East           South

E-W vul           10843                                         -                -                 1             2

                        J1084                                         3              pass           4              pass

pass           pass (1)     

7                         N             Q54                      all pass

AKJ1053       W    E          Q984             

752                     S              AKJ               (1)  At this vulnerability, North could consider

A95                                    Q63                     a 4 bid either here or the round before.

                        KJ10832                                    But then who am I (Terry) to ‘disagree’

7                                                 with Philip Alder? (again, there was no

Q96                                           comment on the bidding).



North leads the A and South encourages. North continues with the 9, what is declarer’s basic plan?


Declarer has nine top tricks. Six ’s, two ’s and one . You can make 4 in more than one way if you correctly read the full layout – but there is a guaranteed line if you assume that South has the K.

Play low from the dummy at tick two and trump in hand. Draw trumps ending in dummy and then play the Q. When South covers with his K, do not ruff but instead discard a losing or .

What can South do now? He is endplayed. If he shifts to either minor it concedes a trick and a continuation gives a ruff and discard.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 3NT*+2, 4*(S)-3 twice, 4-1 twice, 5-2 three times. Note that three North’s at our club did indeed push West up to 5.




Bidding Quiz Answers


Hand A:    3 (forcing). A 4 bid is reasonable, but the hand may play better in ’s and it costs nothing to try.

Hand B:    (a)  3 of course, you definitely prefer ’s to ’s.

(b)  pass. A 3 bid now is a ‘free bid’ and shows values. There is no need to show that you prefer ’s at this stage in the auction. Mind you, this is my opinion, and one of the club’s leading players did indeed bid 3, so maybe I’m wrong here? (but I doubt it).

Hand C:    1. Obviously

Hand D:    dbl. With just four ’s most people, when playing negative doubles, double to show exactly four ’s and leave a direct 1 bid to promise five ’s.


Bidding Sequence Quiz Answer


E      1     pass   2                    The jump shift may be played as either strong or very weak. ‘Standard’ is that it is strong and I would assume this with an unfamiliar partner. However, most at our club play it as weak. I would not use the bid if unsure how partner would take it.

F      1      dbl     2NT                 This 2NT bid after a double is best played as the Truscott 9or Jordan) 2NT, promising a sound raise to 3 or better.


Close to the tripple


I note that Dave Cutler nearly got the triple (he got two wins and a 2nd). That’s a great result since he jointly runs the club and only has a regular partner on Fridays.


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