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Mon 8th N-S 1st Alan K & Jan 54% 2nd Mike G & TerryQ/Dave 53%  
  E-W 1st Gerard & Derek 67% 2nd Dave H & Gus 58%  
Wed 10th N-S 1st Bob S & Robbie 60% 2nd = Bengt & Eddie 52%  
          2nd = Aroni & Terry Q 52%  
  E-W 1st Hans V & Janne 62% 2nd Gerard & Derek 59%  
Fri 12th   1st Bob P & Robbie 60% 2nd Bengt & Terry Q 59%  
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Bidding Quiz

Standard American bidding is assumed unless otherwise stated.
Hand A Hand B With Hands A and B you open 1 and partner bids 1  
K103 K103 (a) What do you bid with Hand A?     
KJ 54


K1043 KQ43 (b) What do you bid with Hand B?     
K753 KQ53    

Bidding Sequence Quiz

C 1 1 pass 2 Is 2 forcing?  
D 1 1 pass 3 Is 3 weak or invitational?  
E 1 2 2NT   What is 2NT, natural or Jacoby 2NT?  

Dave's Column

Here is Dave’s 1st problem this week.
AQ3             Book Bidding    
10953             West North East South  


- pass 1NT  
A9             pass 3NT (1) all pass    
nwes J108                  
A72       (1) Of course 90+% of bridge players will bid 2♣  
A973         Stayman here. But this is a play problem.  
You are East, defending 3NT. Partner leads the 7 and dummy’s 9 wins. The 10 is led from dummy, do you (East) duck smoothly or win with the A?  

Dave's Column Answer

Board 2 from Wednesday 10th November
Dealer: AQ3         Book Bidding
East 10953        


N-S vul 10854         West North East South  


- pass 1NT  
97542 J108     pass 3NT (1) all pass    
86 A72              
6 A973   (1) Of course 90+% of bridge players will bid 2♣
KJ874 632     Stayman here. But this is a play problem.
    KQJ4     West leads the 7 and dummy’s 9 wins. The 10 is led from
    KQJ2     dummy, do you (East) duck smoothly or win with the A?
Most people would prefer to be in 4 with these N-S cards. Here though, that contract fail quickly because of the ruff.
It is true that 3NT should also fail, but most East’s would incorrectly duck at trick two. Then South, with a in, would switch to ’s and establish nine tricks: three ’s, one , three ’s and two ’s.

 Tip: When partner’s suit is one lead from being established (which East should hope in this situation), try your best to win the next defensive trick. Here, you should rush in with the A and return a , dislodging dummy’s A. Then, when South plays a , take that immediately and lead your remaining


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? 3NT+1. Everybody else was in the obvious 4: making three times and -1 three times.


Dave's 2nd Column

Here is Dave’s 2nd problem this week.
Q2             Book Bidding  
64             West North East South  
AK643             - - - pass  
10874             1 pass 4 (1) pass  
NWES KJ84         4 all pass      
Q82       (1) A splinter, showing shortage (singleton or  
AK5         void), opening values and 4-card support.  

You are North, defending 4 and lead the A. Partner discourages, what do you do now?


Dave's 2nd Column Answer

Board 3 from Wednesday 10th November
Dealer: Q2         Book Bidding      
East 64                  
N-S vul AK643         West North East South  
    10874         - - - pass  
976 NWES KJ84     1 pass 4 (1) pass  
KQ972 AJ1053     4 all pass      
97 Q82              
AK5 AK5   (1) A splinter, showing shortage (singleton or  
    A1053         void), opening values and 4-card support.  
    J105     You are North and lead the A, partner discouraging.  
    QJ9342     What do you do now?  

It is likely that partner has three ’s in which case the Q can eventually be set up for a discard. In the hope that declarer has three small ’s, your best chance is to switch to the Q and hope partner ducks holding the A10xx, retaining communications between the two hands.


What about shifting to a low hoping that declarer misguesses holding two small ’s? It wouldn’t be a bad idea, but declarer knows your partner is more or less marked with the A after your lead has shown the AK (if you had the
AK and the A, you would have bid).


So it is better to play declarer for three ’s and shift to the Q. But what if partner thinks that you have a singleton ? In that scenario you would have led the K at trick two to remove his ducking option.


As it happens, a shift to the Q at trick two followed by partner ducking is the only defense that defeats 4.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? 3*+1, 4= twice, 4= twice, 5-1 and 4-1.


The bottom line:




When partner leads the queen of a suit early on through the KJxx in dummy, and you, third hand, hold A10xx, it is usually right to allow the king to hold. You intend to take two tricks later if and when partner gets in to lead the remaining card you hope he has.  

Bidding Quiz Answers

Hand A:   1NT seems pretty obvious although some may prefer 2.  

Hand B:


  2. But this is different. Partner has by-passed ’s and this suit will surely be led through partner against NoTrumps. It may be a 4-3 Moysian fit, but this should play well when you get ruffs in the short trump hand.  

Bidding Sequence Quiz Answers












A change of suit opposite an overcall is generally played as non-forcing. But some players (notably the top two players in our club I believe, do play it as forcing).











Again, some do play it as invitational, but it’s best to play it as weak/pre-emptive and cue bid 2♣ to show an invitational or better hand (Unassuming Cue bid).
E 1 2 2NT   And again this is up to you, but most play that it is natural after an overcall, with a cue bid of 3♦ to show a sound ♥ raise.

Current Club Championship Standings



Gold Cup = Best 30

Silver Plate = Best 10

Bronze Medal = Best 5


















































1916.7 Janne Roos
1898.5 Hans Vikman
1862.9 Paul Quodomine
1778.5 Tomas Wikman
1756.7 Guttorm Longberg
1742.0 Bengt Malmgren
1740.9 Jan Chris v Koss
1734.7 Johan Bratsburg

670.4 Janne Roos

662.4 Hans Vikman

642.6 Tomas Wikman

640.1 Paul Quodomine

632.7 Sally Watson

629.1 Alan Kleist

628.9 Derek & Gerard

625.6 Jean Wissing

623.7 Jeremy Watson

623.3 Jan v Koss

620.0 Sean Burgess

619.8 Lars Broman

618.1 Johan Bratsburg

617.3 Guttorm Lonberg

613.1 Tonni Kjaer

610.6 Paul Scully

609.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

608.5 Sigurd Zahl

607.4 Bengt Malgren

606.8 Bob Pelletier

601.5 Per-Ake Rosequist

600.0 Bob Short

598.3 Mike Guin

594.6 Dino Schena

597.9 Robbie Georges

584.3 Royd Laidlow

583.6 Gus Morosi

582.9 Ivy Schlageter

581.7 Tom Grovslien

580.4 Holger Renken

577.3 Tobjorn Solem

571.8 Kenneth Johansson

560.1 Mark Tammik

344.6 Janne Roos

338.9 Hans Vikman

332.3 Tomas Wikman

327.5 Derek & Gerard

325.6 Sally Watson

325.3 Jeremy Watson

325.1 Jan v Koss

325.0 Alan Kleist

323.8 Tonni Kjaer

323.4 Paul Quodomine

322.9 Lars Broman

322.3 Sean Burgess

321.4 Jean Wissing

319.5 Duplessy & Coutlet

318.4 Sigurd Zahl

314.2 Niels Krojhaard

314.1 Guttorm Lonberg

313.8 Johan Bratsburg

310.6 Paul Scully

309.8 Bob Pelletier

309.8 Per-Ake Rosequist

309.5 Bob Short

308.9 Bengt Malmgren

308.1 Dino Schena

304.6 Mike Guin

304.6 Robbie Georges

303.3 Gus Morosi

301.7 Paul Kelly

301.4 Per Andersson

300.4 Tom Grovslien

299.7 Tobjorn Solem

299.6 Kenneth Johansson

298.6 Holger Renken

297.7 Royd  Laidlow

296.7 Gerry Cohen

296.0 Gun Karlsson

295.4 Ivy Schlageter

295.2 Jean-Charles

294.9 Dave Hurs t

291.0 John Bourn

290.1 Richard Mullins

287.9 Eddie Richart

287.9 Mark Tammik

285.6 Ursula Lehner

282.3 Esko Nylen

278.4 Mike Dorn Wiss

278.4 Mike Strebinger

276.3 Nick Peck


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