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There are thousands of bux ptc sites around - but be very careful! Many many are scams that do not pay you. Notorious amongst these are , , ,, , ASTRObux, and . Be wary of sites such as these that offer too many (say 20+) adverts to free members and also be wary of sites offering more than $.01 a click for free members and sites with a high payment threshold (I call this checkout). The following sites are all working and all say they pay a reasonable amount per click, I have not bothered with the many sites that pay around $.001 - they are a waste of time.
best bux ptc site   I am currently testing all of the sites below, they have been around for at least a month, some for years, and when they are proven payers (to my satisfaction) then will be included in my "Best Bux ptc sites" - click the banner to the left.
bux milo   neo bux ptc site
bux milo   clickston bux
sunrise bux   microjurasico
 bux ceo
one bux   ad post bux
The Bux Group   ypur profit bux
free bird bux   membert bux
palm bux   Incrase Bux ptc
Marsh Bux ptc site   Swann bux
earn up to bux   Ptc bay bux site for viewing adverts
  jade bux
Bux ptc sites come, and bux ptc sites go (usually owing a lot of people a lot of money). This is a cut-throat business, but hopefully it will improve when the world economy improves. Anyway, I am always prepared to give a new-comer a chance, and so I am currently testing the new sites below. It's up to you if you also want to try them, or else wait for my report.
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