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Caribbean Stud Advanced Online Strategy

Caribbean stud poker is a casino table game that can be found both in live casinos and online. The game may be found at various online casinos under other tropical themed names like Island stud poker, or may simply be called Caribbean poker or Carribean stud. While the game is called poker and uses poker rules to determine the rank of hands, it is a very different game than traditional poker. Nevertheless, there are advanced strategy techniques one can use to reduce the house edge in Caribbean stud.

Basic Caribbean Stud Strategy

Basic Caribbean stud strategy dictates that a player should raise with any pair or better and fold if he cannot beat ace king high (the dealer’s qualifying hand). Advanced concepts enter when considering what the player should do if he is dealt ace king high.

Advanced Caribbean Stud Strategy

If the player has ace king queen jack, he should always raise. If the has ace king queen ten, he should almost always raise (the player should consider folding if the dealer’s upcard is a jack of a suit that does not appear twice or more in the player’s hand). In most other cases when the player has ace king queen, he should raise if his fourth card is higher than the dealer’s up card. However, if the dealer’s upcard is an ace king or queen or matches the player’s fourth card, the player should be inclined to raise because the chances are reduced that the dealer holds a pair. If the player’s third card is jack or below, he should be inclined to fold unless he has a match for the dealer’s upcard, for the same reason.

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