Texas Hold'em Poker
  Important Notice: Gambling is illegal in Thailand. This page is not intended to encourage illegal playing of poker for money in Thailand or Pattaya but exists because our readers are worldwide and many may well be interested in playing Texas Hold'em. The Pattaya Bridge Club is a friendly card game club and there is absolutely no money or stakes involved.  

Learn to Play Texas Hold'em Online

While Texas hold’em is not the most complex form of poker to learn, it is a difficult form to master. In addition, the first few poker hands and learning the game can be somewhat awkward for the uninitiated. This is why many players agree that the best way to learn the game is by starting out playing online.

Playing Texas Hold’em Online

To start playing Texas hold’em on line, all you have to do is find a good online poker site. If you play in the U.S., the most popular options are Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. Outside of the U.S., sites like Party Poker and Poker Room are quite popular. Once you’ve chosen your site, downloaded the software and registered, you’re ready to go.

Learn to Play Texas Hold’em Online for Free

The great thing about online poker is that you can get the hang of the game for free. You can start with play money games, which will help you get the hang of the mechanics of the game although you may not improve much in these games due to the weak competition. You can then move onto freerolls, poker tournaments that cost nothing to enter, but award a small cash prize or a satellite entry into another tournament as a reward for a high finish.

Playing Online Texas Hold’em for Real Money

Once the freerolls games no longer hold a sufficient challenge for you, you can move on to the real money games. Most sites have very low limits available, so you can start at the bottom and build up your bankroll with minimal risk. As you learn the game and start winning at your current level, you can slowly move up to higher stakes.


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