About Our Club, Pattaya and Thailand

  About Pattaya This page describes many of the attractions of Thailand and the Pattaya area. In particular, there is a lot if information about retiring in Pattaya or long-term stays.  
  Here we find out all about the Pattaya bridge club. Playing fees, membership fees, contact details etc. The Pattaya bridge Club meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon at the Tropicana hotel, central Pattaya. There is also a photo gallery, with pictures taken at the Mercure, OhLaLa, Diana Inn and the Hotel Tropicana..  
Pattaya Map Maps
There are various maps in this section. A couple of maps of the Tropicana location, a map to my house (in Thai or English) and a few nice general maps of Pattaya and Thailand.  
  This is a (protected) list of member's e-mail and telephone information.  
You need to know the password to access the file.  
  Details of club membership and the benefits of being a member.  
Membership for the Pattaya bridge Club is currently 1,000 bht for a year or 150 bht for one month.  
  Results are posted on the web every evening after a session.  
    The results are produced by a computer program and the scores for every board are available. On the Monday and Friday sessions the complete deals are also included together with makeable contracts as calculated by the Deep Finesse software. In addition to the daily results there is also the latest data on the Pattaya bridge club championships.  
Local Rules bridge director
The local rules are clearly defined here. Pattaya bridge club is an international club and the rules of one particular organisation (say the ACBL) do not necessarily apply. In particular the Alert Procedures differ from many organisations in that you only need to alert bids that are 'unexpected'. So Stayman and Jacoby Transfers over 1NT, for example, do not need alerting but a natural bid or 2/ should be alerted.  
zero tolerence
The club operates a (near to) zero tolerence policy and trouble-makers are quickly despatched.  
bridge books Library
The Pattay Bridge Club has a comprehensive library from which members can borrow bridge books, magazines, bridge DVD's and bridge computer CD's.  
general bridge