The Rule of 11
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The Rule of Eleven

  This rule enables a defender to determines declarer's high card holding when partner has led 4 th best and dummy comes into view: -  
  South is declarer in 3NT and partner leads the 6. Dummy plays low, which card do you play from this East hand?
  If partner leads 4 th highest then the rule of 11 applies. You subtract the pips of partner's card from 11 and the number left is the number of cards that are out higher than partner's card. Since you can see your cards and dummy's you can calculate the number of higher cards that declarer has.  
  So in this case with the 6 led that leaves five higher cards out. You have two of them and dummy has three. Therefore declarer has none and you can play the deuce.  
  Partner has led the 6 from AJ86. The two unknown 's are the 5 and 3 which either partner or declarer may hold.  
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