Rusinow Leads
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Rusinow leads are used only on the first trick against a suit contract (see Journalist leads against NoTrumps), in a suit which the partner has not bid during the auction. The leading method was not popular when first introduced in the 1930's, but was later adopted by Walter Avarelli and Giorgio Belladonna of the Italian Blue Team and the leads were incorporated into the Roman System, which they devised, and thus also became known as Roman Leads.


The advantage of playing Rusinow leads is that it removes any ambiguity when partner leads an ace he does not have the king (unless AK doubleton) and so it is almost certainly a singleton or a doubleton and third hand should only encourage when holding the King.


The method is:

Ace: Denies the King, except when holding the Ace -King as a doubleton.
King: From Ace -King. The third hand should encourage with the Queen or a doubleton.
Queen: From King-Queen. The third hand should normally encourage with the Ace or Jack, but not with a doubleton if the dummy contains three or four small cards of the same suit as the declarer could well be holding the A-J-x and you may not get your ruff.
Jack: From Queen-Jack.
Ten: From Jack-Ten.
Nine: From Ten-Nine.

If more than two touching honours are held, lead the second-highest honour and follow this with the lowest.

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