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Mon 17th  N-S     1st  Bob P & Paul K               61%       2nd    Anne N & Terry                     58%

                E-W     1st  Hans V & Tomas             59%       2nd    Jan & Paul B                          58%

Wed 19th N-S     1st  Hans V & Lars B             64%       2nd    Bob & Lars G                        52%

                E-W     1st  Gerard & Ursula               58%       2nd    Ken & Paul S                         55%

Fri 21st                 1st  Hans V & Dave                65%       2nd    Jean-Charles & Mike             62%



Bidding Quiz                   


Hand A           Hand B           With Hand A it’s unfavourable vulnerability. Partner opens 1

and RHO overcalls 1NT, what do you do?

42                 Q103

972               KQ6             With Hand B you open 1 and LHO doubles. Partner bids 1 and

AJ98             AK98           you bid 1NT. LHO then bids 2 which partner doubles, what

A1097          1094            do you do?


Hand C           Hand D           With Hand C partner opens 4, what do you do?


K83              Q954

Q853            QJ76            With Hand D partner opens 2 and you bid 2 waiting. Partner

AQJ105        A83              then bids 2, what do you bid?

A                  J5                                              


Bidding Sequence Quiz


E      2NT   pass   3     pass       3 is Stayman, what does the 3NT response mean?


F      1      dbl     1      pass       What is the double by responder?

1NT    2     dbl

G     pass   1      pass   1NT       What is the double?




Tripple Crown

Congratulations to Hans Vikman who has become just the 11th person to achieve the triple (three wins in one week) since records started three years ago. I note that he achieved this feat with three different partners.

Play in the 4-4 major suit fit                                Board 18 from Friday 21st

It seems that the only pair to bid this hand sensibly were our opponents, and so we got a complete zero through no fault of out own. It was just one of those days.


Dealer:             AQ43                                         West          North         East            South

East                  Q753                                          -                 -                 pass           1

N-S vul            KJ643                                         pass           1              pass           1

-                                                 pass           4              all pass


K1087               N             6                          

86                   W    E          KJ9                     

109                     S              Q872                   

Q10852                             KJ974                






This was our opponent’s auction. So why is it in the news sheet you may ask, when there is no other remotely sensible auction possible?

I guess that it would be slightly different if N-S played a weak NoTrump (1NT - 2 - 2 - 4) but I simply cannot see any auction to arrive at any contract other than 4.

And if N-S play 4-card majors (and a strong NoTrump) South should open 1.               



But what happened at the Pattaya bridge club? Only this N-S pair bid 4, making +1. The other contracts were 4-3, 3NT-3, 3NT-2 and 2NT-1. I simply cannot see how anybody can end up in NoTrumps, perhaps somebody can enlighten me?

The bottom lines: -

-         Look for the 4-4 major suit fit.

-         That 60% of the club can miss TWO major suit fits and go down in 2NT or 3NT when 4 makes +1 and 4 should make exactly is absolutely amazing.




Dave’s Column       Here is this week’s Dave input involving the best play for the contract.


West                    East                    You are West, declarer in 6 and North leads the K,

7                       K83                plan the play.           

AKJ109742     Q853                               

32                     AQJ105                           

65                    A                                     

Dave’s Column answer                      Board 20 from Wednesday 19th 



Dealer:             A654                                          West          North         East(C)      South

West                6                                                 4              pass           4NT (1)      pass

both vul            8764                                           5    (2)      pass           6              all pass


                                                                        (1)  What did you bid with this East hand C in this

7                         N             K83                      week’s quiz? It would be easier if you were

AKJ109742   W    E          Q853                    playing Namyats, but given primitive methods

32                       S             AQJ105                where a 4 opening can be virtually anything

65                                      A                          with an 8 card suit then I guess it’s worth

                        QJ1092                                      an effort with RKCB.

-                                           (2)  Two keycards but no Q.


65432                            North leads the K, plan the play.  


We have a loser and a possible loser. If you take the finesse and it works then you will make an overtrick. But if it loses then they cash a and you are one down. So finessing the is 50%. Can we do better?

Yes! If you lead a towards the K before taking the finesse you double your chances of making the slam!

You make the contract if North has either the A or the K. Assuming that North wins the A then you have a parking place for your losing on the K.

If the K loses to South, fall back on the finesse. Two finesses are better than one.


And what happened at the Pattaya Bridge Club? Three bid and made 6, one went down and the other three did not bid the slam.


The bottom lines: -

-         When two finesses are available, either of which will give you your contract, take the one which also allows you to take the other should the first fail. Basically, this means leading a singleton towards a king before taking another finesse.

-         Namyats is a convention that enables opener to differentiate between a decent 4/ opener and a poor pre-emptive one.

-         It is explained on the website; Conventions > Section 1 > Namyats.




Dave’s 2nd Column   Here is Dave’s 2nd input involving the best play for the contract.


North               South               You are South, declarer in 7 and West leads a top ,

Q954            AK832         plan the play.         

QJ76            -                                          

A83              KQ104                                

J5                 AKQ10

Dave’s 2nd Column answer              Board 23 from Wednesday 19th 



Dealer:             Q954                                          West          North(D)    East            South

South               QJ76                                          -                 -                 -                 2

Both vul            A83                                            pass           2    (1)      pass           2

                        J5                                               pass           3    (2)      pass           4     (3)

pass           4    (3)      pass           5NT   (4)         

-                         N             J1076                   pass           6   (5)      pass           6      (6)

AK952           W    E          10843                   pass           7              all pass

9652                  S              J7                   

8743                                  962                (1)  Waiting

                        AK832                                 (2)  What did you bid with this North hand D in
-                                                 this week’s quiz? This 3 bid shows slam

KQ104                                      interest (4 would be weak) and is correct.

AKQ10                                (3)  cue bid (the ace)

(4)  Josaphine, asking about trump honours.

(5)  No A or K

(6)  Do you have the trump queen?

(7)   Yes           


How do you play the hand after ruffing the K opening lead?

You should see at a glance that there is no problem unless the ’s are 4-0. Even with a 3-1 division you will be able to ruff your 4th in dummy if necessary.

Given your combined holding, you can pick up 4 ’s if they are with East but not if they are with West.

So at trick two lead a low to the Q. If everybody follows, draw trumps and claim. If East shows out you must concede one down. But if West shows out play a 2nd from dummy covering East’s 10 with the K. Now re-enter dummy with a and finesse East out of his remaining two ’s.

Now all you have to worry about is the J. The best play is simply to run the ’s and reduce your hand to 4 ’s, dummy keeping 3 ’s and a .

Play the K, a to the A and if the J has not dropped play a third towards the Q10. On the actual deal there is no guess in ’s as the J drops.


The bottom lines: -

-     When a contract looks good, assume a bad break in the key suit.


And what happened at the Pattaya bridge Club? Just one pair bid 7 and went one down. One was in 4+2 and everybody else in 6, with most making exactly; just one 6 declarer made 13 tricks.



Go for the penalty – part 1                                  Board 12 from Monday 17th


Dealer:             AQ98                                         West          North         East(A)      South

West                K3                                              1             1NT           pass (1)      2   (2)

N-S vul            KQ2                                           pass           2              pass           pass

                        K863                                         pass


KJ5                   N             42                   (1)  What did you bid with this East hand A in

AQ84            W    E          972                       this week’s quiz? With 9 points opposite

104                   S              AJ98                     an opener you have the majority of the

QJ54                                  A1097                 points and double is very clear.

                        10763                                   (2)  East’s failure to double makes it easy for

J1065                                         South to use Stayman and find a fit.




And what happened? 2 went just one down for a complete top to N-S. Most E-W’s were making partscores. I note that 1NT by North went minus 4 at another table – South really has to bid Stayman to find a fit. The bottom lines: -

-     When you know that you have the balance of power then double a 1NT overcall, it’s penalties.


Go for the penalty – part 2                                  Board 18 from Friday 21st 


Dealer:             AJ7                                             West(B)     North         East            South

West                J1043                                         1              dbl             1    (1)      pass

Love all            10                                              1NT           2   (2)      dbl   (3)      pass

                        KQJ76                                       2    (4)      all pass      


Q103                 N             K864              (1)  This is correct, the hand is not quite good

KQ6              W    E          A87                      enough for a redouble.

AK98               S              J73                  (2)  Normally bidding having doubled shows a

1094                                  832                     strong hand, but both opponents have shown

                        952                                             values and so this is fine in the balancing seat.

952                                       (3)  East (correctly) thought that 1NT would have

Q6542                                        made and the 2 will probably go one down

A5                                              (also correct). One down is only 50 and so

East made a typical pairs double.

(4)  What did you bid with this West hand B in this weeks quiz? Pass is very clear, especially with three trumps.


And what happened? 2 went one down for a near bottom. 2 doubled would have gone one down for a decent score to N-S. The bottom lines: -

-         When the points are roughly equal (as in this case) the Law of Total Tricks is very important. East obviously has just 4 ’s on the bidding and with just 3 ’s and a totally flat hand West can expect 2 to go one down. With 3 ’s himself, West can expect N-S to have a maximum of 7 ’s and so go down in 2.

-         Trust your partner unless you have a strange hand.


Bidding Quiz Answers



Hand A:     Double. Your side has the majority of the points and you should be looking for the vulnerable penalty.

Hand B:     Pass. You have absolutely no reason to remove partner’s penalty double.

Hand C:     4NT, I guess. At least that’s what Dave’s book says. I would not be in this predicament if playing with my regular partner as we play Namyats and so I would pass 4 (4 shows a good 4 opening).

Hand D:    3. This is encouraging and showing slam interest (4 would be weak). It would be totally wrong for you to take control of the hand with a 4NT Blackwood bid, partner needs to be the captain and you can show him the A and Q easily enough whatever route he chooses.



Bidding Sequence Answers


E      2NT   pass   3     pass       3NT is total nonsense. To play it as showing both majors has

3NT                                     no logic whatsoever, 3 works fine and enables partner to stop at the three level if he
.                                                   is totally bust.

F      1      dbl     1      pass       Responder’s double is penalties, if he had a 2nd suit he could

1NT   2     dbl                   simply bid it.

G     pass   1      pass   1NT       The double is a take-out double of 1. The fact that doubler

dbl                                       is a passed hand simply means that he is limited to  around 10-11 points and so has good shape.