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Links off to other interesting bridge sites.  
  Bangkok Bridge Details of all (that I know of) bridge clubs in Bangkok. I have also included detrails of the bridge club in Penang, Malasia. I will update (and re-name) this section if/when I get details of other bridge clubs in the surrounding areas.  
  Banner Exchange A selection of banners for this site. Also details of how you can exchange links/banners from your site. There is a list of banners for Pattaya/Thailand sites of interest that have reciprocated banner links.  
  What's New? A list of recent alterations/additions to the site.  
  What's New History A list of older alterations/additions to the site.  
  The Bravenet Guestmap. This is a guest book with the novelty that you can put a pin on a map for your home country.  
Make a donation to the Pattaya Bidge Club  
  e-mail Details for contacting me, it includes alternative e-mail addresses and telephone etc.  
  This page includes a search engine for this site plus one for the web. Some other search engines are listed.  
  A web directory of Bridge/Travel/Thailand/recreation sites.  
  Gives the current time for all of the world's major cities.  
  Converts any amount of one currency into another at current exchange rates.  
  site map A simplified map of this site with links to the main pages.  
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