Powersurfs - where and when to get them
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A few TEs have special days for powersurfs etc. and here are some of them. If you are a TE owner or know of daily offers, please send me an e-mail  
Click Voyager   Click Voyager has a 50% credit ratio increase surf day and also gives away 3 Platinum upgrades to active surfers who surf 200+ pages..
Hit Bandit   Hit Bandit increases your surf ratio by 20% on Mondays and Thursdays.
Traffic Roundup   Traffic Roundup has a 'Tuesday Traffic Stampede' where free members get a 2:1 ratio.
Roman Surf   Roman Surf has a double credit day. The dynamic ratio starts at .66 and quickly rises to 1:1.
Mythology Surf   Mythology Surf has a 'Mythical Wednesday' starting at midnight EST, and lasting for 24 hours, they increase the prizes in their game by 30%
Traffic Roundup   Traffic Roundup has a 'Wrangler Wednesday' where you surf 200 sites before 11 PM Eastern time and round up an extra 50 bonus hits
Traffic Wonderland   Traffic Wonderland has a double ratio on Thursdays, so 5:4 for free members.
Parrot beach Surf   Parrot Beach Surf has a special on Thursdays where you get a prize page with between 25 and 100 credits for every 25 pages surfed.
Hits Booster Pro   Hits Booster Pro gives away double bonuses, for every 100 sites you surf on Thursday you receive 10 bonus hits
Electrifyig Hits   Electrifying Hits has a 'surf for CA$H', you get $0.25 for surfing 250 pages or $0.5 for 400 pages.
Hit Bandit   Hit Bandit increases your surf ratio by 20% on Mondays and Thursdays.
Pyro Hits   Pyro Hits has an increased ratio of 1-0.98 for free users
Peak Surf   Peak Surf has a random cash prize every 55 pages you surf every Sunday
There are loads of traffic exchanges that frequently have powersurfs with double ratios or 1:1 surfing or whatever; and all of the sites below notify you by by e-mail. These are the most significant of these sites, and many more which will be added as I discover them, so just sign up and wait for those e-mails to arrive and then surf. And there are always more sites giving powersurfs, so keep checking here.
Note, all of these bonus are 100%, I have generally not bothered to mention so-called 'powersurfs' where you get 'draw tickets' or 'chances to win' a prize.
hit 2 Hit
Hit 2 Hit frequently has a bonus surf day, 40 extra per 100 surfed, so effectively a 0.9 ratio.
High Hits
High Hits frequently has a power-surf where you effefectively get 0.75 or 1:1 when you surf 100.
Traffic Taxis
Rain Forrest Clicks often has powersurfs; with ratios of 0.75, 0.9 or even 1:1.
Traffic Punk
Traffic Punk often doubles the surf ratios for all members for 24 hrs.
Hits Booster pro
Hits Booster Pro sometimes has a 'Hitsbooster on' when the ratio is increased to 6 credits (i.e. 4:3)
Traffic Crypt
Traffic Crypt often has a powersurf (lasting 24 hours or more) where free members get a 1 : 1 ratio. Frequent buffs increase this to 1 : 1.75.
Royal Surf
Royal Surf frequently has a 'Royalty Surf' giving doube surf ratio (0.66, more if you belong to the ' Elite Surf Club').
Royal Surf
Royal Hits frequently has a p[owersurf with double ratios, so 1:1 for free members.
New Way Surf
New Way Surf sometimes has a powersurf for double or even tripple credits.
Hit Silo
Hit Silo regularly has a special where they double the amount of bonuses on the surfbar for 24 hours, which means you have twice the odds of finding a bonus while you surf!
Surf Sumo
Surf Sumo has a 0.75 surf ratio (with the free upgrade) and frequently has a 'Sumo surf' giving 1.5
Hits Warrior
Hits Warrior has a 0.66 surf ratio and frequently has a power surf with a 1:1 ratio.
Lotto traffic
Lotto Traffic has a 0.66 surf ratio and sometimes has a power surf with a 1:1 or even greater (sometimes as much as 1:3 !) ratio.
Traffic Wonderland
Traffic Wonderland sometimes has a powersurf with double ratios. So 5:4 for free members
Lords of traffic
Lords of Traffic frequently has a bonus day where you get 500 banner and 500 text impressions for every 100 surfed.
Pro Click Exchange
Pro Click Exchange sometimes places a bonus on the surf bar for 30 credits each 100 sites viewed. Be sure to click the bonus link when it appears after each 100 surfed.
Babarian Hits
Barbarian Surf has a monthly assignment, each month the assignment and the reward will be changed. This month it is surf 250 sites in one day, the reward being 200 ad credits, 400 banner and 400 text impressions. You must claim by support ticket and confirm the reply.
Top Tier traffic
Top Tier Traffic frequently gives 5000 banner or text for surfing say 250. Don't forget to surf Web Biz Insider at the same time to get an additional 20%
Farm Traffic
Farm Traffic sometimes has a powersurf giving doubled surf ratios (so 3:2 dynamic) for periods of up to two days.
Soaring 4 traffic
Soaring 4 Traffic occasionally gives 25 bonus credits every 100 pages surfed
Deep Space Traffic
Deep Space Trafficis a poor site with a dishonest owner. Don't surf it, he may simply cut you off and you loose all of your credits and referrals.
Helpful Hits
Helpful Hits sometimes has a Powersurf for 2 hours where free members can earn a 1:1 surf ratio.
Electrifyig Hits
Electrifying Hits sometimes has increases the Surf Ratios for all Low Voltage Members for a few hours.
Atlantis Hits
Atlantis Hits sometimes has a powersurf where free members get a 1:1 surf ratio.
Lotto Traffic
Lott-O-Traffic sometimes has a powersurf where free members get a 1:1 surf ratio.
Traffic Roundup
Traffic Roundup sometimes has a powersurf where, for example, you surf 250 sites in one day and get 50 bonus hits AND 1000 banner impressions. Not too shabby, right, Pard?
Blue Surf sometimes has a 'Code Blue session' where everyone gets an increased surfing ratio, free members getting 1:1. This is great for a top ranked exchange.
Traffic Showdown
Traffic Showdown sometimes has a powersurf where everyone gets an increased surfing ratio, free members getting 1:1. Again, great for a top ranked exchange.
Old Fashion Hits
Old Fashion Hits sometimes has a powersurf where ree members get a 1:1 surf ratio
Raven Surf frequently has a powersurf member levels will be increased by .25 for the duration of this bonus surf, generally 4 or 6 hours.
Power Surf central   Hit Safari, Soaring 4 Hits and Real hits 4 U combine to give the ultimate 365 day powersurf; with huge daily, weekly and monthly bonuses. Click the banner for details.
Pyro Hits        
Pyro Hits often has a powersurf giving a Ratio boost for free users where the surf ratio is turned up from 5:3 to 4:3 for the day. But more significantly, they have a great feature where you surf 50 sites a day for 5 days out of 7 for the week and get a friday night gift of 50 hits, 100 banner and text imp; this is in addition to the daily log-in bonus and prize pages. So surfing this min 250 sites effectively gives you a 0.2 surf ratio increase; from 0.6 to 0.8 . On top of this you get a daily login bonus.
The four great 'powersurf' conglomerates:
Elite Surf Club
The Elite Surf Club is a joint venture between Blue Surf , Royal Surf and Traffic Witch which gives increased surf ratios and bonuses for surfing four times a week.
Power Surf central
Power Surf Central is a joint venture between Hit Safari , Soaring 4 Traffic and Real Hitz 4 U which gives huge daily, weekly and monthly bonus for surfing all three exchanges.
Super Surf Club
The Nerd Surf Club is a joint venture between Sweeva , Start X change , Thumbview and I Love Hits which gives you an 10% increase in surf ratio for surfing all four exchanges at the same time.
Commando surfing
Commando Surf is a joint venture between Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power, and Dragon Surf which gives you an 10% or more increase for surfing all three exchanges (and guest exchanges) at the same time.
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